Sex in the Rain

Author: Gingertop
Category: Short Sex Stories
Published: Aug 3, 2009
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Now sitting with my legs apart, I feel my heart pound as his fingers slide right up between my legs and his hand rests on my pussy. He starts to rub my pussy through my knickers, I look at him, "I don't mind you doing that but inside my knickers". His face reddens as I pull my skirt up a bit spreading my thighs wider watching his hand slip inside my knickers.

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It was a really hot day, too hot. I had just dropped the kids off at school so I now had a choice, do housework or enjoy the day. I decided that I would put my hair up into a french plait and put a skirt on, along with a light top, ankle socks and trainers.

I drove along to the park to get in some fresh air and do some reading. I found a nice tree in the shade settled down and started reading Harry Potter sitting on the grass, other people are around but I didn't take a lot of notice of them.

I had been sitting there for a while when I looked up and noticed a good looking guy looking at me as he makes his way towards me. As he passes he smiles and flirts, chuffed I respond in a similar style and continue to read.

Eventually he comes back and walks over. Standing next to me starts chatting. Asking my name and introducing himself and I chat back and after a while he goes off to buy a couple of soft drinks. On his return Dave sits next to me telling me about himself. Like me he was married and had kids.

As we sit and chat the clouds suddenly darken and it starts to rain. I quickly offer Dave a lift and as a pair run towards my car. Safely in my car I start up, put lights and wipers on and we start to go, but it really starts belting down and I can't really see so I park again, waiting for the rain to die off.

I switch everything off and I turn slightly sitting with my knees towards Dave. As we talk I notice he keeps looking down at my blouse , looking down, I realise my blouse is wet and my nipples and tits are showing as I am not wearing a bra. I also note he is starting to get a obvious bulge in the front of his trousers.

I feel turned on seeing his bulge getting bigger as he keeps his eyes on my blouse. I make no effort to move and ignore his right hand as it wonders across and rests for a moment on my left knee. He works his hand down and rubs the inside of my left knee. I think dirty minded sod as he slowly works his hand up and under my skirt. I part my knees as his hand and the hem of my skirt slide slowly upwards.

Now sitting with my legs apart, I feel my heart pound as his fingers slide right up between my legs and his hand rests on my pussy. He starts to rub my pussy through my knickers, I look at him, "I don't mind you doing that but inside my knickers". His face reddens as I pull my skirt up a bit spreading my thighs wider watching his hand slip inside my knickers. I lift my buttocks as he tugs them down a bit.

He brushes his fingertips on my bush and slips a fingertip along my slit, spreading my lips he starts pushing a finger in me, he soon finds my clit and teases me as I quickly undo his flies and pull out his rock hard cock. He pulls my blouse open and holds,

teases my tits while giving me a damn good fingering while I work on his cock. I cum spraying his fingers with my juice. I pull his fingers away and lean over him. I take his cock into my mouth and start sucking.

Dave groans as I suck and wank him, he stretches around me and starts fingering my wet pussy again. I cum again making my pussy wetter and he asks, "Can I fuck you, you sexy bitch".

My pussy throbs with excitement as I look around the car, bit late now anyway if people were watching us. All the windows are steamed up. "Yes you can fuck me you horny bastard" I answer and sit up pulling my knickers off.

I show Dave how the car seats go down then awkwardly lie on my back on his side of the car getting my skirt and blouse pulled out the way. Excited as me, Dave lies on top of me. He gets between my legs and gently eases his cock against my pussy lips.

I close my eyes as he enters me, he eases slowly in, then pulls back slightly before pushing all the way in. I hold his buttocks as he starts pounding me with hard strokes and soon I squirm and moan as I cum.

He stops and says he wants me to get on him, so in the tight confines of the car, we change places. With him now lying on his back, I sit on his lap. I manage to slide down his pole while he gives my tits attention. I make myself come a few times but I have to stop with cramp.

I demand that I want it from behind and he follows me as I get out the car. In the pouring rain I sprawl over the bonnet, Dave pushes my skirt up and enters me from behind. Giving me every inch of his cock he increases his pace banging me up off my feet. I moan and groan until he decides to stop.

Shattered I stand up straight and soaking wet from rain and my pussy dripping and aching from the cock bashing we both return to the car putting the seats up. We both sit and relax catching breaths. Just as I am thinking its time to get on home, Dave surprises me by putting his left hand up my skirt again and starts rubbing my pussy. His right hand gets on my tits.

Without saying anything I pull his hands away then slip the seats down again and pull my skirt up spreading my legs. I pull Dave on top of me saying, "Fuck me". Dave slips his still rock hard dick into my pussy and pumps away with a steady pace.

I thrust up with his rhythm so our groins are meeting, I cum loads keeping my hole well oiled, he slows trying to stop, but I keep thrusting up, he whimpers, "Going to come, got to stop before I squirt you".

I thought just for a moment about finishing him off with a mouth and hand job. "I don't mind getting spunked", I moan as I climax again. More confident and eager, Dave picks up his thrusting and moans as his cock gushes and streams of cum start shooting into my pussy. I slide up on his pole, he continues thrusting and groaning. I feel a smaller squirt shoot into me.

We relax for a moment, he pulls his limp cock out of my messy pussy and returns to his seat sorting his trousers out. I sit straightening up the seat then set about doing my blouse up. I pull on my knickers that immediately become soaked with goo. He looks at me asking if I was alright and if we could do this again. I tell him I am fine and we shouldn't do this again. He says he understands but if I changed my mind I could text him. He left me his number before he thanks me for a great afternoon then says his goodbyes.

About: The author of "Sex in the Rain" is Gingertop. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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