Son-in-Law's Desire

Author: Danny
Published: Apr 13, 2010
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It's been my observation that few things excite a man more than the thought of sex with his mother-in-law. It doesn't seem to matter whether she's a glamour gal, with legs up to her tits and tits the size of pumpkins, or whether she's just a plain Jane - what matters, it seems, is the taboo...

It's been my observation that few things excite a man more than the thought of sex with his mother-in-law. It doesn't seem to matter whether she's a glamour gal, with legs up to her tits and tits the size of pumpkins, or whether she's just a plain Jane - what matters, it seems, is the taboo. It's my opinion that the world would be a far better place if more men laid their mother-in-law or, to put it another way, more mothers-in-law laid their sons-in-law. I reckon there would not only be a major outbreak of peace and tolerance but there would also be a smile on the face of the bloke opposite you on the subway - the kind of smile that says, "I'm gettin' great sex - at home and not too far away - so, 'zippidy doo-dah ...'"

I can personally vouch for the beneficial effects of mother-in-law incest. I can also vouch for the effects of describing the experience to other men - ranging from pleading for an introduction to my mother-in-law to whipping a rampant cock out and masturbating while the tale is told. Luckily, sex with your mother-in-law can help you to be very broad-minded, so no problems either way. One time I can remember, I'd borrowed a pair of my mother-in-law's panties to wear and was busy wanking in a public cubicle. A guy next door started a (quiet) conversation and, when he found out I was wearing those panties, I couldn't get away until I'd given them to him. Within seconds, I heard him shoot his first load into them and I bet he unloaded into my mother-in-law's knickers several more times that day. I know I would have done.

Then you only have to look at the "confessions" and other stories on the Internet. Like many people, I often wonder if they're genuine - especially when you look at how poorly written many of them are. But that doesn't reduce the certainty that passion for the mother-in-law is a fantastic turn-on. Of course, like any man, I know it can be very difficult to type accurately with one hand!

For me, I'd been married about 16 years before I finally gave in to the fact that I was consumed by the idea of shooting my baby-batter as far inside my mother-in-law's vagina as I could manage. I resisted the conscious thought for about three years before it actually happened. I'd just turned forty and my mother-in-law was approaching her mid sixties. She was, I have to say, in the plain Jane category but, having been brought up during the war (WWII, that is) she had a moral fortitude that said, "No way!" That was like a red rag to a bull - not in terms of getting angry, but in terms of getting horny. The more I tried to delete the idea from my mind, the more I started to notice and appreciate, for instance, the occasional up-skirt glimpse or her knickers, slips and panty girdles on the washing line. As I travelled home from work on the train, I'd retire to the toilet and wank to imaginary pictures of me between my mother-in-law's legs - licking, penetrating and cumming - inside her, over her cunt, over her panties, over her tits, .... you name it!

Then, one day, almost by accident, so it seemed, the desire and the opportunity coincided. The details of how and why don't matter. What matters is that I found myself undressing, and being undressed by my mother-in-law. Now, it's been my experience that women, when they give in to their need for sex, like to get their men naked just as soon as they can. I've always been a man who likes to appreciate his woman in every in-between state of dress. So, while I was bullock naked, apart from a shirt, in next to no time, I took it a lot more slowly with my mother-in-law.

Every button down the front of her dress required a series of kisses - some to the button, some to her cleavage and some to her lips. My hands constantly ran over the curves of her body - brushing across her cheeks, over her shoulders, down over her waist, around over her bum, up her back, ... and then around again. Hands on cheeks, kiss on lips - hands on shoulders, kiss on button - hands on waist and over bum, kiss on cleavage ... well, you get the picture. By the time her dress is undone, she's lying back on the bed with her legs parted, inviting me in for more. Pausing to appreciate the beautiful lacy hem of her slip, I run my hands up her stocking clad thighs until I'm confronted with the broad white expanse of her panty gusset. I've dream't about this so much and now it's here on offer. Like a connoisseur, I inhale her feminine scent and then apply my tongue to the taste of her moistness, seeping through her panties. It's a heady nectar and I pull her gusset aside to reveal her deep inviting cunt slit, already seeping fluid. I can just see her clit, under its little hood, at the top of her slit. I give it the full attention of my tongue. She wriggles, and moans, and holds my head so that I can't stop - and I don't until she almost crushes my head between her thighs, her tummy muscles spasm uncontrollably and her sweet juices flood into my mouth.

Well, I knew I had taken care of her needs, so now I felt at liberty to pursue my own. I had no trouble sliding my cock inside her, she was so wet. She was also as warm and tight as any man could wish. Women are so lucky that they can regain their 'motivation' almost instantly, so I was soon getting as good as I was giving. As I moved in and out of her, she always seemed to want more - further, faster, harder. Eventually, her cunt muscles went into spasm again. She had no control. Her muscles pulses all along my cock and I couldn't hold back a moment longer. My spunk erupted into her. Once, twice, three times I shot a huge rope of spunk inside her and each time her vagina pulsed and seemed almost to scream for more.

Well that's the story of my first time. Happily, it was not the last. Even in her eighties, my mother-in-law continues to excite me.

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