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Party Suprise


Author: Mackie
Published: 23-Jun-09 Revised/Updated 15-Sep-09

My wife Gemma often shares with me when she fancies a bloke either on the TV or in real life. For ages she has told me how she has a crush on a young bloke working as a student at our local supermarket. She often searches out Josh when we shop but won't say much to him because she blushes hugely and gets flustered

* * * * * * *

Then came her 30th birthday party at our house. We invited lots of people, probably more than 150, and to my surprise Josh was there, through a distant link to one of Gemma's friends

We mingled through the night with our guests, getting drunk and having a good time. When I came across Gemma we kissed and she looked at me a told me 'oh my god Josh is here'. We caught up as the night progressed, getting more drunk, having a great time but I could tell by her deep lingering kisses and whispers in my ear she was very horny

Then she disappeared, the party thinned out a bit and I started to chat with Josh. I couldn't resist sharing Gemma's crush on him with her and he was clearly amused and said he was flattered. We joked about a 30 year old having a crush on a 20 year old student and how she reckoned she would teach him a thing or two in bed. After a few drinks we decided to catch up with Gemma and see how she responded to meeting him face to face away from the supermarket

We searched the various rooms but couldn't find her and no one had seen her for a while. As a last resort we went up the flight of stairs to our bedroom. I pushed the door open slowly, expecting to find Gemma in a drunken slumber but instead we both looked amazed at the sight before us.

Gemma was lying on the bed with her flowered strapless dress pulled up so we both had a clear view of her hands guiding her favourite dolphin vibrator onto her clitoris, the humming of her toy punctuated occasionally by her groans of delight, her eyes closed as her sigh of enjoyment came in time with her rocking her pelvis in pleasure.

So many times when she was horny she had pleasured herself with the blue buzzing toy whilst I watched, then played with myself, before offering her the end of my cock to stimulate with the fantastic blue plastic toy to the point of explosion

Josh turned to go but I took him by the arm and stopped his descent. Feeling my cock starting to rise as it always did when I watched Gemma masturbate I moved into the room. Glancing down at Josh's groin I reckoned he might share the similar excitement of catching Gemma masturbating and I had an urge of curiosity to see his erect cock. C'mon I beckoned and directed Josh to the side of the bed whilst I crawled across the other side and planted a deep kiss on her lips. She responded instantly with a passionate kiss. 'Dirty bitch, you turn me on so much' I uttered

I have a surprise for you I said looking toward Josh perched on her bedside with a look of amazement on his face. She glanced across and a startled look came across her face followed by a giggle of embarrassment and a movement to pull her dress down to cover up her smooth, recently waxed, pussy.

'Don't stop now I panted, we want to play too' and to continue my excitement and seize the moment I unbuttoned my jeans , pulling them and my boxer shorts down over my hips to expose my erect cock. I pushed her hand back toward her wet pussy and urged her to continue as I began to stroke my cock in delight at the scene

She groaned in pleasure at the sight and looked across at Josh. 'I can't believe it she began to say but stopped mid sentence in anticipation as he unzipped his jeans and unbuttoned his waistband to reveal his thick, fat, erect cock that sprang from the prison of his jeans. He too began to play with his dick and already we both had a wet shine to our helmets as pre cum oozed from us in our thrilled state

I pulled her dress up slightly so we could both gaze at her recently waxed, smooth pussy lips, partly concealed by her hands guiding the vibrator onto her clit and parting her smooth lips to get access to her throbbing button. She glanced at the two men masturbating slowly and it only served to spur her on to grind the blue plastic toy into her soaking slit.

Kissing her passionately I slipped my hand underneath her back and unclipped the fastener of the dress releasing the tension that kept it in place. I pulled at the top of dress no longer fastened tightly. 'You will love these' I said to Josh in a hushed voice as the top slid down to reveal her 34C breasts and hard nipples. I always thought her breasts were amazing. Firm, but full cups meant that they took a beautifully erotic shape for me. The view only served to make Josh stroke his cock harder and I ran my tongue around the base of the nipple next to me as it fattened to the light lick of a tongue.

Josh looked in heaven. Fixated on the view before him

'I am cumming' , she panted , in an almost painful gasp and stiffened as she reached a peak of pleasure and grimaced yes, yes, yes into the night before her head collapsed on the pillow with her eyes firmly shut, the blue toy falling to one side but still buzzing into the night with its job well done until the two pieces fell apart and the dolphin received a well earned break

After a brief pause she looked at me then Josh in disbelief at what was happening. Reaching across she grabbed my cock in her left hand and began to slowly stroke the length up and down looking into my eyes with the horny look I have often seen. Then, turning slightly she reached out and, almost seeking permission that was instantly granted, clasped Josh's cock in her hand, simultaneously stroking our manhood with a pleasured grin on her face.

My heart pounded in my chest as I savoured the sight of Gemma turned on to such an extent. I loved the expression on her face when she was turned on. The sight of her holding a hard cock in each hand was wildly mischievous

As she wanked our cocks I took my hand and searched out her wetness with my fingers, slowly circling her throbbing, bruised clitoris with several fingers in a circling motion. I nodded at Josh and invited him to excite her and we alternated between exploring her pussy with our fingers and slowly licking and teasing her nipples. She gripped our cocks hard as she shook with excitement when both our fingers intermingled in her wetness some fingers probing inside her and others parting her smooth, soaking pussy lips. I could feel the wetness running from her down onto the sheets as she enjoyed the sensation

I beckoned to Josh to open the bedside bottom draw and as he did he exposed the array of toys that Gemma kept there. Use the hard pink one I said softly. Lifting out the toy he turned the base and another low growl of vibration dulled the air. The look of anticipation on her face was only matched by her increased teasing of our cocks. I watched in absolute ecstasy as she ran her thumb across the top of our soaking wet helmets that were throbbing and almost at the point of explosion

Receiving a glance of approval, Josh slipped the pink toy into Gemma's wetness. It slid effortlessly into her as she was dripping wet with excitement. He gently plunged the toy in and out with pulsing regularity and she groaned again with delight

I announced that I was soon to explode and Gemma opened her mouth beckoning me to feed her my pulsing cock. Needing no encouragement I knelt closer to her and fed my shaft into her welcoming mouth. Gripping the base of my shaft close to my balls she encircled her mouth around me and enveloped my throbbing dick. I felt sick with anticipation and excitement as I watched Josh rhythmically plunging the hard pick plastic into her warmness whilst enjoying her loose grip on his cock and kneading her breast with his free hand

I exploded into her mouth, hot spurts of volcanic eruption like spunk as my full balls emptied into her accepting mouth. I bent forward and we kissed passionately after my softening dick dropped from her mouth. We shared the taste of cum on her lips from the beads that has escaped being swallowed.

Turning to Josh she strengthened the grip on his cock and teased the underside of his helmet expertly with her thumb. His focus broken by the attention on his rock hard cock the pink toy was discarded on the bed alongside the glistening dolphin previously used to induce a massive orgasm

Slipping down the bed, my cock half erect and recovering from a pounding, I was willingly manoeuvred between Gemma's legs plunging my face into her wetness and licking her soaking pussy.

Looking upward I was greeted by an amazing view as my head was gently rocked by her pelvis responding to the attention of my tongue and mouth. Her breasts were slightly flushed from excitement and shapely full. Her nipples swollen and upright, she squirmed in the throes of pleasure.

By now she had her hand encircled around Josh's thickening helmet, teasing the join of his foreskin with her tongue and whispering an invitation to 'wank it off onto my tongue'. She moved her grip down his shaft and pressed her fingers hard and upwards between his balls and anus. His mouth dropped open in pleasure. He took over stroking his cock as Gemma's finger penetrated him searching for his g spot.

As I renewed my vigour at the sight, his cock jerked in convulsions of orgasm. Hot jets of cum splattered across Gemma's breasts and the soft fabric covering her belly with some cascading downward onto her begging tongue. He let out a yelp of pleasure at the release and as he did Gemma quivered in orgasm from my endeavours and the excitement of her pleasuring Josh

She lay exhausted for a few moments gently rubbing Josh's sticky cum into her nipples and groaning with pleasure. ' Want to lick my nipples now' she invited. Josh and I collapsed either side of her taking up the invitation to lick her delightful nipples, shrouded in the sharp tasting fluid.

Still want to kiss me she uttered I moved up alongside her and kissed her deeply, tasting the latest spunk, mixed with mine, that stained her tongue and tainted her breathe.

Josh and I collapsed either side of her with Josh gently circling her nipples with the last of the wetness . 'Good party' I asked.

It isn't over yet said Gemma, I am so horny...

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