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Triple Fantasies again

Author: stoneypoint
Publish Date : Jun 24, 2009
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She was all over him, kissing his plump upper body ardently and feverishly. God, he could not believe it. Before it was realized he was hard...in his dream and in real life. God she was beautiful. Nothing to hide here. He wanted her and he had her. Slim short legs, a cute maturing ass, and a picture perfect slender upper body with nicely proportioned breasts. She was his. He was hers. And they cuddled and kissed each others lovely flesh all through the night. No, no sex, but it was good fun romance and she made him hard. She made him horny. And he'd be looking for her the next day. Would she do the same Probably not, he figured. But what the heck. It was a great dream and all three had fantasies being fulfilled in their sleep.

* * * * * * *

“Amy home” Beth asked the mother. Beth was smiling, but so was Amy’s mom after both said hi to one another. Amy’s mom knew what her daughter was probably up to as Beth headed for the stairs.

Amy was in her room, busy. Beth didn’t suspect a thing. Why should she. Amy’s door was always closed. But that evening Amy wanted to be left alone. Her young son was out, at a friend’s, so Amy had time to herself…for a few minutes anyway…until Beth stopped in.

“Nice slacks Amy…really, they are” the guy at the office had said.

And they were nice slacks. Best ones she owned she thought. With Amy’s low waist and slim figure and as nice an ass as she had, the slacks she picked out to wear accentuated all the finer points of her trim and shapely waist, hips, and of course her ass.

She loved them. She adored them and how they showed off the benefits of her god given gift of a great ass. She wasn’t the type of woman wrapped up in her own world, but she cared about her looks just as much as the other. She had turned countless times in the mirror looking at it after putting them on that morning. She recalled exactly how they fit around each of hers cheeks. She loved t. She could remember exactly how they ever-so- slightly displayed her crack between the two cheeks. Yes, she was one to adore that exclusive feature as much as almost every guy in the office had. She was grateful. She was proud, but she wouldn’t allow it to openly go to her head like others. She liked the guy well enough and appreciated he complimented their appearance on her nice figure.

But what she had said was different. “You have some nerve” she told him. But following that, she said to herself- thank you, thank you god, thank you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. At least one man around here has the balls to say something nice about me, about my butt. Or I assume that’s what he means. At least one guy around here notices, has the guts to reward me with some praise, she mused. Yeah thank you.

“No, all I’m saying Amy…is they look nice on you” he said, again. “Really, I mean it.”

Amy had turned around. She glared at him. She knew seeing as it was at the office, she could not give him that satisfaction. Yeah, okay, granted it was work, it was the office, and professionally you don’t say those types of things, but deep inside she adored hearing it. She loved hearing those words. Her face lightened up. Now he was getting mixed signals.

He saw my ass, she told herself. He saw how they fit around my cheeks. Mmmmm ooooohh I wish he could feel it, rub my cheeks, stroke them, and then we could move on. I wish it could be that way all the time around here, but then it wouldn’t be special. I know I’m not the prettiest, but I try and I try to be nice to him. I try to be sweet and pleasant. And I try to look my best. Isn’t that what you should do Doesn’t a girl wanna look nice, right…right she wondered

Then she faced away from him. She had smirked, not letting him know she had received pleasure from the compliment. She wished he or others would do the same…as long as it didn’t get out of hand. She wouldn’t mind. She’d go home. She’d say hi to her mom. But once all the small talk was done then she’d go upstairs and have her alone time. Mothers understand. They know what daughters feel and want some days. Moms were once young ladies like their daughters. So her mom knew exactly what her daughter was up to.

“Yes, Beth…she’s probably up there, I suspect. But don’t be too surprised honey if you know, ummm she’s doing some kind of girly things.”

Amy’s mom walked away, smiling, as she remembered some of the good old days. Beth, at the top of the stairs, walked down the hallway, and knocked. Amy had heard someone coming already. In shorts, the toy tucked away, she had the notebook computer laying on her lap as she surfed one site to another.

Beth knocked. She instantly opened the door. They said hi. Beth sat down on Amy’s bed. Beth smiled and then asked about the guy. How did she know. Girls know these things. “Just a guy” Amy said. “No one special, but he’s nice enough and said something to me today nobody’s ever had the balls to say.” Beth asked what it was. “You know my grey slacks, right”

Beth nodded asking if she wore them as she smiled. Beth knew exactly what they looked like because she was there the day Amy picked them out, tried them on, and bought them. After they got home she was there when they both tried on stuff as they took turns admiring themselves in their new stuff. Then those slacks came out of the bag. Then she took off her jeans. Then she pulled them on. Then she stepped in front of the mirror. Then Beth looked at her in them as Amy turned and craned her neck to see just how she looked in them again.

“Perfect” she recalled Beth saying. “Absolutely perfect” she had said again. Beth remembered how both of them had laughed about it because the slacks did look great on Amy. They looked stunning how they fit around her small, low waist. They looked incredible how they fit around her younger smallish but womanly ass. It was a fine ass and unbeknownst to either of them at the time that guy was going to like her ass and the rest of her body when she wore them to work finally. And the guy who’d compliment her in them did appreciate the, did appreciate her low slim waistline along with the almost perfectly shaped butt of them all, which of course included her two small but cute sumptuous cheeks.

Beth with her legs crossed like Amy’s looked into Amy’s eyes. She knew. Or thought she knew. She wondered where Amy had hid it. Her eyes roamed around the bed. It could be anywhere. She looked at Amy and continued to smile.

“Where is it” she finally asked.

“Where is what” Amy said.

“You know what I mean” Beth came back, smiling.

“No. No I don’t know what you mean.”


Beth broke it. “Who’s the guy”

“What guy” Amy replied.

“What ever guy’s has you in here with the door closed and making you do whatever you are doing” Beth said, still smirking.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Amy said, cracking half a smile too.

“Yes you dooooo” Beth disagreed lightly trying to prod the information out of her. “Plus mom said you might be up here doing ‘girly things.’” Beth had always referred to Amy’s mother as mom. That’s how close they’d been over the last 25 years. “She knows you well, Ames. Plus she is a girl and she knows what we girls do, some days.”

Amy looked up.

“Finally” Beth said.

Amy looked at Beth.

Beth waited, smiled some more. Waited.

“He’s cute, I guess…cute enough, I suppose” Amy told Beth.

Beth grew curiously excited. “Go on…tell me” she said.

“What is there to tell” Amy came back.

“Does he turn you on” Beth asked.

“Not really, well kind of…I don’t know…I mean he is sweet, I guess. He’s kind of good looking…I guess. But it isn’t like he’s the kind of guy I’d actually date.” A pause. “I don’t think I would I mean. I mean he’s handsome and all…but he’s kind of not handsome too.” Beth asked how. “He’s really a nice guy. He’s really handsome…in the face I mean. He has this really nice personality I like. But…but he’s kind of fat I guess not that I notice for some reason. I mean, okay…yes and no… I mean he’s fat and he’s not fat. I don’t know.”

“Enough that you’d” and Beth lowered her voice “have sex with him”

Amy nodded. She smiled, nodded some more. “Maybe” she whispered.

“You mean with a fat guy Ames” Beth exclaimed.

Amy hesitated and still she smiled as she nodded. “Well he is kind of cute…for a guy with a gut. In fact, if I think about it, he kind of looks like my dad. I don’t know” she said as she shook her head. She dropped her head, looked aimlessly at her laptops screen. She looked back at Beth. “But he said something today which was so cool.”

And across town, he was outside in his yard. He was pulling out a small tree trunk with a friend who lived next door to him. “Man Roy she’s isn’t extremely pretty, but she is pretty and she had on this pair of slacks which fit around her ass so damn nicely and…and they had to have embellished it 110% Roy. I mean it.” He paused. Roy was saying something. But he was thinking about the picture of the cutest set of butt cheeks he’d see in ages. “That isn’t to say she’s not pretty. She is and she isn’t, but her personality…it’s awesome. I love how she speaks. Her voice, it is so damn cute too. I love her personality. I love the way her voice sounds when she talks and…”

“Man that’s a no-no dude. No way in hell are you gonna bag her. You’re married-”

“I know what I am. I know exactly what I am…and she does too. I don’t think she’s married. I’ve never checked to see if she has a wedding ring and that’s not the point anyway. I don’t know anything about her except she has the nicest ass in that company… At least when she wears those grey slacks she does.”

They laughed. They got the tree stump out of the ground lifted it into the wheelbarrow and took it to the curb. They laughed about it, like guys would, and he thanked Roy for his help. Roy told him hands off.

“But I can always dream and that’s what I’m gonna do- I’m gonna dream” he came back.

He went inside, turned on the shower, and he lathered up…visions of Amy in his head, visions of her long waist, low but, and pretty but medium sized tits forming in his mind as he stood naked in his shower. She was smiling, looking up at him, unsure whether to hide her boobs with her arms or to flush the cascading waters down her long silky wet hair. He said something nice to her, in his mind, and she smiled. Her eyes looked at his body as if should I or shouldn’t I. She poured shampoo over her soft lumpy chest. She gave this look of is this gross to me or am I fine with it look. She actually didn’t care. She liked his soft lumpy chest. She actually liked his protruding manly belly. She actually liked his soft love handles. And she actually didn’t mind playing with his small dick. He was hers. She was his. And his fantasy was enjoyable.

“You’re making me horny” Beth told Amy.

“I’m making me horny” Amy told Beth. They giggled.

Two girls, grown up, and behaving like teenagers. But girls will be girls just like boys can be boys and fantasies can be fantasies…if you want them to be.

“It almost makes you wanna play, doesn’t it” Beth said, hoping Amy would say she had. “So…” Beth added. Amy said what. “Have you” Beth tried coaxing out of her good friend. Amy hesitated, but said no. “Ohhhhhh come on, I know better. You have. So where is it Ames Where’d you put it”

She watched Amy’s eyes, watched them closely. But Amy was not kissing and not telling. So Beth started feeling around. Amy let her. Under pillows, covers, and then on her nightstand, she couldn’t find it anywhere. She asked where Amy put it. They stared at each other. Beth smiled.

“See, I knew…I knew you were. What’s he look like You got a picture”

“No, but he’s cute in his own way.”

“Can’t be cute if he’s fat Ames” said Beth.


“Can not.”


“Can not.”

And it went back and forth.

“I have a dare” Beth finally said.

“Okay” Amy replied.

“I dare you to invite him or take him to my place, show him around, and act like its your place. I dare you to try something with him once you do. That’s my dare…if you think he’s soooo damn cute Ames.”

Beth left, Amy settled back in her bed, and her coworker pulled out a book to read. All were content, temporarily. All were thinking. All were waiting to know…to know what happens the next day. He smiled. Amy smiled. Beth smiled too. Beth was happy for Amy because she was there when they picked out the slacks. Amy was happy because she had another pair of slacks, although darker and with hints of a pink stripe in them, looked just as fine on her wonderful ass. She even wanted to try them on again. She didn’t and then she heard the phone; probably her daughter. While across town he was smiling because he was happy too. He didn’t care what she said. He was right and he knew he was.

Night time fell and time for bed. Mmmmmm, bed time…when all the unknown spirits of life fill the voids and dreams and fantasies can come to life. And they had, on all fronts, and all were left feeling good in the morning.

She was there, next to him, face gazing into his, lips parted in a happy smile, and she was nestled against him as she felt his soft lumpy flesh and her hands slowly tumbling across his rolly chest, his rolly stomach. She had seen it, somehow. Somehow he didn’t have a huge body. Somehow it was only his upper body. He was handsome like she had said. He was sweet and had kissed her softly on her lips. And it drove her wild. She kissed his chest. She had kissed his lumpy pectorals. She had kissed and teased his nipples into oblivion. He loved it and touched her too. He felt her underneath her tee shirt. She surged with arousal at the very touch. His hand dancing across her everywhere… Ohhh it was great to feel Amy’s friend’s body against her. “I want you” she had said in her dream. “Do me, make love with me” and he did and she did, but the ecstasy of it all went unseen, unfelt. For morning came and no emotional post-carriage of the experience resounding within her whatsoever but still she was on a high and all was good when she left the house because she could see his face. She could see his naked flesh and she knew she wanted to be with this man friend of Amy’s for some reason.

The same was true for Amy, but she and her friend from the office did more. She and her friend were on top of one another, rolling back and forth across the bed, kissing and holding, and touching one another’s wondrous bodies. She felt his stiffness, pressuring her flesh, and she felt herself wanting him more and more and more. She had awoken in the middle of the night. Why She had been moaning, calling out his name…calling it out in ecstasy. Calling it out passionately. And she broke out in a mild sweat. She wanted and needed to be fulfilled. And she lay down, restlessly. She felt urges she hadn’t felt in ages. Can I really, truly desire these things with him, she asked herself. And her conscience seemed to be telling her yes…yes you do Amy. Tell him, be sweet on him, get him to want you…want you badly. And she lay down on her side. She had tucked inside between her thighs, inside her pussy. Tight, wet, but comfy she fell asleep gratified to know he probably did find her attractive. And she found herself actually liking and desiring him too…weird as that may be.

He fell fast asleep. She was all over him, kissing his plump upper body ardently and feverishly. God, he could not believe it. Before it was realized he was hard…in his dream and in real life. God she was beautiful. Nothing to hide here. He wanted her and he had her. Slim short legs, a cute maturing ass, and a picture perfect slender upper body with nicely proportioned breasts. She was his. He was hers. And they cuddled and kissed each others lovely flesh all through the night. No, no sex, but it was good fun romance and she made him hard. She made him horny. And he’d be looking for her the next day. Would she do the same Probably not, he figured. But what the heck. It was a great dream and all three had fantasies being fulfilled in their sleep.

“Morning” she said, a grand smile on her face.

Half surprised, he said good morning. She was smiling and it was a really great smile too. Was she in a good mood, he wondered. Why is she in a good mood Did she have sex last night That was his train of thought and why not He always has a demented mind. But then she walked away. Fuck, what a freaking fine looking ass. God I’d love to kiss both cheeks forever. God, I’d love to bite both of them too. God I’d love to… but he had to get back to work and standing there staring at it would look way too obvious. Get back to work, he told himself. He turned, still smiling, and walked back to his desk.

Always smiling, always thinking, and always…always…always fantasizing about them.

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