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Lust With Love Is The Greatest Thrill Of Them All

Author: Calum Williams
Publish Date : Apr 21, 2009
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This is a short erotic story, which tells the erotic actions a young couple endeavour when their sexual urges can not hold the back anymore!

* * * * * * *

He looked into her eyes, he looked deep. Feeling stirrings of lust building inside. Who would have thought. Two people of split races, which were once torn apart by ancestral battles were now being pulled so deeply together through the twines of contact, made by their eyes. He was wearing long denim trousers. No shirt . His bulging fresh muscles showed through his skin. His deep blue eyes washed over her like an ocean and his dark brown, cropped hair, lay in randomized formation on his forehead. Quite a tall slender body with firmly built abdominal muscles providing masculinity in formation of six. Above lay his pectoral and shoulder muscles. Large and strong, moulded around the upper body to show a form of perfection. He had a cool cream skin, with tone of a light beige. Her eyes were the first to see. Big, round, deep brown eyes, deep as if withholding deep emotion in the crevasses of the iris. Her eyelashes which fluttered to re-clarify her view of the him. Her face.......the build........the shape.......so perfect!. The random selection which was; human life had proven to unveil this heavenly sculpture which was her form. Her body's slender, smooth skin covering her initial build, was one of eye-watering clarity. Every detail had the appearance that this was a professional design, built for lust and love. Only here shall the two twine in such harmony. Her deep tones of dark olive which tinted her body made him want her even more. He pulled her close, she lay her hands upon his muscles, as he swirled his finger in close circles around the back of her hips. Slowly building the circle circumference and moving higher up the back. This continued until they were massaging each others bodies all over, sexual lust building deep inside. Never before had the two tones of body complexion mingled with such compatibility. She looked up into his piercing ocean blue eyes, she could see the sexual beast writhing with desire for her. She lifted her left hand and placed it onto his left cheek, she could feel the heat.........She ran her right hand down to his belt........She released it........Her hand slipped down. He now saw a return of sexual urge in her abstracted eyes. He saw the fox. The flame. The female eroticism building in her mind and soul. He wrapped his left arm around her and lowered her to the bed, she sunk deep into the sheets.........And then she blinked. The sort of blink were all surroundings and self-awareness are lost and once regained she received a tingle of excitement all round her body, as she regained a grasp on the situation. As her hands lay in his denim jeans she could feel his manliness strong and powerful, and massaged it thoroughly, using one hand at first then increasing to two. He loosened her brassiere at the back, allowing her breasts to relax. He slid the garment off and thrust his mouth down over her left nipple. Gripping the teat between his teeth and massaging the tip with his tongue. Meanwhile his hand slid down the right side of her body, following the curves of the back then progressing round her buttock, which fitted perfectly into his hand, almost like fate had created this moment and prepared the forms for maximum connection. He rolled onto the bed to her left, and she stood up. Fronted him. Then dropped to her knees, his member still strong in her palm. She rested her tongue on his naval and ran her bottom lip down. Down his body until it reached the base of his shaft. She slid her tongue up the back till her lips rested on the head. She opened her mouth. Her ruby lips glistening in the ever-decreasing sunlight. A moment of pause. Of sensual build. Her eyes looked up and met his, their lust was climaxing. Their souls sexually twining. She thrust her head down. Her let out a heavy breath.......This breath unveiled his pleasure he was receiving in the moment. .........She continued. Building in speed. In intensity. Then she stopped. She slid, slowly back up to the helmet. She removed her lips and began Sensually teasing his manliness with the tip of her tongue. Before once again opening her luscious lips and returning to the thrusting action which began to start a euphoric sexual climax. Faster and faster. Deeper and deeper. He grabbed her shoulder, making sure to stable himself through these pleasurable moments. His eyes opened wide, his breath increased in speed. Matching his pulse. Which was racing with power and passion. He began to Climax. He reached the peak and she froze............Giving him a semi-orgasmic pulsating feeling........lasting longer..........than he had ever experienced . With this, his sexual power increased and with both arms he pulled her up and threw her to the bed. Not against her will. She was ready. He passionately kissed at her bottom lip then shifted to her neck. And with his mouth, laying kisses slowly but powerfully over the upper half of her body started moving down. She began to massage her nipple. This sight, in his eyes made him bigger. Stronger than before. He stood up and grabbed her feet. She bit her lip. He looked into her eyes. Their bodies became one and she felt a pulse of sexual electricity.......She felt wet.......Her body was readying itself for the erotic journey that was soon to be endeavoured. He returned his lips to her legs beginning at the ankles, running down to her inner thighs. Her breath heightened in temperature and in pace, forcing her chest to rise and fall. As he drew his tongue from between his lips. This tongue knew how to please. So he began...... Starting to massage, using the flat of his tongue, Then flirtatiously flickering the tip around......then inside. She moaned with excitement as his tongue slipped in and out increasing in speed and luxury. She slung her hands aside, grasping at the bed sheets holding back her screams of self-indulgence. But this experience was so erotic she could not hold back. She wailed. And she writhed, hot, steamy sweat rolling down her body. He froze, repeating her very own erotic trick she had pulled not moments ago. A pulsating electric sensation tingled through her muscles making her shake with a blissfully erotic buzz. He stood up tall. She lay there looking up at his human form. Body of a human. Mind and soul of a sexual beast. He leant over her. She opened her legs wide. As there lips locked. His member was mounted at her entrance. She was wet but tight. He slowly thrust with power. She widened and he entered deep inside. Lubricated by her wetness. He moved his pelvis up and down slowly at first. But increasing in speed. But not too fast as she was ready, But she was sexually pure. Her mind may be capable but her body must be slowly prepared. The pelvic rhythm was steady but the satisfaction was not scarce. The slow speed only increased intensity. Their bodies.......Clashing colours.......Matching souls. Their love for each other only allowed the inner eroticism to develop and maximize. She grabbed at his abdominal muscles. Making her once again break out into a sweat. The smell of masculinity and femininity circulated in the room. A scent so sweet yet so un-recognizable. He manipulated her right breast with his fingertips. Tweaking the teat ever-so sensually. Whilst his left arm, held him up, over her. Up to now it had been heavy breathing. Powerful breathing. The breathing projecting their pleasure for the moment. As their paths of climax suddenly began inter-twining together.....Multiplying in thrill....He groaned a powerful gasp of joy. At this she laid down an ear-piercing moan of desire. They both cried out as their matching climaxing bodies and minds hit the peak of sexual excitement. ...............They stopped. .................Their eyes opened wider than ever and contact was made. A sexual euphoric experience had been entered.....and They fell into each others gaze. Meanwhile a continuing, pulsating, beating, powerful wave of pleasure repeated. Again and again. She began to shake with erotic fulfilment. Their facial expressions raised. They could not mask their satisfaction. He lowered his body and pressed against her. Their bodies mingled once again. Forming one. He rolled onto his back, pulling her with him. She was now on top......... And she lay on him............Both out of breath......... She passionately kissed at his lips. Still feeling faint sexual pulsations throughout her body......................and suddenly, he held her face with both hands, looked up at her, then he whispered "Lust with love, Is the greatest thrill of them all!!" Written by Calum Williams 21/04/09-22/04/09

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