Late at Night

Author: jamaru
Published: Jul 18, 2009
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A late night invitation and intoxicating lovemaking - A couple more strokes and I moan as I flinch and the first cum spurts from my cock. Several spurts follow and coat the towel and my belly. When I am spent my hot cock softens in her hand. She must have got some of my cum on her hand as she wipes it on the towel and pulls over the covers.

I head off to bed at 1 am. The bed is warm and my wife stirs as I climb beneath the covers. As I glance at my wife in the darkness I sense she is awake and looking at me. I lean over for a kiss, expecting in moments we'll both be drifting off to sleep.

But as our lips touch, her lips part slightly and her warm kiss has a welcome about it. We embrace and her hand slips behind my head. Our breathing settles as the promise of long awaited lovemaking dawns. My hands move to her shoulders and her back. I caress her in circular motion with both hands as she parts my lips with her tongue and licks inside.

We pause in our enjoyment and move apart, removing our nightclothes before settling under the covers again. Her hands move across my shoulders and back and she runs her nails gently but firmly in circles on my back. I stroke her back with both hands and move them towards her warm bottom, moving further on towards her thighs. I caress her thighs from behind and she adjusts her body so I can reach closer to her pussy.

I pause to kiss her face and move my hands up towards her breasts, soft and warm against my chest. I roll her backwards onto her back giving me access to her nipples. I raise myself on one elbow and take one nipple and then the other into my mouth, licking her areolas and delighting as they swell and pucker and become erect. As her body responds, her hands move from my back downward to my waiting cock. Her hand avoids my hot rod and she gently reaches down and slowly strokes my balls, stopping now and then to cup them and run her finger along the most sensitive part. In response to this I moan and spasm in a brief orgasm. Her hand moves upwards to my hardening cock and she takes it between her fingers, tugging lightly on the shaft and gently dragging her fingers across the head.

I raise my face from her breasts and kiss her hard, sliding my tongue between her lips and probing along her teeth. My hands pan across her breasts and her cool nipples tighten and rise from her skin.

As she lays back on the sheets I rise above her onto my hands and knees, moving upward to kiss her on the lips. We kiss for some seconds before I move my hands to her breasts, stroking and fondling each in turn. I follow with my tongue, deeply probing her nipples as they respond to my touch. She parts her legs and I move my cock against her warm pussy, gently thrusting, but not entering her. I delight in the feeling of her pussy against my cock and the rhythmic motion of our bodies. I pause and look into her eyes in the darkness. moaning softly from the delicious sensations for our bodies moving together.

I pause in my motion and move my waist away from her, dropping my mouth again to her breasts, and then moving slowly across her belly. I quickly shunt down the bed, moving the covers from her body as I move between her knees. She lies naked before me with her knees raised and her legs slightly parted. I can sees the hint of her pussy in the shadows and pushing myself further down the bed and moving my face between her legs. I begin to kiss her inner thighs and move slowly towards her pussy. I breathe in her perfume as my cheek brushes against her pubic hair and settles on her mound. I rest for a few moments, reveling in her warmth and the fragrance of her pussy. I turn my head and nuzzle my nose in her mound. My tongue probes her lips for her clitoris and I give it some deep tongue. I've been this far before but am determined to go further as her fragrance engulfs me. The sweetness delights me. I move my mouth downwards, licking her lips for the first time. I move her lips apart and lick gently under the hood. She squirms as my tongue flicks against her pussy.

I slip a finger inside her and turn it upward seeking her G--spot. I thrust my finger several times and she moans and writhes. I withdraw most of my finger and leave it just inside of her pussy for what I am about to do next. I move my mouth further down towards my finger and licking her labia along the way.

As my tongue reaches my finger, I remove it and replace it with my tongue. i strain my neck forward and lick the length of her slit and then move down toward her wet opening again. This time I extend my tongue and lick first inside the folds and then, with a big effort, insert my tongue into her pussy and thrust it inside her several times. She moans and writhes again. I am hot from the effort and after kissing her pussy lovingly I resume my place beside her, the fragrance of her pussy lingering on my face. Her hand resumes cupping and fondling my balls and I begin to push my hardening cock against her hand. her fingers close around my cock and she strokes rhythmically from the base to the tip. Her pace quickens and I feel my cum rising. She gives two slow strokes and then pumps my cock fast. I roll on my back, pull back the covers and reach for a towel I have stowed under the pillow.

I can see her hand in the darkness and delight in the sight of my wife touching me intimately and stroking faster and faster as my excitement builds. A couple more strokes and I moan as I flinch and the first cum spurts from my cock. Several spurts follow and coat the towel and my belly. When I am spent my hot cock softens in her hand. She must have got some of my cum on her hand as she wipes it on the towel and pulls over the covers. I usually cum in this way or inside her though on occasion I have cum on her belly, once by accident and once after I asked and she nodded. While making love like this she has had three orgasms one after the other - one from my fingers, another from my tongue on her clit and then her first g-spot orgasm as I massaged her with my finger.

We kiss tenderly and drift off to sleep. I woke the next morning feeling drunk and it took some seconds to work out where I was.

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