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Her twin

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Author: stoneypoint
Published: 19-Jun-09 Revised/Updated 13-Oct-09
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She loved how he held her. She knew he didn't know. She knew he barely could tell. She knew he had always had trouble distinguishing the two of them side by side, but she liked him and always had. In fact, unbeknownst to her sister, she'd had multiple fantasies about him and her. Maybe today was that day. To fuck her sister's husband would he be willing to fuck her The question was does he like her enough to fuck her

* * * * * * *

He was beat, exhausted, but happy as a lark he was home. Ten days on the road and in the air, he felt nobody could be delighted they were away from home that long, especially with a wife like his and of course the kids too. But his marriage was special. She was unique. She was a lot more then that he thought while flying back to town. He missed her. They had talked recently and he heard her voice, felt its softness in his veins, and he knew it would be nice knowing his kids were away from camp. He knew he could come home and enjoy the luxuries a happily married man can enjoy being alone with his wife.

She stood there basking in the sun. She stood basking in its warm, its heavy humidity, and her tall slender frame with a g-string bikini had him and at least three quarters of the neighborhood marveling at how the hell a woman could keep her figure after three deliveries. It's the truth. With long slim fit legs and a tight shapely ass and an upper body which compliments the former, this woman had it all going for her and that was his opinion, not the opinion of others. Holding a cocktail, her upper breasts and cleavage soaked up the sun's rays as his any other open areas, so that's why she had decided, again, to put on one of her all time favorite pool suits.

They stared, they ogled, and she knew it but what was she going to do She had a right, didn't she Not to tantalize them, but to remind herself and him she was still the foxy and sexy babe of yesteryear and she was...and he'd remind her of it when they came in contact with one another, again.

Finally at home... What a long, sometimes tedious and arduous task. But sales are sales and client relations what they are a salesperson has to do what they have to do. But he was home and he knew his kids were out of town and he could not wait to see her, could not wait to hold her. Could not wait to put his arms around her and kiss the back of her neck, kiss those soft feminine shoulders, and bend further and further down her winding, curvy back...lower and lower and lower, teasing her, taunting her, wishing her to take it off so she'd make love to him...once, twice, and maybe three times...for it had been what, almost two weeks since he'd seen her

There she was. Ohhh wow, he thought. Of all the pretty and sexy women in the world, he had one of the sexiest and prettiest ever, and he knew...yes he knew his neighbors felt the same way too. He dropped his belongings leaving them where they were and he stepped into the bedroom and undressed, quickly. He put on his trunks. He washed up quickly and gargled. He wanted to smell nice for his bride of 14 years.

There she was. Still standing and holding the drink. In the other, she was skimming the pool. She skimmed it and slowly sauntered around it as her hips gradually moved left, right, right left, left, right...God...oh man...come to papa, he thought.

Yeah, come...to...papa. He walked out. He watched her. She must not have heard him. He tip toed up to her. From behind her, he put his arms around her. Mmmmm, she feels soft and lovely. Ooooohh, she feels soooo good in his arms. Ahhhhh and this ass... this fine, fine ass.... ohhh yeah he told himself.

She did not move. She closed her eyes. She felt the warmth. She felt the tugging. She knew. She loved how he held her. She knew he didn't know. She knew he barely could tell. She knew he had always had trouble distinguishing the two of them side by side, but she liked him and always had. In fact, unbeknownst to her sister, she'd had multiple fantasies about him and her. Maybe today was that day. To fuck her sister's husband would he be willing to fuck her The question was does he like her enough to fuck her

"Hiiiii honey...mmmmm" she said, his hands around her taut, shapely physique.

He pulled her. He pulled her against him firmly. Ohhhhhh, she feels awesome. She still turns him on even after all these years, he still gets aroused by the sight of her in several different things...such as the bikini she has on.

She reached up. Two hands, both reaching up behind her craning to get around his neck and head, craning to catch the back, and stretching... stretching hard to kiss his him. She reached up. She stretched just as her sister would, her lips touching his and kissing him. Mmmmm, finally, yes ohhh yes she thought. I kissed him. We kissed intimately. Finally a wonderful romantic kiss she said to herself. She told him it was so nice he was finally home again and he said the same to her. But he hadn't noticed anything different yet. Looking her over, he smiled, telling her it was nice she rolled out her "welcome mat." She was a helluva sight to see after a long arduous trip. And she smiled, just as his wife smiles, and she turned around and slipped her arms around him. Lips on lips with her tongue slipping inside his mouth, pleasurably, slowly, and twirling around it giving off signals...signals she was unaware of. But he took it in. He took it all in. Aroused and excited by the touch of a woman. Turned on by her gentle approach, just as his wife would have done, but he noticed.

The tongue was the give away. Not how she did it, but how it felt inside him. Small, like his wife's, but narrow and not wide like Randi's. Yes, Randi's, his wife's tongue was small, but wider. Still he took it and he played with it and then he knew. Then he knew it was not her. He wanted to look again. He wanted to double check. He could have, but felt that soon enough he'd have his chance.

They moved inside. He took her hand, led her inside, and he sat her down. Pulling the wine out, he carried two glasses and the bottle. She looked fabulous. She looked super. Her tits, the carriage of her cleavage, and her slim energetic frame excited him more. He knew it wasn't her. But for now he had to test waters. He sat down and they talked. Expressions and idioms were slightly different. But she was over the top, she was sexier then ever, and he was going to do her. She wanted it and he was long overdue.

Have sex with me, she kept telling herself. Take me to my room. Take me to my room and...and no, not love, but have sex, wild sex with me she wanted to say. And just then he stood up and he reached out. He told her he missed her. He acted like she was his wife because she looked exactly like her twin sister...exactly like her twin. There were no differences. Almost none whatsoever, except one.

"Mmmmmm," she told him. "I'm so, so happy you're back."

He said it too. And once inside, he stopped and turned, and he looked into the matching eyes which looked just like Randi's did. He touched her forehead and brushed back her soft satiny hair. She cooed as her eyes closed. Her body swelled excitedly. She wanted him. She yearned for his touch. She yearned to feel him on her. She craved that feeling of him inside her. She breathed a little quicker. She rubbed him all over. He knew. He knew what his sister in law wanted, so he gave her the presidential treatment.

"Do you know what I miss" he said. They gazed into one another's eyes as each smiled. "I miss that one thing...that one lonely place on you no man knows of except me."

What place is he talking about, she wondered Randi would know. She was clueless. As a twin, she had two of them. As her twin, hers were smaller, cuter, but not as sexy in his opinion if he knew of them. He told her to lie down. He told her he was going to make love to her in his special style. What did that mean, she asked herself. And she did.

She lay on her front with her cute adorable mature cheeks gazing towards him, tantalizing his demons, and then he saw them. He knew for sure. Two adorable dark moles, almost like Randi's except Randi had one where as she had two, and he loved to savor and kiss and lick them because before going at his wife's ass and doing what he liked doing he'd toy with them until he was bored by them. But he rarely ever was bored with Randi's. It was an erogenous zone of sorts. And he saw them. He smiled. He said her name. She was surprised. How did he know

"It's easy Rachel...very easy."

She turned over, her tits inviting him to do something fantastic, but she looked at him in a loving manner and asked him how. He reached underneath her, touching the spot, and he smiled. Then she did too. A lost opportunity Maybe...maybe not. Alas, all was well because neither had surged, neither had come close to getting that horny although he knew it, they both knew there were possibilities.

"So is there any-"

"Maybe" he told her, "maybe" he said again.

They lay there. Laughing it off, but his eyes strolled down her body. It looked almost exactly like Randi's. He adored Randi's body. He looked at her. She looked at him. Silence filled the room. He told her to kiss him. She kissed him. He loved how her small trim tongue felt inside his mouth. That in itself was sexy. He told her. She smiled. She liked hearing it too. He wished she was fully clothed. Then the enjoyment, the thrill of undressing her would have come into play. He told her. He also told her he loved Randi through and through and she told him Randi felt the same way about him.

"I like your moles" he said, "but they aren't Randi's and hers is as sexy as one can get...not that you aren't equally hot...babe" he told her.

They sat up. They sat against the pillows. They sat thinking, silently, and not speaking. But the tension reigned. The sexual tension existed. He felt Randi's presence in Rachel. He felt her chemistry, her electricity, and he felt her stimulating supremacy permeating around him. What is that, he originally asked himself Is that her if feel Is it her sexiness Oh my god it is. It is her sexiness. He turned his head her way. She caught wind of it. She turned and looked at him. They smiled. They each felt it. The power. The attraction. The deep hidden desire to hold and touch and consume one another's emotions mounted within them.

He turned some more. God, she looked lovely. No, she looked downright damn sexy. Of course she did. Tits exactly like Randi's and a body with curves exactly like Randi's and a face and an ass and hair and eyes and...and...and ohhhhhhh hell...what the hell, he thought.

He reached and he grabbed her and he mounted her and he kissed his wife's sister. He kissed ardently. He kissed feverishly. He kissed wildly. But her hands surrounded him. They took hold of his back. They pulled him on top of her. And her legs did the same. She wrapped them around his, twisting and curling themselves inside or around his lower body.

It felt right. And damn, it felt good. He grew horny. He grew more attached to her. He felt the reckless wishful yearnings a man feels for his woman. His lips, her lips, and his tongue trenching and spiraling like hers out of control had both craving more.

Give it to me, she kept saying to herself. Take it off. Let me see it. Let me have it. Let me feel it. Let me feel it against my body. I need it. I need it crawling and pushing and punching its way throughout me. I want cock. I want your cock. I ache for it, hurt for it...

"Ohhhhhhh god" she screamed. "Fuck me! Just fuck me" she screamed again. "Please oh please...god forbid fuck me, will you" she begged of him.

But instead, he sat up and he started to jack off. And regardless if she wanted it as badly as she wanted it. He masturbated and he moaned and he came and he came and it splashed this way and that way and she closed her eyes feeling his warm soothing layers hit her, drip down over her, and cooling as they did. But he was not done. He had more left. He came one last time, but this time he came for her in her mouth.

And she gratefully took it. Her tongue was out. Her throat was accepting it. And she was smiling and swallowing and he watched her pleasurably take it all in. She licked her lips and he leaned over. He kissed her lips and he told her something in her ear.

"Tomorrow. Nine in the morning. Be ready. We will have great sex. Clear" he said. She smiled, winked, and got out of bed to clean up and change. She blew him a kiss and left.

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