She Was There When He Needed Her

Author: Bobjj123
Published: Nov 5, 2009
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Healing after a messy divorce sometimes takes on strange avenue towards mental health but none stranger than Jim's as he returned to his old self. Read on to see how he accomplished it.


Jim had gone to the Paradise Hunting Club knowing full well that it was a meeting of swingers where sex was the only thing being hunted. It was a first time for him and when the invitation was issued, it had seemed like a good idea. Now as he looked about him in the room full of men and women, he wasn't so sure. Sure, there were some really fine looking women there . . . but there were some dogs too. He wondered what it'd be like to have sex in a public forum. . .

As he looked about him and wondered, he wasn't so sure that this was for him. Perhaps he was a more private individual or perhaps he just put a higher value on sexual intercourse. Then, he reasoned that it was just a case of his being up tight and a bit awed by the new adventure that awaited him.

The drink in his hand was a stiff one and perhaps it was having it's effect on his inhibitions or clouding his thinking and he wondered as his gaze traveled over the small gathering of men and women, still fully clothed and having a good time. Then, he reasoned that he'd best stand back and get the lay the land, so to speak, as he found a seat at the end of the bar.

After a few minutes, Jim began to see a change come over the crowd before him. The dancing became slow and titillating and the lights were dimmed. Couples were beginning to prepare for the evenings activities. Bodies rubbed body's on the dance floor and there was kissing - deep soul kissing.

Jim watched from his seat at the bar with no wish to partake of the action. When one of the women, one that barked at the moon, came and asked him to dance he refused and decided it was time to leave.

It was as he turned to go that he came face to face with a beautiful woman, one that exuded sex appeal, and one that was unaccompanied. On meeting, she spoke with a warm sensuous tone and carried herself with a certain grace. He introduced himself by his first name only , "I'm Jim." and she responded, "I'm Samm"

When I asked her why she wasn't dancing she replied that it was for the same reason I wasn't and I wondered how she could know that when I couldn't explain it myself. As we talked, we somehow found our way to the bar stools and sat facing the beginning of an orgy in front of us.

We sat, making small talk for perhaps an hour when Samm said that she wasn't adverse to good sex but it had to be a private matter to her while her husband was already doing his second woman that evening upstairs in a room full of people who were doing the same thing.

Then, she went on to describe how her husband would get passed out drunk with one of his women and she'd be stuck with taking him home in the morning. It was then that I noticed a touch of bitterness in her voice.

Suddenly, she said, "There's a motel just up the street where we could get a nice private room. You wanta' go play" Of course, only a fool would turn down this beautiful woman and fifteen minutes later they were in our own private room with a big King sized bed and all the comforts. A bottle of wine lay in the cooler by the bed.

Then, even though they had both come to this room for a single purpose, they seemed to delay and get acquainted - more intimate if you will! A few minutes later, when Jim planted a light kiss on her lips she spoke, "You know I'm married to my husband and I intend to remain so. He has many wonderful qualities which I admire so this is purely a one-night stand.

Jim told her that he understood and that he considered it a rare privilege to be able to be with so beautiful a woman even if it was for one night. His words were true as he felt he was in no condition to get involved in a serious relationship with a woman. He kissed her again and this time their lips pressed against each other with a promise of much more to come.

In a few minutes, Samm arose from her seat on the sofa and moved into the bathroom. A few minutes later, she returned and left her suit vest on the back of the sofa as she kicked off her shoes. As she removed her shoes. Jim noticed her hose were missing. That explained her trip to the bathroom. . .

Back on the sofa, Jim could see her bra through the shear blouse that she wore and felt a surge of lust. . . a real charge! His first since his divorce. Suddenly, he wanted Samm more than he could ever remember wanting a woman. He kissed her again and their lips parted and their mouths opened to allow their tongues to meet and titillate them further.

Things progressed swiftly after that as they continued to kiss and caress and play while their clothing fell to the floor. First, Samm's skirt and half-slip fell to expose her neatly trimmed bush; her panties had gone along with her hose earlier. Then, Jim's trousers were gone along with his boxers and he found myself busily removing her blouse and bra. So it went. . .

As her bra fell away to expose her breasts, Jim realized that Samm was even more beautiful than she had appeared fully clothed. He told her so. Then, as if guided by some unseen force, they left the sofa and moved to the bed where they turned down the cover and exposed the sheets before climbing on to them. We moved together. . . Jim began to kiss her in earnest now, driven by reignited passions! His hands roved freely over her body as she spoke, "Easy! We've got all night."

Samm, of course, was right as he realized he was moving too fast. He needed to savor her entire essence, her heart and mind and soul and not just the luscious flesh of her body. To accomplish this he slowed his activities and began to savor each nuance of their pleasures.

Jim's lips seemed to drive Samm's passions to new heights when he applied them to her nipples and his fingers caressed her soft breasts. . . When his mouth had moved to the soft inner flesh between her labia and his tongue played at her vestibule she began to cry out in soft , guttural animal tones. It was when that tongue had moved upwards to her exposed clit she cried out for him to fuck her.

"Do what we came for. Quick!" she cried and Jim, in response, moved over her to comply. As he settled into the missionary position, she pulled him to her and kissed him with a deep soul kiss as she said simply, "I like it this way."

Meanwhile, Jim's cock moved directly to the entrance to her vagina as if guided by some external force. There it rested, gathering lubrication from Samm's flowing juices. A simple push and Jim felt his cock slide into the warmest, wettest, velvety smooth channel he could ever remember until the crown rested against her cervix.

There, he remained, motionless as the lovers enjoyed each other and became familiar. As their eyes met, Samm said, "Damn but you're good at this," and offered a smile.

Their coitus didn't last long as they familiarized themselves with each other and moved together. It was then that Jim realized that Samm was very good at fucking - the best! Even his ex-wife hadn't ever inserted so much passion into their act.

Of course, with the sexual activity at that level, they didn't last long; probably five minutes at most before Jim discharged his seed into her belly. Samm, had peaked at the same time and from their highs they lapsed into the intensely intimate afterglow. The last thing Jim remembered was Samm saying, "It's not even ten o'clock yet!"

It was still very dark when Jim felt Samm stir and move against him where she grasped his cock and slowly began jacking it to full erection. Twenty minutes later, Jim felt myself discharging a second load of jizm into Samm's willing pussy.

Morning had come a short time later and Samm walked out of the hotel and out of Jim's life apparently forever. It had been planned that way but he atill felt a loss. After all, how could anyone be so intimate and close to another person as they had been and not been affected

A month passed and Jim received more invitations to swinger meetings. He declined them all until he had received a telephone call from Samm. "Meet me at the Paradise Hunting Club tonight," was all she said. It was enough.

That second meeting was similar to the first only better as the two fuck buddies were now familiar with each other and how to entice and titillate each other. The ground rules remained simple - no emotional attachment after the tryst and Jim left the tryst again pained by the lack of any permanent relationship!

After that, it became a regular monthly meeting which coincided with Sandy's husband's orgy at the Paradise Hunting Club and for the next few months Jim looked forward to each meeting. . .Gradually, he found the need for an emotional attachment less demanding and learned to enjoy the moment with no attachment! Still, Jim seemed to need more!

Then, as he scanned the morning paper over his restaurant meal, he saw it. Headlines which read "Multimillion Dollar Drug Bust" with Sandy and her husband's pictures right below it. It seems that while her husband was the ringleader, Sandy was the runner who escorted illegal drugs across the border from Mexico.

Jim never saw either of them again after that headline. It was probably just as well as he was already healing from his divorce and looking for a more permanent arrangement for the rest of his life than a once a month tryst with a good lay.

He had already begun exploring possibilities.

Bonnie Hudgins, just down the street from him, was a divorcee not unlike himself. She wasn't the striking beauty that Sandy had been but she was healthy and wholesome and intelligent. . .with a king of attractiveness that kind of got to him and more importantly, the kind of woman that he'd not tire of soon. Perhaps . . . . . !

About: The author of "She Was There When He Needed Her" is Bobjj123. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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