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The Second Interview

Author: Cherrypieluv
Publish Date : May 19, 2009
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After having a hot first interview, I made my way to the second interview with the Vice President.

* * * * * * *

After looking me in my eyes and walking away, Mr. Tailey walked around his desk to sit in his chair and he reached for the phone. I sat motionless on the desk, with my legs gapped wide open, my brown, wet, and dripping pussy slightly hidden behind the lacy opening on my crotchless panties.

"Jim, we're ready for you."

There was a series of three knocks on the door and the turn of knob, and in walks this well groomed white man. He was tall, slim, had a hair cut that made me think he probably used to be in the military at some point in his life. His slim face with the defined cheeks had the stern look of a drill instructor.

He walks towards me and takes a look at me as if her were giving me a full-bodied inspection. He then motions for Mr. Tailey to come over to where we were. While Mr. Tailey was making his way around to us, Jim took his right index finger and ran it from the back of my neck all the way around to the front. He then took his left finger and did the same thing. I could feel my pulses and my breathing begin to pick up again. But, it is best for me to keep calm and not do anything to keep me from getting this position. I'm determined to do what I have to do to get this job. Jim cupped my cheeks [on my face] and began kissing me and trying to probe my throat with his tongue. His hands were finding their way down to succulent breasts where my nippples were already standing at attention from the time that he walked in the room. I could feel his fingers working their way to the inside of my blouse.

Mr. Tailey was kneeling on the floor and started rubbing my knees, gently running his hands up my thigh and back down again. I could feel my cunt twitching and longing for his hands to get to it. His finger grabbed a lacy side of my crotchless panties and after Jim lifted me up off the desk, they slid over my cheeks, down my leg, and made their way down on the floor.

Jim managed to unbutton my blouse to expose the matching bra that would show off my nipples through the laces. Before I knew it, he had pulled the bra up over my tits and was squeezing and rubbing them with the palms of his hands. Nipples were getting extremely sensitive at this point.

"I can't let you sit their with nothing to do. We are a team and we all work together to make things happen around here. Give me your hand."

He took my hand and placed in into his already unzipped, olive colored neatly creased dressed pants. It was in there that I found a 6-inch sturdy little rod that was pulsing. My pussy got wet at the feel of it. I grabbed his little cock and teased the head with my thumb.

A feeling of pleasure shot through me when I realized that Mr. Tailey had a miniature vibrator that looked like a razor and was putting it on my clit. pant pant... that feels so gooooood!!! Ugh!!! Ghhhhhh!!!

Jim begins kissing my neck and licking all the way down to my breasts. My right breast is his first choice for sucking while he played with my left one focussing his attention on the left nipple. I feel like I'm going to EXPLODE!!!!!

Warmth came over my clit instantly, as Mr. Tailey was licking and sucking on my clit to see if he can get it to cum out and play. He wouldn't have any problem because she is ready, willing, and able to go and play. My pussy dripping wet, had just been invaded by his tongue. Hmmm... this man is fucking my pussy with his tongue and she starts to purrrrrrrr. No matter how much I squirmed or my pussy purred, he kept going and going until I screamed out!

Jim was already over to my left tit and used his free hands to explore other areas of my body. He then laid me back on the desk. My skirt raised up above my hip and rolled up to give instant access to my pussy and ass, if needed.

Jim and Mr. Tailey switched sides and positions.

Mr. Tailey straddled my stomach so he could place his dick in between my tits and also lead to my mouth. And Jim gave his finger charge to enter my wet pussy. In and out and in and out, it started out as a slow in and out movement and worked it way up to a hard-pounding thrusting action. With each and every pound, I was trying to catch my breath and gasping. Mmmmmm... His finger had located my G-spot and sent me through the roof! He didn't waste time getting up on his feet and pulling his 6-inch rod out to pound my kitty. As he pounded and Mr. Tailey was titty-fucking the hell out of me, I could definitely feel both of their ball sacks hardening up.

Mr. Tailey grabbed my chin to open my mouth and after about 10 strokes, he pulled his dick out and he came all over my chest, breast, and he stood up so he could let it trickle onto my stomach. He started rubbing his dick while watching Jim fucking me with my legs up on his shoulders as if the world was ending tomorrow and no more pussy will be left on this earth. He pounded me harder and and harder until his body started to tighten up. He pulled out and let in run down the mound of my pussy and into the folds of my pussy lips. There I lay with cum all over my chest, breast, stomach and pussy lips... all shiny looking.

Mr. Tailey leaned over and gave me a kiss and whispered as sweet sounding thank you in my ear.

After fixing himself up to look like he hadn't been doing any fucking, Jim helped me up off the desk. Extended his hand and told me, "Welcome to the team. As President of this company, I can see how you can rise to the top, I'll see you soon."

"Randelle, get her started on her paperwork, she's an excellent fit."

Wow! I got the job! (Writing this has me so wet and desperately wanting a pounding)

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