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A Teachers Pet

Woman showing boobs
Author: Stoneypoint
Publish Date : May 4, 2010
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students bet; student wins; student and teacher sex it up. "At 18, I was ready to take my teacher on. I was ready to take a turn with her if it was even remotely possible. Was it, I asked myself. After class we were talking... us guys only... were talking all about her. The bigger chested, shapely, and young as hell teacher happened to be our teacher... the first ever good looking one in that school while I was attending it, ever."...

* * * * * * *

We all straggled in. First day of school and it was our senior year. Last year of high school, but the end was a long way off I told my friends, and then some. My parents were as excited as ever. Ragged, I couldn't wait for school, on the first day to let out, but when the woman, a tall gorgeous and very, very young woman walked in she quickly introduced herself. I cleaned up quickly as I combed my hair and tucked in my shirt, I studied her up and down. What a woman, I had whispered to one of my buddies. Yes, what a woman she was. And how old was she I don't know, but she was not that old.

I mean, at 18 and about to turn 19 in about four months, I was ready to take that woman, my teacher, on. I was ready to take a turn with her if it was even remotely possible. Was it, I asked myself. After class we were talking... us guys only... were talking all about her. The bigger chested, shapely, and young as hell teacher happened to be our teacher... the first ever good looking one in that school while I was attending it, ever.

I made a plan. Nobody knew about my plan. Not a soul did. I had a bet. If I won, my tuxedo would be paid for, whatever the costs. And I planned on winning the bet. I'd get get her into the sack and I'd be apart of the sex she was going to have.

"No way" he said. They other one laughed as did each one after that. I hit on her, in a very special way. I acted dumb. I acted naively. I acted as if I never understood her.

Finally, like clockwork, she came to me. "Peter, what can I help you understand This is easy stuff. Anyone, including you... especially...should know this. I don't understand why you don't." I was looking down her shirt the whole time. I didn't care if she thought I should understand it at all. I wanted sex with her. I wanted to know what it felt like to have sex with a teacher, this teacher especially. Finally I told her what I didn't know. "Awwww Peter...Peter, let me show you." She did, but I still played dumb, not getting one thing or another. "Come to my house. I'll show you something there I have. It'll make sense after you see it."

So as a part of my initial plan, I skated to her home. Wow, what a cute home. Small, two bedroom place, a small kitchen, a family room, and even one of the rooms as a study. It was perfect for my plan. I played dumb the whole time. I dressed nicely, but I didn't overdress.

"Wow, nice home...nice place Ms. McDaniel" I told her as if I cared.

But I hadn't seen the bedroom, yet. She walked me through her home as I looked around it. I told her it was a great place. She thanked me, offering me tea or water. I declined. She wore shorts which rode the crack up her ass. I loved it. I wished I could compliment them, I told myself. I smiled as I thought that part out. I decided I would soon enough. In her study, she pulled it out and that's when I decided to compliment the shorts.

"Oh, and by the way Ms. McDaniel... also I should tell you" and I said it with the greatest confidence I could "I love those shorts on you. They do amazing things to your ass too." She stood there. Floored, she couldn't believe her ears.

What did I just say I nodded, smiled, and left it at that except to tell her "You do have a great figure. You know that, right"

We stared at one another. She looked at me. I smiled at her. Is this a game or something, she looked like she was going to tell me. But she didn't. She just stared at me. I did it. I looked at her whole body...her whole body and with confidence too.

"Peter," she began to say "I invited you over here to help you, to show you some things to help you out... Not become interested in you...personally. Let's get that straight. Is that understood" But the tone of her voice, how she said it aroused me. She couldn't be forceful at all. Her voice was too...soft, too weak I thought. I stepped forward, too casually for her to notice. I looked into her eyes. This was too easy. "Peter, what are you..." and she stepped back. "Peter" she said again. I stepped forward.

"I want you" I told her nicely, quietly. "You're...you are a very sexy woman. Maybe I should come back...another day, another time... When you're ready to accept I am attracted to you and you are to me too"

"Maybe" she said.

"I want you...and you'll want me as well...soon" I told her.

I turned and walked out. Two weeks passed. I'd say good morning, with a smile, to greet her each day. No one knew it except her and me. I'd sit in the middle and study her bodily features. In addition, I put short loving notes on her desk. They weren't the greatest notes but each worked. She never reported me, never had me transferred out of her room, so I assume she read each one. I didn't know. I only assumed she did. Each day she dressed more and more conservatively. Prom was still months away. I had time. The others felt confident, but I had a lot of time to bargain this out. I wanted her, badly by the time the day had come.

"Peter, come here, please" she said.

"Yes" I told her.

"Sit down with me, after school, can you" she told me.

"Yes," and I winked and left until school let out.

Once school let out, I walked right over. She wasn't there. I sat and waited. She didn't come, right away that is, but she walked in finally at close to 4pm. I knew something was up but what it was I didn't know. She sat by her desk arranging paperwork without saying a word. Then she looked up and stared at me.

"So... You want to sex me up do you Is that it You have a bet going you can get me to sex you up before when, huh" she said.

I turned red at the thought. But my body quivered I was feeling so excited. I looked up. I smiled too. But I nodded my head acknowledging to her she was right. That I did have a bet on I'd get to be sexed up at some point. "And you'll like it too" I finally told her "or at least I think you will."

"You think I will, huh" she said. I said yes. "Well then Peter...my place, tonight" and she paused. "At 7pm. Do not be late, do not be early."

"I'll be there" I confirmed.

"It will be fun too" she said. "I assure you...it'll be fun."

I got there at exactly 7pm. She wore the shorts, those tight ones I complimented her on. She looked as nice as she always does, for class. She walked me in. We got right at it. She took my hand as she leaned in and kissed me on my lips. Wow, what a kiss from an "older woman" who really wasn't that much older then me in the first place. But her lips were soft and warm. Her kiss touched me as my heart leapt out at her. I pulled her in, for whatever reason, and I kissed the teacher romantically. She grabbed hold of me too and she and I kissed like it was never before done. And we kissed and we kissed and we kissed, for a very long while. Wow, what a woman I thought. What a kiss too, I thought.

"I want your penis" she said. "Let's go to my bedroom."

We went to her bedroom. And before I knew it... my clothes were off me. She handled me, and mostly my cock, before I could say yes do me. She went down on it and had it in her mouth as her tongue needled it, needled the slit of my cock. She swallowed my balls. She licked my scrotum. She did numbers on me I'd never thought possible. Oh crap, yes I told myself as my body buckled through her tortuous ways. God, yes, do my cock, do me, and do my body this way I felt like saying as I fell to my backside. She ripped my legs apart. She spread me apart so she could toy and tease my cock and shaft. She was a pro at this, as if she'd done it a million times in her life.

"Ohhhhhh my...ohhhhhhh god...yes" I cried out while my ass came off her bed.

She asked if I enjoyed that. I squealed and said yes I don't know how many times. But it wasn't only my cock she loved to do. She loved my ass and whipped me over to toy with it and elsewhere on my body. Fuck me, I wanted to tell her. "Fuck me" I finally yelped. "Oh please...please fuck me" I begged.

"Soooo you want to fuck do you" she said. "You want me to let you put this" and she held it between her fingers "into my pussy Is that right Peter" We locked eyes. Staring at one another, she held a non-committal gaze as if she could say no, but she might say yes. "Ohhhhhh alright, I guess I won't mind your hardness in me."

That's when she did it. I turned on my back. She took it with her hands and slipped it up inside her cunt. Man was it ever wet and juicy. And it felt right. I smiled as my eyes closed and the ends of my mouth curled up. I was in...heaven. This felt perfect. She felt perfect. Everything was perfect as she slid down it, all the way down it, and I held her on me, on it. Her eyes were closed. She sat on me, over it, hiding it inside her.

"Well" she said, "what next" she asked.

"This isn't really fucking" I told her.

"No... No it isn't. Is that what you wanted to see You wanted me to...to fuck you, bang you... You wanted to give me an orgasm Is that what you wanted"

I nodded. I was becoming limper. I was getting smaller. She knew it, she felt it too. She had to have felt it. What could I say She was giving me...and then I figured it out. I slipped her off me. I eased her on to her back. I went down on her. I looked at her pussy. Yes, she shaved, and that's when I told myself... Eat the woman out. Do it and do it right. And I slipped my tongue into her, into her wet juicy cunt. I did it right. She loved it or that's how it looked, to me. I licked her inside and out.

She lay without moving, an inch. As if not enjoying what I was doing, she simply laid on the mattress, not moving an inch. Was she enjoying my licking God, I hope so because I didn't know if I was doing this right or not.

"OHHHHH" she bellowed out of no where. "OHHHHHH" she bellowed louder. Her body rose. I rose to suddenly, out of no where keep up with her jaunting. Oh yeah, she liked it suddenly. She jerked and cavorted in every direction. She cried out, again, and again. I felt her hands on my head, then my shoulders. "Ooooooohh god... Dig... Dig" she wailed out. "Dig deeper baby" she said. I felt her hands as they pulled at my cheeks and then my hair.

I wanted her... I wanted to fuck her cunt. "I'm going to fuck your pussy" I told her.

"Then what's keeping you" she said. "Fuck me and fuck me hard." And so I mounted her, went inside it. I plowed my way deep into her battle zone. What a pussy, what a night I told myself. To fuck my teacher...to actually be able to have sex with her...and to be able to plunge into her wasteland of warmth and softness and wetness over and over and over. "Mmmmmm, this is fun and I like doing it with you... Honestly, I do" she said in a wailing type voice.

You mean it That's what I wanted to ask her...fuck me... I mean you like fucking me, honestly I pounded her harder. I told her to jump on me. I wanted to see her titties dance and I wanted to see her expressions as she bonked me. They did dance. And they danced in each and every direction. What tits she had and she and I bounced as my cock rid her of any evil spirits inside her pussy. I couldn't stop.

That was until I heard her shriek and scream and roar with a thrilling bemusement. "Oh Peter...Peter" she cried out. Her eyes were closed. She tightened up. Her legs wrapped themselves around me tighter and tighter and tighter. It was fierce. Her hair unraveled. But throughout that complete time this woman remained beautiful and amazing as her tits and her hair and her whole body danced and contorted in every direction possible.

Then she dropped on my chest, kissing me and kissing me and holding me. I loved that night because the very next day, in school she wasn't there. We had a substitute.

"Where's our teacher" one of the girls said.

"She had decided to quit" the Assistant Principal had said. He shrugged. "All I know is she decided to go back home for a while...think things out" she told us. "Oh and Peter, will you join me in the office after school. Thank you."

I received a personal note wishing me the best because what happened last night was the best. But she felt she embarrassed herself and didn't belong there any longer. "I love you. You have to understand that, but it isn't love like you think. We'll do this again, okay"

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