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Erotic One Night Stand

Author: Midnight
Publish Date : May 12, 2009
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A young man meets a beautiful women along the way and entices her into his house for the the night. My thrust began to become deeper and deeper and faster and faster. Then as if synchronizing, looking each other in the eyes as my cock was convulsing and her abdominal muscles tightening as great amounts of force rushing through our bodies in waves.

* * * * * * *

"Hmmm"! What to do for the night, thinking aloud to myself while scrolling through my list of contacts. While shuffling through the list, flashes of tainted memories flowing throughout my head, sending pulses of flavors of all the different pleasures I have tasted. Now needing a fresh experience, a different euphoria, I was vamped, as my thirst was increasing by the minuet. Walking very briskly not aware of where I was or who I was passing on the streets at this hour of the night. Then Hummph! Excuse me I am really sorry to bump into you sir. "What is your name" I asked, looking deeply into the eyes of a beautiful woman. Her eyes were dark brown, her lips velvet red and plump and her breasts cushioned the impact and enticing me to allure her into my chamber for eternity. "Natasha", saying it hesitating as she was trying not to succumb to my charm. "Its okay, no harm done", as I touched her soft hands, her brown skin began glistening in the moonlight. A feeling of knowing each other for a long time swept over us. It was as if we were sensing that we had belonged to each other a long time ago. There was no trying explaining it but accepting the possibility. I could feel her tension rising while her resistance declining as her eyes were searching my face for any clues as to who I could have been to her. " Would you like to have dinner with me, my name is Alec" " I would very much like to have the company of such a beautiful woman as yourself" She smiled, "that is, the least you can do for deterring me from my way". She looked at me, coming closer and saying yes, why not"! I told her where I lived and we talked about her passions and desires that she wanted to explore in life, along the way.

"This is very delicious" sinking her teeth into the slow cooked meat, melting in her mouth. She was becoming more and more possessed with passion, staring at me while grasping a glass of Merlot under the dim candle lights serenaded with rose petal fragrances. She had enough, with each sweat running down her face, she was thirsting and hungering for me, pleasure, the tantalizing feelings of our bodies touching and the spontaneous eruptions of orgasms bursting endlessly. She was becoming wet with the thought of it. I was sensing it; I could see she was yearning for it. Leading her to my chamber, we started kissing, placing my hand on her lower back while running the other through her long hair. Flowing gently and skilfully undressing her voluptuous body, not breaking the connection we were engaging in, gliding my lips slowly down her neck form her cheek, wanting to sink my teeth into her, while gently stroking the back of her neck to the base of her spine. She was becoming wilder and untamed as her libido was increasing and the heat of her body soaring. Ripping off the rest of what were becoming rags. She started rolling her head slowly around as I was working my lips down to her nipples. She wanted me untamed like her and ripped of my clothes. Her nipples were already enlarged as I plucked them with my lips massaging them with my tongue; leaving little cloud bites on them. She started gliding her hands towards her inner thighs stroking and rubbing them. I was moving towards the middle of her chest down to her navel while lifting her off her feet. I started pressing her firmly against the wall. I held her in place firmly as I guided my tongue back and forth between her labia, placing small kisses on the creases of her inner thighs, moving slowly inwards to her meaty flesh. She wanted more, placing her hands through my hair, pressing my head firmer and harder against her vagina. Her clit was getting harder and harder and her vagina becoming moister as she locked my head firmly between her thighs, pressing her heels into my back. I was experiencing all those delicious juices as my dick started swelling firmer and longer, pulsating at the tip. I was swirling my tongue inside of her vagina enjoying the feeling of her cunt gripping my tongue. She was letting out moans as she was thirsting for more, "Ahh"! "Baby don't stop" "I want you in me so badly" she was moaning. I started shifting her to the bed where she lay on her back exposing all of her dripping cunt. She began caressing her clit as I planted my hot throbbing pecker on her juicy twat. I was teasing her more, making the head of my penis gliding over her lips. She was twitching, begging me to put it in. I did, inserting my pole into her tight vagina. I began pushing back and forth forming my self into a steady rhythm. I placed my thumb on her pulsating clit, rubbing its bulging head as she continued to play with her peculated nipples. I could feel her vagina convulsing as her breathing becoming shallow and her moans becoming loader. "Ahh almost there baby, fuck me, let me squirt" loader and loader she screamed, increasing my pace while pulling her towards me.

My thrust began to become deeper and deeper and faster and faster. Then as if synchronizing, looking each other in the eyes as my cock was convulsing and her abdominal muscles tightening as great amounts of force rushing through our bodies in waves. My dick was exploding with cum and jerking inside her as she was gushing like a new hot volcano while letting out a powerful moan. It was so intense that she was swallowing large amounts of air as her tired body becoming limb from all the excitement. She was looking at me with sleepy eyes as her face was turning into a slight smile. She was satisfied; pulling me towards her. I lay beside her as she went off to sleep.

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