A Candle Burning

Author: DejaRea Kanorah
Category: Short Sex Stories
Published: Aug 4, 2009
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At her words he gave in to his need. Pressing her forward against the window he brought his hand down on her ass in a delicious smack. Her answering wiggle and gasp had his cock twitching, but Jamie wasn't quite ready. His hand drifting down her thigh to seek admittance under her skirt. Drawing his middle finger over the damp crease of her panties before grabbing hold and ripping the scrap of lace from her body.

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He slid his left hand up the smooth expanse of her back and into her hair. His fingers fisting and pulling her back against the hard wall of his chest as his lips drew trails of fire up the curve of her neck. "Angel it's not lack of desire that keeps me from touching you." The words dribbled like honey into the perfect pink shell of her ear.

There was no doubt that the pale green silk set off Nikki's gentle curves to perfection. Once more he'd spotted straps wrapped around her slender ankles, sending all the blood rushing from his head as soon as she'd walked into the room, perfect emeralds dripped from the clasp making it hard for his eyes to make the journey northward again. The treat of her face though was more than he could resist, and he knew he was grinning by the time he'd taken in the upsweep of her long chocolate hair, her perfect crimson pout, and finally the little girl peeking out of a woman's eyes.

All of these things had been noticed merely moments ago when Nikki had walked into Jamie's room for their date tonight. He'd been caught playing a symphony in flame amongst the candles spread over his coffee table. Simple practice for refining his spark, and yet one of the most nimble ways he'd ever been able to find for control of the flames. Once he'd gone so far as tracing one of his favorite patterns over the very unwilling flesh of a man for betraying his trust, but that was a story for another time.

The soft glow of her skin as she crossed the room to say hello to Snort had been enough to draw him up out of his seat and to her side. "You look lovely tonight." He'd said softly catching his thumbs in the pockets of his perfectly pressed black jeans. Her reply had rocked him.. "So why don't you touch me"

Jamie had seen something amazing in her eyes the very first morning he'd met her. What had happened next had only convinced him that she was IT, the one he wanted, and somehow she'd seemed destined for him as well. Yet he pulled away from moving to quickly as if she was a doe he might send running into the night if he let her see the pure hunger in his eyes.

Unable to stop himself he'd touched her... The way she fit against him left his heart racing. His right hand coming around to rest low on her tummy, pulling her back against his hardness as his fingers started to flex slowly, before slithering up to her breast. Strumming the nipple with his thumb as fingers cupped the fullness. "I want to be sure you will not run from my hunger. How I want to be the source of your screams... The reason you tremble... The last one to fill you every night before you dream."

"Please Jamie..." She begged pressing back against him. There was no shame in her game. Nikki had never truly made a friend before, but she was no stranger to sex. The feel of a hard cock driving her up over the edge was as close to heaven as she'd ever been. She liked getting to know Jamie, but in that time she'd built up a hunger of her own. He'd snuck under her skin and found a place she didn't know existed, but she knew it would remain empty and painful if he ever left.

At her words he gave in to his need. Pressing her forward against the window he brought his hand down on her ass in a delicious smack. Her answering wiggle and gasp had his cock twitching, but Jamie wasn't quite ready. His hand drifting down her thigh to seek admittance under her skirt. Drawing his middle finger over the damp crease of her panties before grabbing hold and ripping the scrap of lace from her body.

Dipping a long finger into her wet pussy he moaned at the sound she made. Releasing her hair he made fast work of his jeans. His hand finding her hips he pulled her back on his hand. "Do you like"

Nikki's hands came up on the glass as he pressed her forward. The speed with which he moved turned her on. She meant that she'd yet to kiss him and yet here she found herself ready and willing to fuck the boy. Her hips rolling already as his finger danced inside her Nikki moaned her agreement.

Not waiting for more he drew his hand away, holding his cock, pressing it over her swollen clit, drawing the tip threw her juice. Without warning he slid up past her wanting pussy and pressed his hard slick cock into her tightest little hole. Her scream as he breached the first ring all the encouragement he needed to drive his long thick shaft as deep as it would go. She went off like a firecracker in his arms. Only the fact that he had her pinned between his body and the cold glass kept her from turning on him as he rode the fight of her body both inside and out.

Her screams fading to tears as Jamie ripped her tight ass open with his cock. Her struggles fading before he pulled back. Turning Nikki in his arms till he could capture her lips. Swallowing her pain as he kissed her. His tongue delving deep seeking all her secrets, all her dark needs. Claiming her with his mouth as his hands found her hips. Pulling her to him. Lifting her slender body as she wrapped her legs around him. The pain not forgiven, but saved for a cold revenge, lost as he let his hands and mouth work their magic over one more.

He tipped her back onto the high bed. Only pulling away to tear away her dress so his lips could follow the creamy path of scented skin. Kissing his way down till he could nibble and suck tight perky nipples. Passing her belly button with a stroke of his tongue. Jamie's teeth grazing the inside of her thigh. Till like a beggar set down to the kings supper he bowed his head in thanks and set his nimble tongue to bringing a whole different scream to her lips.

His hands roamed the smooth expanse of her stomach, cupping and teasing full breasts, before sliding down the curve of her sides. Drawing his hands up the back of her thighs he lifted her by her knees. Exposing her center completely to his quest. Her cries driving him on... Faster... deeper... more... Till her screams echoed threw the room.

"Such a lovely little slut you are." He murmured releasing his hold on her legs only to take another. Pulling her closer to the edge of the bed and onto his throbbing cock. The sound she made had him kissing her neck as if he could chase it out again as he started to move inside her. The feel of the little witch's ankles locking behind his back brought a smile to Jamie's face, and holding his bucking angel he rode her hard.

Deeper and faster he slammed his thick hard cock into her tight wet little pussy. His teeth closing on her nipple as his arm slid under Nikki's arched back lifting her from the sheets. Pulling her up so she could bounce on his shaft he turned to lean back against the bed. Sharp crimson nails drew blood from the dragon tattoo on his chest as well as his back, and Jamie roared with his angel as again she shot up and over the edge of reality.

He watched her fall back into herself like the first snow on a lazy Sunday morning, listening to the blood slow in his ears. "Will you be my girl Nikki" He asked softly, fingers making slow pathways threw the dark hair cascading down her back. When she snuggled against him he almost missed her answer. The soft "Yes." was almost lost in the night noises, and the only sound he heard.

About: The author of "A Candle Burning" is DejaRea Kanorah. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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