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Author: Stoneypoint
Published: 28-Apr-10 Revised/Updated 30-Apr-10
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Surprise meeting with old "friend" leads to an hour or so in her bed."You have to understand it been almost 30 years since we'd done it. I was 20 and she was 30 and she wanted me Yeah, she wanted me and my body. Fuck, wow, and hot damn that woman, 30 years ago, wanted to do me. She wanted to get on top of me and fuck my brains out. And here we are once again ready to do almost the same thing. We hugged, said our hellos. We held hands. I looked around. It was a nice hotel room"...

* * * * * * *

"You had a great body and sex with you way back when was fantastic" I told her. She turned around. She knew. She knew exactly what I was talking about. Molly smiled. She winked too. But she kept walking away. "It was" I called out to her.

"I know" she called back, but didn't even turn around to look at me.

It was a relative's birthday party. We held the birthday at our place, our home. The amount of people who came, which wasn't that large was still a big enough crowd so when she walked in with my sister in law and her husband, I was stunned at first, but kept it all to myself. All during the party we looked at one another occasionally, but never did we speak to one another. Molly still looks...beautiful as ever... Yes, okay she's put on some weight. I have too, but to know you've had sex with the woman, to know the woman is in your home again is daunting. I wanted to speak with her, talk about our lives, talk about that day, and wonder...just wonder...if it's at all possible for a reenactment with her at all, again.

"Call me" she said from her car. "Bye" she added as she unlocked it, slipped in, and started it up.

We looked at one another as she drove off. And I said the word fuck out loud in front of her brother. He asked me what was wrong. I told him nothing. He didn't say anything. I didn't either. I wish I could have. They are way to close for that. And I'm a married man too. Married men can't do these things. They can't even think about it openly. Damn, it sucks to be honest. Like why can't I even tell him "She was a great fuck and she's a nice, nice person too." But I couldn't. It wouldn't have been right. Two days later I get a message on my voice mail... On my voice mail that is. I mean who besides my kids and my wife know my phone number on my cell. Hell, for that matter, I don't even know it. It's new and yes, I know, I should know it too, but I don't. So my question was- How did she get my cell phone number How...how did she get it And for that matter how am I to call her I don't know her phone number or her cell and I don't even know her last name. I never did.

"Hey, Bernie... I got a question and I don't even know how to ask it." He said what. "What's Molly's last name" I knew he knew it was a strange question right away. Who wouldn't think that He looked at me strangely and so I explained to him why I asked, but of course all the sex parts. He let out a big ohhh. "Yeah, see...that's why... I knew I knew her from somewhere and she knew she knew me from somewhere too. We just couldn't figure it out."

He told me. "So you want to call her up, huh You dirty little boy you." After hearing it, I laughed inside. Hell yes I wanted to call her up. Hell yes I wanted to call her up and go over to her place. That's if it was even feasible. I mean, if she didn't live in town, then how could I do something like that I couldn't, but I could try I guess. He gave me her last name. He gave me her address. He even gave me her cell phone number. "Just remember one thing... You're a married man... And married to" and he said her maiden name too.

"I know" I told him. We laughed and he walked away. He and I didn't talk the rest of the night. I called her, immediately from upstairs in my bedroom. "Hi...how are you" I said. "I'm not sure why I'm calling other then I suppose I wanted to...well...get to know you again" Now the woman was a widow. The woman was over ten years older then me. She didn't date. She had grown kids older then my oldest son. But she was pretty as ever and I didn't care about all the extra weight she'd put on. I had that too. Still there were handsome features about both of us...and they can be overlooked at times like these. "So where you headed... Home...your real home" I said.



"Why" she said.

"You know full well why" I told her.

"Well, now that I'm single... I guess I can stay for a week. That's if you want to get together with me for a few. Do you in fact" she said.

There was silence. Lots of it too but I eventually said I did. I could see the smile on her face. She has a terrific smile too. Then I asked when. She whenever is fine. She said she'd be parked at such and such hotel. She said to call her cell that we'd work it out. She was right. We would work that part out.

"All I want...all I want is to...to be with you once more" I said.

"Me too" she came back.

And that shot me off the scales. I unloaded. My body went into uncontrollable urges I never could explain. But to hear what she said, or what she admitted, simply through my hormones into an unexplainable tirade. I had to have her. I had to be with her once more, one last time. I had to be. I didn't care what her body looked like. I didn't care if she carried around a good extra 50 pounds of gushing flab... Her body was still loathing with beauty all over and that was when I recalled it. I recalled the day she let me eat her out.

"Do you remember when-"

"Yes" she said. I remember it all, now. I remember when I pulled them down. I remember when I did. You knelt there and stared. You looked at me, at it as if... as if you'd seen gold... And it was all yours." And she was right about the description. She was right about it all. "And you want to do this again, don't you"

"Uh uhhh" I said.

"Me too... Me too" she said.

"How about tonight... I mean, god, I'm getting so horny all of a sudden that I could...I could allow your tongue inside me" and that's when I heard her breathing heavily. I could hear it clearly. "But it's not going to happen now is it"

"No" I said.

"Tomorrow" she asked.

"Yeah...and what time is good for you" I said.

"Anytime" she said was good.

"How about...umm...5:30 and I'll be there, okay"

"I HAVE TO WAIT ALL DAY FOR A MUFF DIVE...AND POSSIBLY A PLUG TOO" she said as her voice got louder and louder.

I looked around. I quickly looked to my right, to my left, and again to my right. She was smiling a grand smile. She said it again asking if she had to wait all day long to be muffed. I had to nod. "I gotta work" I told her "until five. I mean unfortunately I have to" I added. She nodded. She understood. "So is 5:30 going to work"

"Noooo, not really, but it will have to I guess. I'll just...you know...find something to do while I'm waiting. I'll find something to, you know, keep me company until then" she said. I was being stupid and asked what. "Ohhhhhhh I'll show you when you get there. You'll like it seeing as you like muffing me." She laughed quietly.

The day was long. I couldn't think. The day was a lot longer then I expected. I was unable to handle my calls, my business very well. But, I kept my mouth shut. I didn't say anything to anyone. I didn't have that sort of relationship with anyone anymore. So when I left, I went at it. Stopping by the bathroom I cleaned up as best I could. I even brought my toothbrush and some toothpaste. I was in prime order, almost. When I arrived, I got out, and headed to the elevators. What floor was she on What room did she say she was in Damn, not where's that paper with that information

I knocked. I had to knock again. It opened up. Wow, she looked so young again and so almost vital. You have to understand it been almost 30 years since we'd done it. I was 20 and she was 30 and she wanted me Yeah, she wanted me and my body. Fuck, wow, and hot damn that woman, 30 years ago, wanted to do me. She wanted to get on top of me and fuck my brains out. And here we are once again ready to do almost the same thing. We hugged, said our hellos. We held hands. I looked around. It was a nice hotel room.

She took my hand. I didn't know what was going on at first. She took it and ran it across her crotch. "It's been waiting all day long for that."

Her eyes closed as her head vaulted upward. I watched her as she stroked her pussy using my hand. My body excreted something. Maybe it was an air of arousing honesty. I found myself pushing towards this woman. She had her eyes closed as she felt my hand rub her between her legs. She said it felt nice. I agreed. It did feel nice down between her large sexy thighs. Although her pants were on, I could feel the energy dripping off her.

"What have you been doing all day" I said.

"Ooooooohh, now you want to know do you"

"Yes...yes I do" I said with a smile attached.

"Okay, come here" she said as she held my hand and led me down a short hall. We went to her bedroom. Talk about bedrooms. Hers was larger then life. And the bed, well the bed, it was huge. "Lie down, alright... Take off your shoes too." I did. She smiled as she cradled something, which I couldn't yet see, in her hands. It was long. It was, I thought, cylinder in size. It wasn't fat, but it was thick enough. I finally asked what it was. "This" she told me.

I hadn't seen one close up before. It was the nature of my life I suppose. "Wow like can I see that, hold it" I said. She nodded and put it into my hands. I held it, felt it, and I turned it as I studied its shape and realness. "Wow, these things, well I mean they are so neat...so womanly if you can believe that." She inched closed and nodded. She asked if it liked it. I said yes. "Where do you get them at" I said. She said around. "Like around here, stores...where" I asked. She asked why. "Because, maybe, I'd like to buy one of these" I said. And she said "Oh really." I said "Yeah, maybe I would."

"Take this one, when you're done with it tonight, home."

"Until then...then what"

"Eat me out" she told me... "Now."

And so that's what I did. I mounted her. I undid her pants. She watched as I unzipped them. She watched as I pulled them down. She smiled and winked as I pulled them off. I petted her first. Her hands were behind her head as I stroked her crotch. Her eyes closed as I melted my hand into her panties. Her body rose as I watched her pussy, her pelvic area almost sloth around as my hand patted her, caressed her cunt. And finally I leaned in. I pushed the panties aside and I leaned in more. I dipped into bush hairy bush. I looked up, but her eyes were closed. She had a smile on her face. Gratefully I was freshly shaved that day as my face, my mouth, and my tongue all went down inside the aging cunt. But when it all happened, when I it gold, I went at it all like wild fire.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD YES" she said again. "MORE...MORE...OHHH YES MORE" as I dug into it. And I kept it up. It was as fantastic as I always remembered it to be. Eating a woman out as my cock became harder and harder and harder, and tinglier too was a great, wonderful feeling I hadn't experienced in ages. "OHHH MORE...DON'T STOP...MORE...DON'T...STOP THIS. DON'T" and then she finally quieted down saying "don't... Don't" her body pivoting left and right and up and down. And I dug into the long lost woman's pussy and I would not stop. I had her rising and falling and rising again. And I could hear myself saying take off your clothes and fuck this woman. I ate her out and I ate her out some more. I loved how her loose, soft cunt felt and tasted. I loved how her loose and fat thighs felt around my cheeks. I loved how her body, overall, felt against my hands, but I wanted it all. I wanted in her. I asked her if I could. "Ohhhhhh yes, please" she said. "I'd love that." And so I took off her top. She removed her bra. Her tits were nice and I kissed each of them. "Mmmmmm" she said. "That's nice" I heard her say. Her eyes were closed as I needled up and down her breasts and belly. Her body was tremendous to me. And I stopped.

I looked at her. I smiled. I had a hard on. I held it. I asked her "Do you want this in you"

"Yes, please" she said.

And I drove it into her wet cunt. Oh that feeling, that sensation of putting your cock into a woman's droves is an exciting awareness. To do so drives me, drives us men or so I think and when it went all the way in to the backside...deep, deep down in her pussy we just held ourselves there. Our hands were stretched out. My body was stretched out over hers. I touched her toes. My cock lay peacefully inside her pussy. But we lay there. No humping, no fucking...we just lay there holding a position men only dream of. I wanted to bang her. I wanted to hustle her body left and right, but I didn't. I only lay on her and in her and with her as my chest lay on her boobs and I smelled her. She smelled great.

"This is sweet" I said. "And you smell awesome."

"Thank you" she said. "I like how you feel inside me."

"Thanks" I said. "I love how you feel too.

And 30 minutes later I had left. We'd hugged. I never saw her again. But I remember how she tasted after almost 30 years and she tasted excellent after all that time together. I forgot the dildo she had given me. I left it on her dresser. But what was I going to do with it Give it to my wife No, I wasn't going to do that now, right

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