Shy Assistant

Author: Stoneypoint
Published: May 2, 2010
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Secretary needs money; fucks boss; will do it more. "I did. She hung out beneath them. I removed her pants. Ohhhhhh, her legs... they were gorgeous too. I ran my hands down them. I pulled them up and over her sweet shapely ass. She pulled me against her. She told me to take off my jeans. I did. Me in my boxers and she in her Boyshorts were a combination made only for the heavens as we held one another and kissed, forever"...

It was great. I'd found one and almost immediately. I couldn't pay her much, but she seemed fine with it for whatever reason. Dannie seemed happy to work for pennies. I was more then happy to pay her that, plus benefits, which hadn't been defined as of that day. I was in my makeshift office when she walked in. Now, first you have to understand a few things before I go on with this story.

Danny was older, of course. She is much older. I'm almost a genius. I'm smart as ever and started my own company at the age of 22. I was right out of college. I knew before graduating what I wanted to do and how to do it. I'd drawn up a business plan, had it reviewed by some of the best local people I could find, and then knew from that day on, it was what I was going to do.

She came to me. I didn't go looking for her. She was tall and slightly taller then me. Her eyes were gorgeous and still are. I had to hire her, if she was credible, of course, and she could do almost anything...anything in relation to office work. She could run all types of machines, practically fix them too. It never once in my entire life dawned on me she was willing...she was willing to do me at any moment. Each day she got better. Each day she looked better and better...and better. Each day she and I became closer, and if you can believe this...more intimate so to speak.

She was almost 5 foot 10. She had those eyes. Deep, lustrous brown eyes and her hair rolled down over her shoulders in such a fashionable manner. I told myself she must have gone and gotten her hair done up, so I complimented it assuming it was the case. Then one day she walked in. She wore a pencil skirt which showed off not only her lower legs, but also some of her thighs. It was as if "Who you trying to impress" I wanted to tell her. However, I watched her walk around. She looked good. She looked delicious from where I sat. So the truth was... Who was she trying to impress physically I mean god what a body she has...from top to bottom...Dannie had a fantastic body.

"Dannie...can you come here, please"

"Sure boss" she said.

I told her what I needed which wasn't anything as far as she was concerned. It was minor. I knew I needed to pay this woman more. I had to, but how. I wasn't getting but pennies, so how was I going to pay her. "Oh...and by the way" I began. My eyes strolled over her. She knew. She smiled. She even winked. "You look great today by the way."

And quietly she replied with a smile "Thank you."

She sauntered out. Her walk was different, slower. And I watched her walk away. I actually watched her as she walked away. Wow, like what an ass she has. As she walked away, she took off her jacket. I'd never noticed how nice her body looked before either. Nice, no, great curves on her I thought. She bent over out by her desk. Leaning over, she had to know I could see her body...her great body as she laid her jacket on her purse and I could watch her ass perform as she leaned over. What an ass she had. That's for sure.

All day long I caught her walking back and forth, quietly. All day long I noticed her tits. All day long, I watched her stride across the carpeting. And all day long I started thinking of only one damn thing: Me and her and our naked fleshy bodies riveting it up and down, down and up along the floor and irrationally fucking the other's body as if life outside this office didn't exist like we thought it should.

And the next day...well the next day something odd occurred.

"Good morning" she said.

"Good Morning Dannie" I told her. I looked up. Oh wow, I thought. I mean, you had to see Dannie that morning. She looked...incredible. She looked and smelled, even from a short distance, awesome. "You look nice" I said. She said thank you without even turning to see me. Me, I looked normal. It was Friday. I wore jeans and a button down collared shirt. It hung out, but I looked stylish. However, I did not look as nice as her. I can't describe her, but she looked...well I'm still licking my lips over how she looked that morning. Can we have sex, Dannie Can we, I wanted to say.

She walked in to my office and stopped short of my desk. As usual, she spoke softly. She looked up finally, but looked into my eyes. "Sir" she began to say. "I have a favor to ask of you." I said sure. I told her to "ask away." So she said it. "I need a big favor." She finally looked into my eyes. I looked into hers. Wow, talk about wanting her. "I need you as in I need to have sex with you...badly sir, please"

I blinked as my head shook. My penis tingled and I felt its thunder rivet my cock. I felt my thighs closing against it. My shoulders pinched together. I wanted her, all of her. I wanted to stand up and jump at her and I wanted to do what was right. She smiled, coyly. Like are you serious I wondered

"Does that...turn you on" she said.

I was not going to tell her that, but yes it did turn me on. I mean here she was...a woman, gorgeous as ever, and she was around 36 or 37 and she wanted for sex. Like why wouldn't she wanted a man her own age for that, I asked myself. I found myself nodding. Yes, I'm horny. I could feel myself throbbing. I could feel my hardened cock. I could practically feel her hands on it

And I could hear myself saying quietly "Yes."

She smiled and left the room. Why Why did she leave, I wondered She locked the front door. She turned off the lights in the main office. She walked back to my office and she closed the door. "Make love to me then" she said.

And I removed her button down sweater as she stood there. Her hand pulsated across my crotch. I moaned as it did. She felt its hard features beneath the palm of her hand strolling up and down it. Her eyes closed. Mine closed too.

It felt like our bodies came closer together. I opened my eyes. Hers were opened already. She was looking into mine when I opened them. She was smiling. She asked if I was enjoying it. I said yes, but didn't smile. I pulled her close. She let me. I smelled her. She smelled me. Suddenly, she kissed my lips. That was incredible. She said she never does this...have sex with others, employers...that this was unusual for her to do. I didn't believe her at all, but why stop I, we were on a roll. I loved this woman. All of a sudden I had to have physical sex with her. I had to have my cock in her pussy.

"Can we...have sex Dannie" I said.

"Yes, in time" she said. "I want your body, first."

And I wanted hers. I wanted all of it I told her. She smiled and took off her top. Oh lord I had to have that body. It was majestic. Her boobs were solicitous. I was more then thankful as we did stuff I hadn't even thought of. She took my hand and pressed it against her boobs. Moving it around, she whispered to me to close my eyes. I did and once I did I could feel the greatness of her body beneath the palm of my hand. I pulled her against me even more. Smelling her beauty was unending. Smelling her womanhood was sweet. Holding her was even better as I kissed her beauty everywhere. I kissed her cleavage. I kissed her lips. I kissed her shoulders as well.

"Undo me...undo my garments" she said softly.

I did. She hung out beneath them. I removed her pants. Ohhhhhh, her legs... they were gorgeous too. I ran my hands down them. I pulled them up and over her sweet shapely ass. She pulled me against her. She told me to take off my jeans. I did. Me in my boxers and she in her Boyshorts were a combination made only for the heavens as we held one another and kissed, forever.

She was everything I'd hoped for in a woman, I thought. Marry me, I wished I could tell her. This was nothing but sex and I knew it all along. And before I knew it, she climbed me. Her legs hung around my body. Her body grabbed a hold of me, around me as if I knew her well. Her Boyshorts felt...silky. I wanted to feel her fleshy ass. I finally did and she let my hands in.

"Ohhhhhh" I said softly.

"You like my ass do you" she said.

"Yes" I told her.

"Do you want to fuck my ass too" she said.

"No, I just enjoy holding it" I said.

"I assume you enjoy holding my body" she said.

"Yes...very much so" I said.

"Let's get completely naked then" she said. "And then I'll let you make love to me."

Oh, okay I told myself. "Great" I told her.

We got entirely naked. She looked great naked. I told her so too. She smiled. She told me to suck and swallow her tits as best I could. I did as I did that to the rest of her too. I went at her body like a crazy man. She squealed and screamed and seemed to love it all. Finally I found the only thing left was to fuck her. So that's what I did.

I fucked her and we fucked, yes us, fucked hard. She and I didn't let up. We went at each other hard. Bouncing and banging and dancing, we banged at one another forever. And before either of us knew it, it was done. I'd come once and she came, orgasmed, twice. Wow, what an experience. Friday Fun, I told myself as we lay breathing hard apart from one another.

"Now, can I get that raise" she said. "There's a lot more of these if you want to know."

"Wow, all you ever wanted was a raise" I said.

"Yes" she told me.

"You should have said so in the interview."

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