Unsuspecting Wife Gets Shared

Author: John B
Published: Jul 17, 2009
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she slid her tight skirt up to just below her cute little ass. Than she reached between her legs, rubbed my crotch and unzipped my pants. I was already rock hard and ready to shoot my load as we hadn't fucked in over a month. I could tell by the way she was grabbing at my cock, trying to sit on it and the way her body was already quivering, that she was starting to cum herself from being so horny from the lack of fucking for the past month, and the excitement of being out in the open.

My wife, Elizabeth, were living on Guam. I was in the navy and deployed a lot, so when I did get home we made up for lost time together, fucking in all kinds ways, often getting a little kinkier each time. At the time my wife was 27, 5'6" tall and a lean, athletic, tight, worked out body of about 130 pounds. Very cute little ass and tits. She worked out a lot while I was gone, otherwise, in her words, she'd be fucking every guy in the squadron.

I had been away for about a month. The day I returned, a Friday, there was a party to go to so we didn't get to fuck right away. Elizabeth wore a tight fitting, longer blue skirt and matching tight top with no bra. It was the type of long, tight skirt that makes a woman take little steps.

We went to the party and had some drinks. It was normal after an informal squadron party for everyone to head to a local nightclub. In this case an outdoor bar at one of the beach hotels. The bar had some paths leading from it up a small hill to a garden area overlooking the beach. It had some benches and a short stone wall that ran along the drop off overlooking the beach, the open air bar and dance floor.

We sat with some other couples at a table, watched people dancing and took turns on the dance floor. Occasionally one of the single guys in the group would ask Elizabeth to dance. She loved to flirt with whoever she was dancing with.

After dancing a while, she came back to the table and said to me, "Let's go for a walk." So we headed up the path the the garden area.

The area was very dark. The only light was the light from the high rise hotel behind us and the glow of light from the outdoor bar. I didn't see anyone else, but it was quite dark and there were plenty of darker areas that anyone could be sitting back in.

Elizabeth had me sit on one of the benches behind the waist high stone wall over looking the beach and bar. However, it was out in the open as far as the garden went. Anyone further back in the garden or above on a room balcony could see us if they were looking.

As she sat down, she slid her tight skirt up to just below her cute little ass. Than she reached between her legs, rubbed my crotch and unzipped my pants. I was already rock hard and ready to shoot my load as we hadn't fucked in over a month. I could tell by the way she was grabbing at my cock, trying to sit on it and the way her body was already quivering, that she was starting to cum herself from being so horny from the lack of fucking for the past month, and the excitement of being out in the open. She sat herself down hard on my rigid pole and starting having an orgasm right away. I was already shooting my load into her. When Elizabeth hasn't been fuck in at least a month, when she gets turned on she doesn't usually care where she is, she just wants me to fuck her. Tonight was no exception.

After we both came the first time, she stayed sitting on my cock, while not as rigid as it was since I just shot my load, it was still firm enough to stay in her pussy while she slowly kept riding my cock like a slow lap dance.

I reached around and started to finger her cum soaked pussy while she kept slowly rubbing her ass against me, riding my cock.

I could hear that someone was back in a darker area where they could easily see all the fucking we were doing. At this point, though, they could see that we were fucking, but since she had her skirt down over top of us while she sat on my lap, they couldn't actually see me fucking her. Elizabeth heard them too. Normally, she would have decided to stop once she realized someone was watching. But, like I said, since she hadn't been fucked in a month at least, she didn't care, she just wanted to fuck like the horny little bitch she was at the moment.

Her exhibitionist side kicked in. As she felt my cock get good and hard again, she knew the second time around we would have a much longer fuck and she would get her pussy well stroked. One of her favorite positions is dog style, or as she preferred, our "wild cat" position. She reached forward and grabbed the waste high rock wall. She then reach between her legs and grabbed my balls to keep my cock in her dripping and still very horny pussy. The she leaned forward and bent over the wall, pulling me up behind her and keeping my cock buried deep in her tight pussy the whole time.

She didn't want to just lap dance on my cock anymore, she wanted a good hard fucking from behind and I was certainly going to oblige her. She was looking out over the beach and down to the bar. Nobody was looking up, otherwise they would have seen her getting nailed from behind. However, I looked back over where I thought I had heard someone and saw a couple squadron buddies of mine, Jeff and Rod. Both of them, I knew, had had the hots for my wife for some time, although they never made a move for her. Elizabeth didn't know they were there.

Being good buddies, I thought I would give them a better show. I pulled her long skirt up so it went over her head, completing exposing her cute little fair skinned ass, glorious pink pussy dripping cum and me drilling her hard with my cock. She was just bucking and twitching, now experiencing a long orgasm that I've seen her have before, where she just becomes totally oblivious to her surroundings.

I could feel that she was beginning to hit her peak cumming moment again. I rubbed one hand down over her ass, and slipped a finger into her tight little rear hole. She just exploded, bent over, writhing and wiggling orgasm as I slowed my stroked down and let her twitching ass due all the work, as she fucked both my cock and my finger in her little back hole.

Without looking back at me, she told me she didn't want me to cum yet, she just really wanted to enjoy this.

Since I was nearing the point of no return, I silently signaled my two buddies to come over. They walked quietly up. By this point Brad had already pulled he cock out. He was about the same size as me, an average 6 incher, so that gave me an idea.

I had been holding onto Elizabeth's hips while riding her. I took one hand off and silently signaled for Rod to place his hand where mine had been. He picked up real quick on what I had planned. He reached over and we switched the other hand, so now I'm banging my wife and Brad is holding his hands on her hips.

I pulled my cock out, like it came out accidentally while fucking, said to my wife, "woops, just a sec.", moved quickly out of the way, and Brad silently moved in, slipping his throbbing cock straight into my unsuspecting wife's tight and now very wet pussy without missing a beat. He amazingly managed to stay quiet, even though the way my still unsuspecting wife (her skirt was also still over her head from behind) was fucking his cock like a wild cat in heat, I knew he would not last long.

At this point I glanced at Jeff, who now had his cock out waiting for his turn. He had what looked like a thick, nearly ten-inch size horse cock, Fully hard and not going to be denied his opportunity to fuck my wife's innocent pussy.

While I hadn't popped my wife's cherry, I had known her previous boyfriends and knew none of their dicks had been much different than "average", meaning about like mine.

Now, Elizabeth had never indicated or hinted at the idea of fucking someone else, or group sex, gang-bangs, or anything of the sort. She was definitely a "one man" woman previously. Even now she was being fucked hard by someone she thought was me. However, once Jeff jammed that ten inch pole into her, that would be a whole different story.

Brad was already starting to pump a large load of cum into Elizabeth. While she was enjoying it, she whispered back to "me" that she hoped that wasn't all she was going to get.

I figured I'd better fuck her one more time before Jeff did if I want to get my load off again. Once Jeff nailed her I knew the "game" was up and I didn't know what her reaction would be.

Brad and I switched back the same way we had before. Since I was still hard, but under control, I pushed back into her soaked pussy all the way to my balls in one stroke, which was easy now that she was extremely well lubricated, her pussy was getting as well stretched as Rod and I could stretch it. Elizabeth said, "You recovered fast. You must have really missed me."

I just said, "I sure did and I got even more ready for you." She just made a purring sound. I didn't know how much longer she would actually go at this point, so I sped up my strokes and started mixing more of my cum with her's and Brad's, deep within her pussy.

Jeff came over as my strokes were slowing done and my cock was loosing its hardness. He saw how Brad and I had pulled the switch, so we started to do the same. Elizabeth asked, "Are you done" in a little voice that indicated that she would still like more, but understood if she had drained my cock by this time.

I said, "Don't worry, I'll take care of that," as Jeff now had both hands on her ass in place of mine. As my now spent cock slipped out of her pussy, I move quietly out of the way. Elizabeth's pussy was dripping wet and wide open, which was a good thing as she was about to be unsuspectingly violated by the largest cock she ever had.

I saw Jeff press the tip of his cock just barely into her pussy, just enough so a strong stroke wouldn't "pop" out. Elizabeth told me later that when he first placed the swelled head of his ten inch cock into waiting pussy, she had become so relaxed and satiated from cumming so much, she was kind of lost in her own little world, somewhere between a trance like state and kind of passing out. However, she was about to be shocked out of that tranquil state. With his first stroked he went nearly all the way in, about 8 inches. My wife gave very loud mixture of a cry of surprise and shock. "What the hell" she said as she quickly looked around. Fortunately, the loud music coming up from the bar dance floor muffled the her sounds.

Jeff had a very firm grip on her ass. She was pinned between him and the rock wall. Even though I could tell she was in some state of surprise and shock, she could not control herself and started cumming again he kept pumping that large pole of his into her, getting it all the way to his large tennis size balls by the third stroke.

Jeff was now pounding his ten inch cock hard into her pussy. I could tell that part of her wanted to get away and not be gang banged, but that the "wild cat" animal part of her stayed banging her pussy and ass just as hard back against Jeff as he was ramming her. The horny, slutty little wild animal won. She looked at me with a questioning look, as if to say, "Is this what you really want" Then she closed her eyes. I could tell she was REALLY starting to have a huge orgasm that was just blowing her head off.

She then looked away from me and said to Jeff, "Keep fucking me hard with the big cock." She then really turned on the "animal" in her and looked started having a more intense orgasm than I had ever seen her have. I could see her eyes rolled back in her head, her back and ass were twitching and bucking.

She looked over at Brad. His cock was still out and he had gotten hard again. She said, "you want to fuck me with that little cock of your's after this horse"

She still didn't realize the he had already fucked her Of course Brad didn't say anything, he just nodded his head.

She turned back away and riding Jeff's pole for all she was worth, really putting on a show. I had never guessed she would get into fucking other guys like this. Honestly, I wasn't real sure what her reaction would be.

Jeff started to cum and shoot a huge load from his tennis size balls. Elizabeth reached back between her legs, took his huge balls in her hand, massaging and coaxing as much cum out of them and keeping him hard for as long as she could.

When Jeff was down loading her with more cum then I ever know a could pump in one shot, he pulled his softening but still impressive size cock from her pussy. His head was still swelled enough that it made a "popping" sound as he pulled it out of her pussy, also making her body twitch in one last orgasmic blast.

Rod though he was going to get to fuck her again right away, but she told him to wait. She looked at me and told me to lay down on my back on the bench that we had first sat on when we started fucking.

She straddled my face, and said that since I had not asked her and really ticked her off, I was going to need to make it right and clean out all the cum that I had tricked into taking. With that she pressed her extremely cummed drenched pussy down on my mouth, forcing me to start sucking and licking out Jeff, mine, and still unknown to her, Rod's combined cum. She knew that while I had definitely gone down on her after we fuck, whenever we had fantasized about threesomes, I was never that excited about eating another man's cum out of her pussy. This was her way of punishing me. I also know that Jeff and Rod wouldn't let me live down that I had licked their cum out of her pussy.

Right now, though, even though I was being punished I had a raging hard on again and she saw it. Elizabeth said, "You think that after what you did I am going to let you fuck me with that little dick when that monster cock is handy" Being as Jeff wasn't hard again yet, she looked at Rod and his six inch dick.

She said to Rod, clearly so I could hear even though her pussy was still pressed against my face and her thighs over my ears, "That little cock won't quite do in my pussy after "monster cock" there, but you can fuck me in my asshole.

Damn, that was the one virgin spot left on my wife. Even though I had done everything I could previously to get my wife to let me fuck her in her asshole (she like a little finger fuck in the ass when eating her pussy), I never got to deflower it. And now she was offering to someone else in front of me.

I started to say something about I wanted to be the first to fuck her asshole, she slapped my swelled balls and told me to shut up, that I had started this and she was going to finish it. She pressed her pussy down harder on my mouth so I really couldn't say anything else.

Then she leaned forward, laying on me like we were going to "69", but she was refusing to take my raging dick in her mouth, although I could feel her warm breath. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks and told Rod to stick his hands into her pussy or my mouth the get as much cum on his hands to use to lube to tight little beckoning asshole. Rod about choked me as he followed her directions, shoved his fingers both in her pussy and in my mouth to gather up cum. Then he began to work his fingers into her asshole literally right in front of my eyes as she was still sitting on my face and apparently planned to stay there. I could see her asshole open up as Rod lubricated it with all the cum.

Rod than straddled over both of us and I was forced to watch him deflower my wife's ass while his shaft and balls rubbed over my face as he pushed into her.

Elizabeth told me I better stay licking her pussy and kept herself positioned so that she knew that in order to stays sucking the juices out of her pussy, I was forced to have Rod's shaft and balls rubbing on my face. He told her that he could feel me eating her pussy and that my tongue was also tickling his shaft.

Even though I was starting to get a little upset, my cock was still raging hard. Elizabeth told me that if I wanted to cum, to start jacking off. That I was not going to get to fuck her again until she decided I was punished enough for tricking her into fucking my buddies.

I could see that she was squeezing her asshole hard on Rod's cock and he was ramming her harder, than I started to see he cum dripping out of her ass, down her crack on onto my face. Elizabeth said, "You better not mix a drop."

When Rod's spent cock pulled out of her ass, she sat up so her asshole was over my mouth, and said, "You're not done yet."

I have to admit, that was both kind of gross and exciting, being forced to suck another guy's cum out of my wife's ass.

She saw that Jeff was getting hard again. She decided to give my a slight break and lifted her ass up off of my face, but stayed straddling me. With her pussy and asshole still dripping over my face about six inches away, Jeff brought his pole over and began to slowly slipping into Elizabeth one more time. This time much more controlled. As I watched her pussy stretch open and take that monster just inches from my face, I could also feel Elizabeth's body start quivering uncontrollably. Jeff's huge cock seems to hit ALL the right spots as he slowly penetrated her. This time, though, he did not take a few stroke to get his fill ten inches in, but just kept slowly pushing forward. I could tell by the way she was shaking and quivering that she was already cumming by the time those huge balls of his were pushing again the front of her pussy on the first damn stroke!

While I was excited by watching my wife get such an incredible fucking, I was also beginning to get worried about what I had turned my wife into and whether she was going to be satisfied with my 6 inch cock ever again.

Jeff's strokes quickly picked up and soon I was both watching and hearing his giant ball slapping against my wife's pussy. My wife's quivering body had calmed down. I can tell when she has been "fuck out" and not going to have another orgasm for a while, but she does still enjoy the stroking.

I think at this point I think she thought I had been punished enough and I felt her push my hand out of the way that I had been jerking off with. I felt her warm, wonderful mouth settle down over my cock. As Jeff started to fill her pussy once more with his second load I watched the cum started foaming and nearly pouring out of her pussy, down over my face, I started to cum in Elizabeth's mouth.

As Jeff removed his still large cock from my wife's pussy, it made that popping sound again. Her pussy had gotten so stretched by his cock, it sounded like farting as it started to "recover" and regain it's natural tightness.

Elizabeth sucked my cock dry, which to me indicated that maybe she wasn't as mad about the surprise any more. She stood up and straightened out her dress, told Jeff and Rod good night. She told me to clean myself up, that it was time to go home and that next time I should ask first.

About: The author of "Unsuspecting Wife Gets Shared" is John B. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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