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Quick, Wild and Passionate.

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Author: Bobjj123
Published: 07-Mar-10 Revised/Updated 09-Mar-10
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A man and a woman meet, have quick, wild, passionate sex; then try to make a relationship work. ""Oh! I feel it! I feel it! Cum in me!," she cried and fell completely limp as I continued to shoot my load deep into her. Then, it was over and we lay in the afterglow, still embracing and playing and bathed in the peace and serenity of the moment"...

* * * * * * *

As I lay under her; her riding my stiff cock cowgirl style and my passions at a peak. I wasn't thinking, or reasoning. . . just feeling! She felt good and her responses to me were bringing pleasure that I had seldom felt before.

Linda was good! She was undoubtedly the best lover I'd ever had! For each thrust that my cock delivered into her she responded with a counter thrust that brought heightened pleasure.! Her eyes blazed with the fires of lust. . . wild, untamed lust that spurred my passions still higher! Her flesh burned with a hunger to have me and I was her willing subject.

Yes she was good and I wondered how I could have ever thought she was frigid and unresponsive. I wondered even as she provided little nuances of pleasure that I'd never known before to enhance those already high passions between us.

Then, our bodies came together in a particularly sensational manner as my cock drove into her to it's fullest extension and my power of reason momentarily left me. . . Only the sensation and the pleasure and the passion and the lust seemed to matter. . .

Slowly, I realized that Linda had peaked as we had come together to interrupt my thinking. It was her whose passions seemed to abate as she came off her peak and rested as she prepared for another ascent to those heights she hadn't previously attained.

As the intensity of our activity decreased, I began to think again. I had met Linda nearly a year ago when I'd just arrived at my new ship, home ported here. I had gone to a squadron party where I hoped to make friends with the other officers in our Destroyer squadron. With her coal black hair, blue eyes, tall, lithe figure she was beautiful and had caught my eye immediately. She was married to a Lieutenant Commander and a squadron staff officer, that I found to be thoroughly unlikeable. Linda I found to be cold and inhospitable too..

Over the next few months, I had been busy with my new first command. On my few occasions ashore, I had occasionally seen Linda about the base but our meetings were rather casual.

Then, a few days ago my ship had gone into an "Upkeep" status for 30 days. It was a time to clean and paint and repair and replace as appropriate to get a US Navy destroyer in top shape again. It was a time that I could take a room at the BOQ and relax as there was no operating schedule to meet.

It was also a time for dinners at the officer's club and socializing at the club lounge in the evening and it was there that I'd run into Linda and her husband.

As I had entered the lounge I'd became aware of an argument between her and her husband. Her husband was obviously drunk and obnoxious as he continued to quietly taunt her.

I had quietly observed the problem in the lounge, not wishing to get involved with a family dispute. When his words got louder, I heard him accusing her of fucking other men! She did not respond as his accusations got louder. Then, she said, "Si, that's not true and you know it." Her anger was now clearly evident.

As poor Si's taunts grew louder and he accused her of spreading her legs for half the squadron she replied, "Si! That's enough! If You persist, I'm going to fulfill all your accusations and grab the first man I can find and fuck him. I need a good fuck anyway since you can't seem to get it up." She had spoken more loudly and with a certain fury that I hadn't seen before. Si continued his accusations. . .albeit stung by her comment about him not getting it up for her.

Suddenly, Linda turned and came straight towards me. Her eyes were filled with fire. She took my hand and led me out of the lounge and straight to the BOQ where she asked only my room number.

I might have resisted. Maybe I should have resisted! I didn't! Perhaps it was because I hadn't been with a woman in over a year. Perhaps it was because she was beautiful and it might even have been because I had formed a dislike for her asshole husband! I went with her to my room eagerly anticipating. . .

Then, in the room, she had seemed to soften - possibly even become more reticent! Sensing her changing mood, I said, "Hey look! You made your point with your old man. You don't have to do this."

She responded, "I want to do this. It's more than just what you heard in there. Besides, I didn't just pick you at random. There were two dozen single men in that lounge and I chose you. What's the matter Don't I appeal to you"

"Oh my god yes you do appeal to me!"

"Some problem with morals"

"No, What about your husband"

"As of tonight he's no longer my husband. That was settled when I walked away from him in the lounge tonight."

With those words still being spoken I grabbed her, embraced her and might have kissed her but her lips had met mine first. It was a kiss that spoke only of raw passion; our lips parted and our tongues met in a duel. I felt her body pressing against mine as my rapidly inflating cock inserted itself upwards between us.

Clothes began to fall as we continued to try to embrace, kiss and fondle and caress and all the things that are involved in a casual seduction. With Linda and I it had been more of a high school kids awkward experience than a seduction. We were only going through the motions in preparation for sexual intercourse and, of course, we both had been so charged with lust that we needed no preparation.

Then, some subliminal form of communication spoke of our readiness to fuck and we moved to the bed together. There, it was Linda who pushed me back on to the bed and moved over me.

"I like to ride cowgirl style. Any objections" She said.

Without an answer, she moved into position and with a knee on either side of my hip and her cunt directly over my man-meat, she lowered herself to engulf the head of my cock. I saw a look of satisfaction in her eyes as she continued her downward movement and again when she had me fully in her cooz. Now, fully engaged, she leaned forward on to my belly and we kissed.

In a few seconds she had familiarized us with each other and it had become apparent that she was an exceptional lover. . . one like no other I'd ever known. Soon, she peaked again in an orgasm so powerful that I felt it with her.

Minutes passed too quickly as we worked together towards another peak and I put forth my maximum effort to please her. As she continued to lead, I began to wonder if I could match Linda's sexual prowess! She was a tiger in bed!

It was about as I was to accept defeat that she peaked again and fell limp on me. The tiger had been tamed. We rolled her on to her back and now I took charge.

Then, when I felt my fluids rise up into my scrotum and prepared for my discharge, I cried out and she replied, "Pour it in me. . . I want it all!

It was when I felt her stiffen and start her intense orgasm that I felt the first of my load spurting into her belly. We had peaked together.

It might have been an animal act save for the afterglow - that time of peace and serenity when lovers simply enjoy each other as they relax in each other's arms. So it was with us as we lay in an embrace, still joined by my now deflated cock, and caressing and fondling as we laughed together.

Linda was closer to me than any woman had ever been before and it seemed that she suddenly became aware of her effect. "This isn't a one night stand, is it" she said.

"You were the best. There's something strong between us that I couldn't resist even if I wanted to."

"You should know that you're only the second man I've ever been with so I can only judge what happened in relation to my marriage. This was my best ever tonight."

"Do you think this could amount to something" I asked.

"I'd like to explore the possibility further." Linda replied.

Then, I brought up the subject of her being married and her obligations to him until she was free of the marriage. I wasn't in any way amenable to being the third man in a triangle. Perhaps when she was free I'd very much like to pursue the possibility.

As we talked, I began to feel my man-meat rise and stiffen, still buried deep in Linda's cunt where it began to make demands which we both responded eagerly to.

Our talking ceased as we refocused our minds on our coitus. This time, our meeting was different. We were investing more of ourselves as we moved together. We had become friends and real buddies.

Instead of a few minutes, this second time drug on for perhaps half an hour as we made love. . . real love! Again, we peaked together in the most passionate event of my life. We knew that It would be our last time together as It made clear that I'd not accept the position of a 'third' man.

Months passed and Linda was relegated to a distant memory as I commanded my ship. Then, I was promoted. . . Full Commander! With that promotion came a new command on the opposite coast and far from Linda. My new ship was assigned to a mission that had an easy operating schedule and permitted me much free time to relax in the tropical sun.

So it was some six months after I had arrived at my new command and the messenger of the watch came to me and reported that I had a visitor. I replied, "Very well! Send him to my room." and returned to my work at my desk.

A few minutes later there was a knock at my door and I responded with my usual, "Enter." Then, as I turned to receive my visitor I was surprised - stunned! Linda stood beside the messenger waiting to be welcomed. She seemed nervous, even a bit apprehensive with a slight smile on her face as she waited.

I said simply, "Come in," and to the messenger, "Thank you. Can go." It was what a commanding officer does in front of his crew; then, with the door shut and Linda In the privacy of my cabin, I moved closer. To her I said, "It's good to see you. I thought maybe I'd never see you again."

The words sounded sterile and simply didn't speak f the elation I felt at seeing her and she responded with, "Did you miss me" as her face grew serious.

With that I took her in my arms in an embrace and prepared to kiss her squarely on the lips as I said, "More than I can ever tell you."

Her response was not what I'd expected. . .she stiffened and resisted me! "Let's take it easy for a while. . . kinda' get reacquainted!" she said. I backed off, stunned by her attitude; then, realizing it'd been a long time since we'd been together, I understood!

As I started to release her from my embrace, she surprised me again by moving closer to me and rasping m in her own embrace. . . "You feel good!" she said as her standoffishness of a moment ago abated and she started to ask me a lot of questions. We talked and I felt the old intimacy returning.

Then, as she turned her back to me I changed into civilian clothes and we left the ship for dinner and a date in town. Dinner that night had been fun. . .the pressing issues of our relationship were slowly being resolved and he old intimacy returned. It wasn't a time of wild passions and lust filled acts; rather it was more of an evening of smoldering passions and lusty promises. I was scheduled for five days at sea commencing the next morning; then two weeks of dockside availability when there would be ample time to pursue our relationship. As we parted, after that first evening back together, it was agreed that I would take five days leave and we'd have some quality time together.

The following week passed slowly as we carried out our assigned mission at sea. It was no a pleasant week, rough seas and problems with our operations plan kept me up and alert most of the time. Each evening, tired as I was, I telephoned Linda at her hotel and we planned for the next week.

Then the disappointing week was over. It was Friday and we arrived dockside at exactly 1630 hours where Linda was waiting. As the brow was put over, I left the ship to greet her. . .to spend the next five days with her.

It was a very muted greeting as perhaps a hundred sailors watched their Captain for any sign of impropriety as we hurried down the pier. From there, Linda drove us directly back to her hotel where she had booked a suite of rooms with a room for each of us and a central living room. Here would be home for the next five days.

As we entered our new quarters, I shut and locked the door behind us before turning to Linda, taking her into an embrace, and kissing her lightly on the cheek. She smiled as she returned the kiss and her eyes communicated her smoldering passions and lust to me as I'm sure mine did to her too.

Then, as we took care of the minor, ministerial matters of occupying our suite, we talked of our first evening together. I suggested dinner.

"Why don't we have a private dinner right here in our suite. We could order from the menu right there in the room." she said.

"I like that idea. It's been a rough week and I'm not up to going out." I said truthfully. Much as I wanted to be with Linda, I was still exhausted from my ordeals on the ship. I ordered a nice dinner, fillet steak for two with mashed potatoes, vegetables, salad and dessert. Then, as we waited for the food to arrive, we sat on the large sofa and touched and caressed and fondled and played in a familiar way I'd not seen since we were re-united. It wasn't heavy making out or petting; rather, more in the form of light teasing and flirting. Unfortunately, my mind wasn't into our play as I felt the need for sleep.

With dinner, we sat across the table from each other and our eyes met frequently. The glowing embers of her passions were roaring into a blaze of passion in her eyes. Suddenly I wanted her very much!

Then, with dinner over and our table talk waning, Linda arose from her chair and came to me where she took my hand and led me to my bedroom where she said simply, "You're tired. Why don't you let me care for you"

There, in my bedroom, she positioned me seated, on the edge of the bed. She bent to remove my shoes; then my socks and ash she stood, her eyes were clearly ablaze with passion. Then, my shirt and undershirt were removed as deftly as if I'd done it myself.

When she motioned for me to stand, she turned back the covers on the bed and turned to loosen my belt and zipper on my trousers. Seconds later my trousers were hanging in my closet and I was between the covers where she stooped to kiss me firmly and passionately on the lips.

I slept!

It was some time later as I was aroused from my deep sleep. Strange erotic sensations seemed to penetrate the darkness behind my eyelids as I gradually regained my senses. I was aroused. . .even in my sleep sate I was aware of my lust! Then, slowly I became more conscious. . . I felt the effects of certain ministrations to my cock! Then, came full consciousness with feeling and sight and hearing.

I was being fucked. . .fucked by my excited lover who was riding me cowgirl fashion as she brought herself closer and closer to release. I was instantly a willing participant in this sensational coitus.

As my eyes opened I found myself staring into Linda's which were ablaze with passion and her body lusting after my response. It was wild, uninhibited sex that took our passions rapidly to new heights. I moved to orchestrate my rhythm with her thrusting.

It was only a minute or two before she peaked. . . her mind and body uncoordinated as she lived out her orgasm! Only then did she speak, "I couldn't wait," she said as she lowered her breasts to mine and kissed me.

"What about our getting reacquainted" I asked.

"I think we're pretty well reacquainted, don't you"

"Perhaps it's time we tried things my way," I said as I proceeded to roll Linda on to her back and move into the missionary position. Then, with my cock still wet with the lubrication from moments before, I re-entered her and bent to kiss her as we came fully together.

"You want to fuck me like this huh"

"Yeah! hard and deep."

"Then give me all you've got! Let's see if I'm up for it."

With that I began thrusting. . . fast, deep and hard! I drove myself with a fury that took every bit of my strength yet Linda was matching me thrust for thrust in perfect coordination. It was as I was using the last bit of reserve strength that she cried out, "I'm cumming! I'm ready. . .give me your load of man juice!"

With her declaration, she fell limp under me and I continued to drive my cock to her vagina it's fullest extension where I after only a few strokes, I felt my semen rise up and spurt into her waiting belly.

"Oh! I feel it! I feel it! Cum in me!," she cried and fell completely limp as I continued to shoot my load deep into her. Then, it was over and we lay in the afterglow, still embracing and playing and bathed in the peace and serenity of the moment.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

We had been careless, that first time, and even as we made plans to marry, there was a 'bun in the oven' and our family was in the making. Fact is, we were careless five more times!

Today, with our youngest in college, I am retired from the Navy and working part time as a tour guide in our small city. Linda and I are still healthy, happy lovers; albeit, our bedroom tactics have changed to reflect our advancing age.

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