A Common Laborer

Author: Bobjj123
Published: Nov 15, 2009
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A story of common folks and simple values in a changing culture. Sometimes the race does not go to the swiftest or the best things to the smartest. Like the story of the Hare and the turtle, a common man succeeds.

Stanislaus Poeroski was a simple man, not the sharpest tool in the drawer, but a sensitive, caring, loyal, industrious, hard working man of Polish descent. He wasn't born in Poland but, rather, in the Polish community in the city where the first language was Polish and the culture was old world Polish. He had been raised to respect and admire manual labor - to work hard and receive just compensation for his labors!

On graduation from high school, Stan had sought work as a construction laborer on a construction paving crew where he quickly drew the respect of his employers for his good work habits. His pay was quickly increased to match his worth and he soon surpassed most of his peers in annual income.

Still a young man, not yet twenty, he parents and family had advised that he find a nice Pollack girl, marry and raise a family. Stan, always an obedient son, had found a beautiful Pollack girl and married her but it was not a good marriage as the woman had wanted more.

When he'd come home early from his job one autumn day he had found his beautiful wife being screwed by a stranger and it had been a blow to him. As he worked to repair heir marriage, his ego had taken a severe blow, his confidence faltered and he had to make amends with the church. On the other hand, his wife made no effort to save the marriage, left the church and had continued to fuck her lover with Stan's full knowledge.

Finally, with divorce his only option, and with his wife pregnant with another man's child Stan had surrendered. In the community property settlement, his wife had taken their savings, their car and most of the personal property. She had not sought their house which still had a substantial mortgage on it.

In the year and a half since the divorce, Stan had slowly recovered his confidence and restored his ego as he devoted himself to his work and his home. He had installed new doors and windows and improved the plumbing and heating with his own hands. . . something he was very good with,

Now, with the warm spring days, Stan was busy in the after-dinner twilight planting a tree. He had placed the tree in the hole that he'd excavated and was busy replacing soil around the roots of the new tree. As he placed some soil in the excavation, he adjusted the roots with a sort of tender, loving care to insure that hey were positioned to serve the tree well. He seemed sensitive to the needs of the tree as he worked. Stan's mind was totally on his work. . . had it been otherwise he might have noticed Gina Faducci as she walked slowly by, observing Stan as he worked.

Gina, who lived just a few doors down, often walked by Stan's house and had often admired the newly painted and renovated house and yards. Though she only knew Stan slightly, having been introduced to him at a neighborhood event some months previously, her interest was more than casual.

Gina was also divorced. Her family arranged marriage to a nice Italian boy who soon turned out to be a drug runner for the mob and in jail for life had been a fiasco. Her husband had wanted a showpiece wife to show off to his friends and she had been a suitable candidate.

When Gina had sought divorce, her family and her church had objected and she'd been forced to reject both in order to save her sanity. Hardly clear of the divorce, with a significant community property settlement, she learned of her husband's conviction and jail.

Alone, her ego bruised and her confidence shattered, she had moved away from the Italian community and into the Polish community where she'd purchased a small house and lived alone as she struggled with a full time job and keeping her house.

It was not what Gina had wanted. She still dreamed of a man and a family and a place in her church and her community. At first, she'd held no hope; then, with her restored confidence came hope. With hope came understanding of her needs and what it took to satisfy them.

With all of this came a renewed interest in sex. She was a woman, in her early twenties, with healthy hormones and frustration. She began to look about her for suitable prospects to end her frustration and make her life complete. There weren't many eligible men in the community and she had carefully cataloged each one in her mind.

So it was that Gina happened to be walking by as Stan was planting his tree. Her choice of route on that spring evening had been planned for just such a situation and she walked slowly as she observed Stan at his work. Stan was her most eligible candidate for a place in her future.

Then, having walked past his house, she reversed her course and walked to a point closest to where Stan was intent on his work. "Ah! Mr. Poeroski, isn't it" she called to him. Stan, hearing his name, looked up from his work and replied, "Ah! Ms. Faducci, isn't it"

As Stan replied, he observed the woman approaching him. Tall, perhaps 5'-9", shoulder length black hair framing a pale complection with feminine features and blue eyes. Perhaps it was her trim figure that excited him or perhaps it was something in her walk but he felt himself aroused.

It was a strange feeling, one he hadn't experienced since before his divorce except in vague, erotic dreams, and Stan reveled in the feeling. "It's good to see you Ms. Faducci," he said and she replied, "Please call me Gina."

So the conversation began. Soon, Gina sat beside Stan handling each of the roots of the tree with care as Stan tamped dirt in around it. They worked well together as they talked, mostly small talk about the community, the weather and the like.

As they worked and talked, a bond quickly formed and Gina's appraisal of Stan was in full operation. Strangely, Stan was also appraising Gina. . . something he had perceived that his background and culture held improper! In fact, his background and culture would have been quite shocked at the thoughts in his mind as he made his appraisal.

As Stan observed her fine, feminine face, he saw her lips and a tremor of lust shot through him as he thought of pressing his lips to hers. Then, as he observed the swell of her breasts in her tight sweater he felt his cock harden. As they talked, Stan's eyes continued to feast on the view before him.

Gina was well aware of Stan's appraisal; in fact, she encouraged it! If he was the man of her choice she wanted him in the proper mood for the next step in her plan. She only hoped that, if chosen, he would be as sensitive to her wants and needs as he had been to the tree he was planting.

As the last of the tree planting was completed, their talk shifted to a more personal nature and Gina outlined her hopes and plans for her future as modified so as not to scare Stan.

When Stan responded that he'd hoped for a wife and family to share with some day Gina's appraisal was complete. He was the man that she's try to make her future with.

Suddenly, Stan was aware of a very sexy woman standing in front of him. He couldn't explain it but something in her body language or perhaps her eyes was driving his already smoldering passions into a roaring blaze. He was fully aroused. . . much as he'd ever been! "Perhaps you'd like to come in the house and wash up." he said.

As they walked towards the house, Stan followed Gina into the back door and as they walked, he observed. It wasn't just her well turned ass or her shapely legs but something more that he couldn't described that drove his arousal to new heights. Again, Gina was aware of his watching and approved.

As Gina washed her hands and tidied up in the bathroom, she was deep in thought. That she would seduce Stan was a forgone conclusion but whether to do it tonight was much in her mind. If she were too forwards, she'd scare him off; yet, on the other hand, if she was too slow, he might lose interest. It was probably her own raging hormones that made her decision. . . .tonight was the night!

As she left the bathroom and headed to the kitchen, she found Stan making a pot of tea. Stan had also been thinking as he put together the tea and found the cookies he'd baked earlier. Perhaps he could make it with Gina. . .just perhaps he could get her down and have his way with her!

As he'd considered, he thought of the possibilities! He had seen into her heart and soul as they'd talked earlier. . .or maybe it was just a passing thing. . . wither way it could be a pleasant time of fun and games. Still, he felt his inexperience in these matters and began to doubt his ability to seduce such a beautiful Italian woman. Naturally shy, he determined to suppress his feelings!

As Gina came into his kitchen and walked to him at the stove, he felt a moment of terror. . .strange he thought! What had provoked such a strong emotion Then, she came up behind him, touching him as she watched his tea making efforts. Again, as he felt her warmth touching him, Stan felt a moment of terror! He turned.

It was as he turned that he found himself face to face with Gina and their body's touching. At that instant, his mind fell into utter chaos and he acted on some spurious instinct. . .at least it wasn't planned.

When Stan bent to kiss Gina on the lips, he expected to be rebuked or otherwise rejected and was pleasantly surprised when she seemed to accept the kiss and actually welcome it. Again, his mind slipped into chaos as he realized the possibilities before him!

He kissed her again, this time with a bit more finesse, in fact with every bit of the finesse he could muster! As her lips responded to his, their arms reached out to draw each other into a tight embrace, and their intimacy reached a new level.

It was after the fourth or maybe the seventh or tenth kiss and some familiar caressing that the tea pot sounded it's whistle and demanded attention .Stan turned to address the problem and the spell was broken. Soon the two sat across the small kitchen table from each other, enjoying tea and cookies.

Both knew it was a time for talk; yet they neither one knew how to initiate it. It was Stan who spoke first. "I'm just a dumb Pollack and I'm not very good around women but I know a good woman when I see one," he said, "You're a very good woman!"

Gena, hearing his words said simply, "Well, I'm just a dumb Italiano but I think I've found the man I would like to spend the rest of my life with. . ." Then, having spoken, she grew quiet as she realized the magnitude of the condition her words conveyed.

As the silence remained unbroken, Gina felt the terror rise in her. She had screwed up! Then, she spoke again. . . "I'm sorry Stan! I had no right to say that. We hardly know each other!"

Again there was a long silence and Gina felt the tears rising in her eyes and she turned to hide them from Stan; then she stood to leave.

Stan had been shocked by her admission. He was all up for an evening of fun and games but a lifetime commitment was more than he'd expected her to mention. He remained silent as he considered her words. Hadn't he considered just such a possibility just minutes before she had mouthed her own earlier

Then, as Gina arose from her chair he had seen her tears and saw her preparing to depart. He panicked!

Suddenly, by some inspiration Stan found the words, "Could a Dumb Pollack and a beautiful, wonderful Italiano woman possibly find a life together" Stan asked as Gina turned to face him. The smile on her face said it all.

Stan arose from his chair at the table and went to her; then, with confidence he didn't know he possessed, he embraced her and planted a kiss firmly on her lips. This kiss, different from those previous ones, strong and demanding and required a strong woman to respond in kind. It was quickly apparent that Gina was such a woman as they sat together on the big living room sofa.

When Stan, filled with his newly acquired confidence, reached under her sweater and released the snaps on her bra she gave a sigh and with the touch of his fingers on the soft flesh of her breasts she cried out, "Oh yes! . . .Oh My God!. . .Yes! Oh, that feels soooo goood!

"Do you like my fingers on you" Stan asked

"Oh yes! I love your touch!"

"Do you want me to remove your sweater"

Gina responded by pulling the sweater from her torso and casting it on to the floor along with her bra; then lying back down on the sofa.

"Do you want me to put my mouth on your titties" Stan asked as he knelt over her..

"Oh my God yes!

"Oh Yes!. . . Yeh, just like that! Suck on those nipples and get me hot." Gina cried as Stan's mouth found her breasts and nibbled on her nipples.

"Can I remove your Levi cutoffs and Panties," Stan asked as he reached for the zipper which would open their fly

"Do it," Gina replied as she raised her butt and allowed him to remove the last vestige of her clothing.

"Let me look at you. . . all of you for the first time," Stan said and proceeded to look. "You're so beautiful!. . . You're one hot woman. . . Your ex-husband was a fool!"!" he said

Then, Stan returned to caress and lave and bite on her breasts as she lay convenient to him on the bed. Even as the play on her breasts was just recommencing Stans hands were lightly caressing her soft inner thighs and groin area. "D you like that" Stan asked again.

"Oh yes!. . .You're doing me so good!

A minute later, Gina felt Stans lips slowly move across her belly, planting wet, slobbery kisses as they went. Slowly the lips traveled, leaving a trail of wet saliva over her outer thigh and back to the soft flesh of her inner thigh.

It was then that Gina realized Stan's intentions. . . he was going to give oral stimulation to her pussy. . . something she had never received before! She cried out, "Oh yes! . . . Oh! do it to me! . . . Ohhh Myyyyy Goooooooodddddd!" Stan's mouth had found the soft inner folds of her labia.

For Stan, it was also a relatively new experience and this was the only time he'd ever actually liked it. . . His former wife had never had time for what she considered kinky sex and had not encouraged him. With Gina, it was different as she encouraged him and acted appreciatively to his ministrations. Encouraged by her obvious appreciation, he experimented as he found her clit and nibbled on it.

"Ooohhhhh Yyyeeeehhhhhh!" Gina cried out as pleasure wracked her very being!

She turned on the bed and soon found Stan's cock which she took in her hands intending to play with it and suddenly had the urge to mouth it. She had done it many times before, at her ex-husband's insistence, but had never enjoyed it. . .somehow, she felt the need to experiment. She placed her mouth over the crown of Stan's cock and experimented. . .laving it here and there, sucking on it at times as she sought only to familiarized herself with it! Then, as her own pleasure emanated from her groin area she felt a need to really mouth it.

In an instant they were locked in a classic 69 deriving untold pleasures that they had never imagined possible. They worked in silence, their lips involved in the stimulation they were providing. It was Stan that broke first as he cried, "I'm gonna cum!"

The words evoked a moment of panic when Gina heard them. . . she had never had a man's cum in her mouth before and she. . .then, with the thought that other women took men's jizm in their mouth regularly she determined to at least try. Perhaps. . . .!

It was then that her mouth was flooded with a series of spurts of semen which flew to the back of her throat and into her lungs and she choked!. . . She gagged!. . .she kept the big cock in her mouth by sheer determination! Suddenly she felt a source of pride and . . . bit again she was cut off by different thoughts.

The pleasure emanating from her vagina was reaching climax proportions, something she had never experienced with a man except, occasionally during an exceptional fucking! Confused, she fought the feeling; then, realizing that it was natural and about to happen anyway, she relaxed. As she relaxed, she felt her release rumble through her like lightning and thunder in a summer storm. She started to cry out but found only weird animal sounds coming from her mouth, "EEEeeiiiieeeee. . . OOOooo.. . . .Yeeee. . . .!"

Then as the storm passed, she cried out, "Stan, I want you in me . . .Now!"

Stan did not answer as he continued his oral service to her vagina. His ministrations were improving with familiarization and experience and he was improving his technique.

He began to experiment with Gina's clit, suckling and caressing and simply blowing his hot breath on it.

"Now Stan! . . . I want you to give it to me now!" Gina said

"Are you sure"

"Don't mess with me Stan. Just do me good!"

"You didnft like what I was doing"


With that, Stan moved and shifted on the bed to crawl between her widely splayed knees and over her into the classic Missionary position as Gina assisted him over her. Then, after a few awkward attempts, Gina felt the crown of Stans cock part way into her waiting vagina.

"Are you ready"

"Just do me good Stan"

With that Gina felt the big cock slide into her vagina. It moved slowly, stopping frequently for lubrication and familiarization. It was big. . .bigger than she'd remembered her ex-husband's! It was powerful; yet gentle in it's travel and she adjusted easily.. She knew immediately that Stan was going to be a sensitive lover. . Then, she felt it. . .his testicles were against her ass as he was fully engaged. She felt the dull feeling of it against her cervix. As Gina lay feeling him filling her vagina like never before, she felt an exhilaration come over her. She wanted only to please and be pleased.

Meanwhile, Stan was feeling his new sensations as well. When he had moved over Gina, he wasn't sure he had fully recovered his prowess after his massive cum in her mouth. Then, once in the position, he worried about the awkwardness of the initial entry into her vagina. Surely there must be a more efficient way for a man's cock to find the entrance to a woman's vagina but, if there was, he didn't know it. Then, sooner than he'd expected, he felt his cock head slip into her opening and his fear was past. As he drove himself into her, he moved slowly, savoring every nuance of pleasure as he went. He stopped in his progress frequently to allow Gina to adjust and get familiar. He was powerful. . . he held Gina's pleasure in his actions! Then, came the sobering thought, he was also responsible for providing the most and the best!

When Stan felt his cock head push against Gina's cervix, he felt a sense of accomplishment. He had done this with only one other woman and it hadn't been nearly as memorable as this.

They kissed and Stan sensed a smile on Gina's mouth as they reveled in each other and their intimacy. He mounted a big grin in response and suddenly Gina rose up to kiss him squarely on his grin. Their eyes met. . . There was so much to be learned from the eyes as they sought to assimilate it all. . . the passions! . . .the needs! . . . the newly found intimacy! It was all there.

But there was so much more that they could still not fathom. . . Buried deep in their hearts and souls were matters that perhaps they themselves were still unaware and which their eyes had laid bare to their lover. Perhaps. . . .!


"Yes Gina!"

"Fuck me now!"

With that admonition, Stan began the slow, steady coital rhythm that was the very basis of any good fucking. He moved slowly at first with shorter strokes allowing Gina to pick up the rhythm and cooperate more fully. He did not hurry as they adjusted their technique to each other. Then, soon they were moving in a steady coital motion that brought heightened sensations and pleasures to both.

"Oh! You're good!" Gina spoke

"You make me that way!" Came the reply.

A minute passed then two and the tempo of their love making began to increase. Stans strokes began to drive deeper into Gina's belly and retract almost to withdrawal. They no longer spoke as their minds turned inward.

No longer two lovers trying to please each other, they sought satisfaction - their own peak! Now their coital rhythm was wild and violent as Stan's cock slide into her vagina a hundred times a minute. Gina, still moving in sync, met his every thrust!

Gina lay on her back, meeting Stan's thrusts with an expertise she didn't know she had. She had been fucked many times by her ex-husband but never like this. This demanded every fiber of her being and her heart, mind and soul! As she recognized ther ever increasing demands, she began to fear that she wasn't capable of meeting Stan on an equal basis.

She heard a voice crying, "Yehhhh. . .! Yehhh. .! Yeh. !" in sync with the thrusting she felt and it was hers. Then she felt her passions rising rapidly and recognized her second orgasm approaching aa she tried to cry out and warn her lover. No words came as her mind lost it's power of reason and allowed pure feelings to take over.

Stan also had felt Gina's approaching orgasm and matched his movements to accommodate her pending relief. Then, as he became aware of her rising passions, Stan began to feel his own end in sight. He moved faster.

It was Stan who began to peak first. He cried out, "I'm gonnacum," as the first strings of his semen fired off into her belly.

Gina, so engrossed in her own approaching peak, was barely aware of Stan's condition and when she felt the first surge from his exploding cock, she felt her own melt down. It was her strongest ever. . . "Twice in one day - another record." she thought as she drifted off into the peace and serenity of the afterglow.

Minutes later, still joined by Stan's now flaccid cock, they lay together. The intimacy was like no other and they lay bathed in it. They didn't talk. . .this time was too precious for that! Gina lay secure in the knowledge that she'd carried out her plan and she'd given her all to please this man. The rest weas up to fate.

Stan spoke first. "Gina, Would you move in here with me and live with me like a wife"

"I don't know. Why do you ask"

"Cause then we could be together all the time."

"Is that what you want Stan"

"Yeh! I'd like to be married to you"

Suddenly the talk grew serious as Gina said, "I was married once and it wasn't a good thing but what we did was a good thing. I'll move in with you tomorrow but I'm not much into marriage yet!"

"Will you love me" Stan asked.

"What do you think that last event was all about"

"I mean in a year or two"

"I sincerely hope so. . . I made all those promises once and. . . "

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Not the Conclusion

Next day, Friday, was a foul weather day as Stan was unable to lay paving and Giuna called into her job to say she wouldn't be there until Monday. Stan was up early packing Gina's personal belongings from her house to his. As he cleared a room, Gina scrubbed and scoured and left it presentable. By nightfall, they were cohabiting in Stan's house.

The next couple of months found Stan and Gina living together much as husband and wife. Gina's house would go on the market as it was no longer needed and the proceeds from the sale would go into a separate account in case Gina was to ev er leave the insignificant other arrangement.

All Stan's spare time was spent fixing and painting and cleaning Gina's old house. The yards and lawns were soon renovated and the place was up for sale.

It was just short of three months after Stan and Gina entered into their arrangement that Gina announced, "You Pollack Son-of-a-Gun, You've gotten me pregnant! It must have happened that very first time we got it on. How do you feel about it"

Stan said nothing for a moment as he digested the news. "Now will you marry me you spik coochie" he finally spoke.

"I dun know why a Pollack and a Spik Coochie couldn't make it. Guess we could give it a try."

"Whatya mean a try, ya dumb broad" Stan answered.

"Stan, Don't talk to a pregnant woman that way. We gotta start behavin like examples for the kid."

With that Stan grabbed Gina with a hand firmly on her buns and drew her to him where he kissed her in a most undignified fashion. In his gruff tone he spoke, "Come to bed right now!"

Gina was ready and willing as she moved towards the bedroom. She was ready for some excitement after a dull day at home. "All right, big man, come over here and do me or are ya all talk"

A few minutes later as the two lovers lay sated on the bed, Stan looked over at his nude and used wife. His mind went to the first time he'd seen her unclothed and to the pleasure the view had given him. It had happened many times since and his eyes still adored her as much as ever. Of course, Gina, seeing the adoration in his eyes lay quietly taking pleasure in pleasing him.

Two weeks later, they were married in a small protestant church, their own church having frowned on second marriages. It was a small ceremony, just Stan and Gina and the preacher but the vows were sacred.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Conclusion

Now, forty one years later, a lonely woman named Gina stands over a new grave and mourns. In the ground beneath her lies her late husband Stan's body - the spirit gone to a better place. The woman, Gina keeps her grief in silence and an observer would see no trace of her feelings.

Gina and Stan had made eight boys before giving up on getting a girl. Each of their kids was unique; yet each had been instilled with the right values for success in the work.

Their own kids often wondered, behind their parents back of course, how their father had found the money to pay for their university training on his Construction worker's pay They never found satisfaction in what they could do with their hands, nor of the value of common labor.

When Stan's estate was probated, his three Engineers, two Doctors, two Lawyers and an Accountant were amazed at the size of his investments and the net worth of his holdings when he died. He was a common laborer.

But, to his wife Gina he was much, much more. He was a man that could even in death could make her heart quicken and arouse lusty feelings. He was her man. . . .

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