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Chasing Cars

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Published: 14-Apr-09 Revised/Updated 24-Apr-09
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More pleased than annoyed for stopping in the middle of nowhere, I understood what he was driving at when his hands reached under my shirt. I gasped when his cold fingers touched my chest. He rubbed the small of my back, moving lower to graze my ass along the outline of my underwear.

* * * * * * *

We were driving along a stretch of roads but my hands were hardly on the wheels.

I felt my life was in danger but i could not stop. I could not resist touching her sweet legs

My hands were just rubbing his laps while we were talking about our day. When i could finally take my eyes off the roads, i leaned towards him to feel his lips and pulled him even closer by the collar to deepen the kiss.

With her lips on mine, i couldn't help but want to take her right there and then. Without removing her soft panties, i proceeded to stroke her gently till i could feel her moisture slowly soak through.

When the lights went green, i reluctantly pushed his hands away from me while i tried to focus on the roads again. i took his hand and placed it on his laps, and squeezed it a little, inching upwards step by step while i felt him tense up as i massaged him gently, rubbing his inner thighs slowly.

Watching the cars zoom by, i knew i couldn't succumb to her teasing but as i felt myself turn hard i knew i had to do something. Taking her hand which was already so close to my hardened member, i brought it to my lips. Kissing it softly and i told her that this is how im going to kiss her entire body when we stop. Then with her hand in mine and fingers together, i insert both our fingers into my mouth but i realised that was a mistake cause tasting her on my finger made me even less in control

When i felt my finger go into his warm mouth, my heart skipped a beat while my breathing became heavier. It was sensual enough for me as i imagined his warmth working somewhere else. That drive my mind all over the place, i couldn't even seem to drive proper anymore. I felt my breasts harden but i couldn't tell if it was the aircon or someone else.

As we approached the next light the tension was crazy and I knew I couldn't hold on any more. The moment the car stopped, I removed the keys and put them in my pockets. I unbuckled my seatbelt and moved over to her. Without any hesitation i put my arms underneath her shirt and drew her to me with one hand under her shirt and the other behind her neck. I kissed her and carassed her as if this moment would be our last but i knew it was just the beginning

More pleased than annoyed for stopping in the middle of nowhere, i understood what he was driving at when his hands reached under my shirt. i gasped when his cold fingers touched my chest. He rubbed the small of my back, moving lower to graze my ass along the outline of my underwear.

As my hands moved slowly underneath her skirt, I could feel her hot breath on my face and the soft low moan that she let out when my other hand finally grabed her tender breast. My grip tightened on her nipple drove me wild. i was lost in the heat of things, i couldn't think like a logical person anymore. I just knew that i wanted more of her and i kissed her deeply with my tongue slowly and lightly teasing her lips.

I got up and leaned in towards him feeling his chest and making circles around, i couldn't help but think of lowering myself on him. I let my hand slide down, feeling the obvious bump in his pants. I rubbed the bump against the back of my hand and into my palm as my fingers tried to unzip to release the excitement that i was looking forward to. I pulled closer towards him to kiss him again as i swiftly took him in my hands and touched him for real. i kissed his neck and then blew hot air across his chest and finally reached his manhood.

With her lips on my member, i grew rock hard. I knew that i wanted to take her but she wouldn't let me. With her soft lips kissing me eagerly and teasingly, i grew impatient and made a move for her but she resisted by slowly going down on me. i fell into a deep sense of sastisfaction and i just thought of succumbing to the pleasure but my lust for her was too strong. I pulled back and left the car. My swollen cock still hanging tall and proud i ran across to her door and opened it, pulling her out and slamming the door. I pushed her against the car kissing her neck and unbuttoning her shirt, she gestures for me to take out the keys to open the back seat but i smiled as it was far too late for any sort of other action. i removed her bra and my shirt too

When he groaned softly in pleasure, i pulled myself back and position myself nicely so he could have a clear view of me. i spread my legs to show my crotch and rubbed myself through my panties as what he's done to me before. I felt myself soaked and decided to pull aside my panties and rubbed myself for him. I let out a moan and then took out my fingers from my wetness and licked my fingers.

When she was touching herself, I didn't realise but i was touching myself too. I couldnt wait to feel the warmth of her pussy taking me in her to feel all her muscles pull me in and hold on tight just like how i needed to hold her. i moved towards her and she grabbed my hands sensing what i would do to her. She took control and placed my hands on her back and the other over her crotch then i moved my fingers around her pussy- not entering it but gentlying tracing it inside and out. Then she looked at me in the eyes and i found myself hopelessly lost in her lips, both of them.

I interlocked my fingers with his hand and could distinctly tell how aroused i was when i felt my dampness in his fingers. i pulled my skirt higher and climbed up the font of the car and lay down. i asked for his arms and pulled him closer to me so he could feel my wetness against his hard cock in the cool air. With his cock positioned just outside my pussy, i got up to hug him and licked his chest while my fingers played with his balls. i feel his cock eager to get inside or it could just be me.

I pushed her down on the hood of the car. i wanted to more than anything to ram myself into her like a crazy beast but i saw that hot teasing smile she had on her face and i had to kiss her. i kissed on the lips and down her neck while i let my fingers do the job of my cock for just awhile longer. I moved down to lick her supple tits and my hands moved up to grab her soft boobs. I then lick her all the way to her moist pussy who welcomed my thick lips and warm tongue.

When i first felt his tounge against my sensitive spot, i couldn't control but to let out a loud sound of satisfaction. I love it when he's going down on me, tounge against me, electrifies my senses. I pinched my nipples as he went down harder on me. hands on my hips, pulling me back closer each time i surge upwards when he licks me in the right spot. his eyes met me while i was going crazy, i pulled him up by his chest and kissed him, tasting myself in his mouth. i licked his face, and moaned gently into his ears as i felt his dick rubbing against my crotch. I looked at him with deperation that i couldn't hide from him, or myself anymore.

Mad with passion I plunge into the depths of my lover's loins. With deep and heavy thrusts I lean forward over to her ears, hands around her hips making sure we never part, and i whisper to her " Babe, I love you." I feel her every breath on the nape of my neck and her fingers on my chest, a mix between delicate tracing and lustful clawings, that drives me to the point of estacy. As I make love to my baby on the hood of the car she grabs me and pulls me close to her, her gentle arms now strong with desire pulling my body close to hers and then she moans in my ear and tells me, " I want to you to do me faster love, I want you to fuck me mad."

And I lift her from the hood and she's upright sitting on the hood looking me in the eye. Arms still around my neck we kiss passionately as we rock together as one in perferct syncronization, lips on lips, tongue on tongue. She says to me at the brink of explosion, " Baby Im cumming, cum with me,"

And I put my all into her and i go faster and harder, her moans getting louder and wilder with every passing second and i crush her in my arms with her clawing hard into my back her breast firm against my chest as we both climax together.

And finally with her last passing shiver and as i slowly release her from my arm she kisses me on my head and tell me, that she loves me and that she will lay right here with me always. And i promise her the same.

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