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Date With Bill

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Author: sizzling sarah
Published: 05-Jun-09 Revised/Updated 06-Sep-09
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I held his cock in my mouth, until he stopped jerking, then in a show of exhibitionism I opened my mouth showing his hot gloopy cum, before throwing my head back letting it slide over my tongue and down my throat, swallowing before opening my mouth for him to see it was all gone.

* * * * * * *

It was just after 7:30, I finished my make-up. I had spent the afternoon pampering myself; Bill an old friend had invited me to accompany him to a posh work related event. Bill works in Media he is a senior manager. Bill is 34, a little over 6ft 165lb with brown hair and deep green eyes. I have know Bill for a little over 4 years, when he invited me he gave me $200 to buy a dress, I bought a 50s prom style black and white polka dot dress with a wide neckline, fitted waist and pleated skirt, I bought black seamed stockings and black patent leather 4" high heeled peep toe court shoes. Under the dress a cami-suspender set with a matching g-string, from Ann Summers, I felt extremely sexy.

Bill arrived and rang the doorbell, I grabbed my bag and opened the door, Bill just stared for a few seconds before he found his voice, and 'You look great'.

I thanked him and he took my arm and led me to the car, he had hired a stretch limo for the night. I sat and crossed my legs, Bill handed me a glass of champagne staring at my legs, now Bill and I never had a sexual relationship, he used to treat me like a sister, but tonight was going to change that.

Bill rarely left my side during the evening, finally the evening ended and we went back to the limo once inside Bill closed the privacy screen. He took my face in his hand and kissed me soft light, my lips opened and his tongue flicked across my lips; I stuck my tongue between my lips touching his. In next to no time he was kissing me passionately as his hands moved over my dress down to the hem and under moving up along my leg. His hand hot against my nylon clad leg, until his hand touched the suspender straps. He broke the kiss and sat up he looked at my exposed thighs and the tops of the black stockings contrasting with the milky whiteness of my thighs. He slipped onto the floor of the limo pushing the dress up exposing my panty-clad pussy; he began kissing my thighs inching upward. I let my legs part; Bill ran his finger down the front panel of my panties over my clit hidden beneath the thin silky material. Bill kisses and bit my inner thigh before hooking his thumb under leg opening and pulled revealing my wet pussy, he ran his finger along my soft folds, and I sighed, grabbed his head, and pulled him against my pussy. He shook his head across my pussy then he swirled his tongue over and round my clit as he slipped two fingers between my labia and impaled me on his fingers. He closed his lips on my clit and sucked hard, my breathing became ragged as he was forcing me to cum, and his finger plunging rapidly in and out my clasping folds of my pussy. I arched my back as he flicked his tongue over the trapped bud of my clit, it was a mix of pleasure and pain which sent me over the edge and a deep growl escaped my mouth as my pussy pulsed against his invading fingers, the wetness from my pussy running down between my bum cheeks and wetting my dress. Bill gently eased his fingers from my spamming pussy and running them along my wet labia.

As I recovered from my orgasm I ran my hands down over the large bulge hidden beneath, we kissed I tasted my pussy juices on his tongue an enormous turn on , I lifted his hand that he had just fucked my pussy with and sucked on the two glistening wet fingers. I stared at him as I swirled my tongue round each finger, continued massaging his bulge through his trousers. We swapped positions I unzipped him he unbuckled his belt and lifting his hips he pulled his trousers and underwear down to his knees. His cock sprang free of the confines to stand proudly before my eyes. I ran one long painted finger nail up his cock from his heavy hair covered balls over the tip poking out from the thick collar of foreskin, through the semi clear fluid seeping from the teardrop eye and down the upper surface of his cock to the thick matt of pubic hair. I leant in and flicked my tongue across the glistening head of his cock, looking up into his eyes as I wriggled my tongue round the opening of his cock. Wrapping one hand round the thick shaft, the other cupped his heavy balls; I peel his foreskin down off the bald dome, feeling the skin moving over the hard inner core. I licked round the head flicking my tongue against the small ridge where the foreskin joins his cock, Bill moaned and his cock throbbed in my hand, while my other hand gently caressed his ball sack pulling the skin taut. I bowed my head and took his cock head into my mouth closing my lips round the thick shaft, sucking as I lifted my head upwards on his cock, I moved his cock in and out my mouth. There was a distinct pop when I pulled off his cock, before taking him back into my mouth and repeating the popping sound, with each pop Bill's cock jerked. I began moving my hand on his cock pumping as I worked his cock with my lips mouth and tongue. Bill began humping back as I worked on him meeting every downward bob with an upward pelvis thrust. Within five minutes Bill was ready to pop, so I came off his cock and sped up my hand pumping with my mouth hovering a few inches away from opening on his cock ready to catch his cum which was almost jetting from his heavy balls. With a long loud satisfied moan, I was rewarded with a long thick jet of cum, which just missed my mouth by the second pulse I had my mouth over his cock which pulsed and jets of hot cum erupted from his cock. I held his cock in my mouth, until he stopped jerking, then in a show of exhibitionism I opened my mouth showing his hot gloopy cum, before throwing my head back letting it slide over my tongue and down my throat, swallowing before opening my mouth for him to see it was all gone.

We cleaned up and had more champagne; Bill opened the privacy screen and less than 4 minutes later the driver pulled the car to a stop outside Bills house. He opened the car door and we thanked him, Bill gave him a huge tip and the car and driver left as Bill opened the door, we went in and before the door closed, Bill pulled me to him and kissed my neck as he fondled my breast. I reached behind, rubbed his crotch, and was surprised to find he was growing hard again. I turned and stepped back reaching for the zip on my dress as I slowly pulled it down I turned and shuffled it off my shoulders letting it fall to the floor, I felt Bill's eyes burning on my back as I slowly walked up the stairs to the main bedroom. I swung my hips as I ascended, I was only halfway up the twelve stair before Bill came up behind me and with gentle pats on my bottom, he urged me faster up the stairs.

Once in the bedroom Bill quickly stripped off his clothes to stand in socks and red and white stripy boxer shorts with a large wet looking bulge. I unhooked my bra releasing my boobs and moved to Bill hunkering down I pulled his boxer shorts down freeing his cock all 6 and a half inches, I wrapped my hand round him and pumped it a few times before licking his emission (yummy). I wanted him inside me now so I pushed him to the bed and stripped off my panties. Bill asked me to keep the suspenders and stockings on, I slipped my shoes off and climbed onto the bed and astride Bills stomach reaching for his cock I shuffled backward to position myself just over his cock. I rubbed the hard hot cock along my sodden labia, then I slowly lowered myself his cock spreading my labia as I impaled myself fully onto his cock, I ground my clit against his crinkly pubes. I began riding his cock lifting and lowering my pussy clinging to his cock, I worked my pussy as I rode him. I grabbed my boobs squeezing and pinching my stiff nipples, Bill was soon meeting my thrusts; I massaged my clit as we fucked. Bill physically lifted me off and flew me onto the bed he scramble up and hauled my legs towards him, spreading them either side of his body, he lay on top of me and entered me. His mouth found mine and sucked on my tongue as he thrust his hips banging his cock deep and hard into my soft yielding body. His stamina was awesome he was still banging after several minutes before he pulled out and with one powerful move he flipped me onto my tummy, he pulled me onto my knees and jammed his cock between my abused puffy lips his big balls slapped against my clit with every thrust. After a minute or two he pressed me flat on the bed his legs either side of mine he fucked my tight pussy, I came hard bucking against his weight he kept me on the mattress, and then he pulled out and jettisoned his second cum of the evening splattering it over my milky white ass. He smeared the gloopy cum across my cheeks with his cock, before collapsing onto the bed beside me his cock slowly wilting his body coated in sheen of sweat his chest rising and falling as he gasped for breath.

I leant up on one elbow and massaged the thick surprisingly copious cum over my ass I kissed him and he wrapped his arm against me, we woke in the morning he was spooned against me his cock already awake and prodding against my ass. I got up and stripped off my suspender belt and stockings and entered the shower room I brushed my teeth with my finger and toothbrush as the water heated, I stepped under the hot water spray I rinsed my body before spreading shower gel on my boobs and tummy. I rubbed the suds over my body and between my legs I was rinsing off when Bill caught up with his cock and woke, he called out asking if it was ok to come in (sweet), I called back it was ok and he came in wearing a robe, he was shy, and considering what we had done last night. I opened the shower door and invited him in he was reluctant at first but soon stripped off and joined me I in the small cramped shower stall, I played the water over him and reached for the gel. I squirted it over his deep manly chest and rubbed it into a lather I reached for his cock but he stopped me, he was blushing. I guess he had never met anyone who was still there in the morning. I finally began massaging the gel over his cock, which grew to full erection in my hand.

Bill admitted that he could not physically make love this morning, his cock begged to differ as it bobbed in my hand, so reluctantly I stopped trying and rinsed the suds and we left the shower he handed me a towel and wrapped one round his waist. He brushed his teeth as I went back into the bedroom I dried off and remembered my dress on the floor downstairs. I picked up my underwear and went down to the hallway. I dressed down in the lounge I left off my underwear and stepped into my dress and stepped into my shoes, I went into the kitchen and made coffee, the coffee was ready for Bill when he came down stairs. He grabbed coffee and asked me if I wanted to come over later for dinner.

I accepted and he called me a taxi which he paid for and I went home and told my lover about the nights events, she got turned on and ordered me to get onto my knees and take care of her pussy, I of course did as ordered but that is all for now.

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