Incident at Work

Author: Stoneypoint
Published: May 22, 2010
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Doing it with step-mom at the hotel. "I close my eyes. I try and smell her from a distance. Of course, I didn't, but that was okay. I could hear my stepmother. I heard her soft, beautiful voice two doors down. She was speaking to someone. I slowed. My dreams wanted her. I wanted her. I'm 26 now. She's 37. My father, he's 48. Let me put it this way. He's in very good shape. How and why and...well how and why she wanted to hook up with him I do not know, but maybe I'm the lucky one here"...

Someone once said "'s an Art." I don't know who. I don't know where I heard it at. But I do believe it is true. I'm there each and every day, almost, dying to see Jennifer if at all possible. Does she know it I don't know. I shrug my shoulders, wondering. Do I care if she knows it Not one damn bit.

Walking in, I walk down the corridor. Past Ryan's, past Dauphine's, past all the cubicles, and as I get closer I listen for her voice. I close my eyes. I try and smell her from a distance. Of course, I didn't, but that was okay. I could hear my stepmother. I heard her soft, beautiful voice two doors down. She was speaking to someone. I slowed. My dreams wanted her. I wanted her. I'm 26 now. She's 37. My father, he's 48. Let me put it this way. He's in very good shape. How and why and...well how and why she wanted to hook up with him I do not know, but maybe I'm the lucky one here.

"Hiiiiiiii Jennifer" I called out as I played like I was whizzing past her office to mine. I immediately slowed down, thinking why is she all dressed up As if she's going out on a hot, hot date. Can I slow down Can I step backward Can I turn and look her over, her body, her breasts...her beauty...all over Can I No, and I shook my head no, no I can't. "You look great again, Jennifer" I said aloud as I headed towards my office. I heard a thank you from her as I turned in to it. I went to work.

25 minutes later I heard a knock. Before I even said to come in, she walked in. Bright smile and white teeth gleaming from within her She was wearing a blazer, but beneath it was a tight looking knit top and her skirt...well her skirt wasn't necessarily tight, but it formed around her long legs and thighs perfectly. Her medium long hair was dashing. Man did I want to be in bed with her. Medium powerful tits. Round, not small, but not big either. They seemed they knew where they wanted to be and that was in my mouth. She held herself, flawlessly. She stood graciously, in a flirtatious manner, but a motherly one too.

I gawked and gazed upon it, upon her as if she knew I'd do it, and Jennifer walked towards me as I did. She did it as if she was about to say "You want me. Don't you. It's alright to want me. Many men do. How do you think I became your stepmother" I shrugged. I didn't know. "It's easy, but the answer lies somewhere with being a woman."

"Really" I said.

She came closer. She said yes. She looked up and into my eyes. For some reason, I felt myself melting inside. God, this woman is hot I could hear my mind telling me. She knew. She knew I wanted under her top. She knew I'd love to go under her skirt. She knew I wanted inside her panties. She knew I wanted her as badly as she wanted me. But she could control her expressions. She seemed to be able to control her looks as her eyes scanned mine. I badly needed to be inside her and eating this slightly older woman out and doing all of her physically, if at all possible. She came around my desk. I could smell her essence now and for a moment I closed my eyes. My heart suddenly beat faster. At that exact moment I wanted to reach out and feel her body through her clothing.

I wanted to feel all of her. I wanted to feel her firmness. I wanted to feel her breasts shoved into and against me as her stomach and her hips made their way up following them. I wanted to turn and unload the clothes off her frame, dropping them to the floor. Only so two individuals could do what it is two people do to one another when they are physically attracted to the other. As she came around my back she walked so closely around my back that it made me look at the door. It was almost all the way closed, but not shut. So it wasn't locked in any way. Someone could walk in on us at any moment. Her hands were on my shoulders. Oh god. I felt like laying my head back and as I did I wished it would rest against them. And I felt like doing one more thing. I felt like pulling her over, cradling her in my arms, and telling her that we should do this soon...real soon.

"I should go now."

That's what she told me as she straightened her clothes and hair. I shook my head and blinked my eyes. "What" I asked in a shocked tone. "What do you mean...'you should go now'" She leaned over, leaned down. I saw the tips of her boobs coming towards me. Oh shit, I want those...badly. I want you, horribly. I looked up and at her. She was smiling, nodding her head. "Come by this afternoon... That is you don't have business"

And she turned and walked out. I barely could focus on my work. I called her cell. She was still at the office. Where was my dad Why hadn't she gone to their home Was she still working or had she gone shopping Who the hell knew Carrying papers here and there, once in a while I'd see visions of her, naked or almost naked. My mind would not let me see her nipples. Damn. Or for that matter I never saw her ass cheeks either. Damn. So I looked at my watch or the computer's clock and did the day go slow or what I got emails or text from friends saying let's go out, do know that story. Anyway, I waited. No, she was going to be with my dad and their friends and as I began to text the friends back about doing something- bar hopping, I received a voice mail.

Jennifer called and left a message. "751 Rambo Road, 7:45 in the evening. Be there or be square." Or be square, I thought. That's a little odd, but it was from my stepmother. Yes, my stepmother. Nothing else but that. And get this 751 Rambo Road is our company's address. Whoa. Yes, whoa and a double whoa. My heart beat faster. I watched and watched and I watched that damn clock, but it didn't move faster. This was a screwed up deal. Why can't the day move faster when you wish it Well, suddenly at 2:45 it did. And before I knew it, it was 5:25. Everyone, but her and I were gone. Dad left early for some fishing trip with his group of friends. Me, myself, and...and Jennifer. Alone with nothing to do. Hey, I've got an idea I told myself, and I smiled. I smiled big. I left and I went shopping, forgetting things left and right. I didn't care. Guess why

I went home, put the stuff away, and showered, twice. I looked good. I smelled cleaner then clean. I went and got the car washed. I packaged up another useless bottle of good wine. She had so many, mine simply added to the multitude she already had. Oh what the hell. What's one more, right 7:30 and I arrived at work again. She wasn't there, yet. Morris was, our security guard, and I told him "Take a few off. I'll call you, okay" He said okay, sir. "And come on... Don't call me sir." He said okay sir.

I heard clicks. The door unlocked and then locked again. Shades were drawn. I heard them. My legs were up on the desk. My hands were up behind my head. I was as comfortable as it could be. Man I never did that here, but this was a new adventure, right Yes, I thought it was. I heard her walking down the corridor. Nice strides in her walk. Slow, elegant strides in two nicely shaped legs and she wasn't tall, but looked tall only because she wore a slightly shorter skirt. But even in slacks, she looked tall.

Oh god, down on your knees woman...down on your knees. Suck it! Play with it! Let me see that long delicious tongue tease my long, lanky cock. And make me hard. Make me horny, I had told myself. But as I did, I was becoming horny. I was becoming hard. I lowered my hand and adjusted it. I had to. It was in an uncomfortable position once it was hard.

She saw the low lighting and before entering she said "Good Evening Thomas."

I said good evening back to her. And as she rounded the corner, as she strolled in I couldn't believe how she looked. She showered and changed as well and the top she had on along with the jeans and some blazer she was wearing had me "wanting" to fall out of my chair. She saw the look on me as she took a chair.

"Here or do we go somewhere...more intimate" she asked.

"Hmmmmmmm now where are the most intimate places you know" I tried asking.

"Well Thomas, my bed, your bed, or a nice hotel." Her smile, it was glamorous, stunning.

"Wow, do you look...great and gorgeous or what"

"Really...that's such a nice thing to say to me. Mmmmm, let's go to a hotel, instead."

"But...but I sent-"

"He's on his way back now. I caught him, told him."

I felt...all this stuff felt weird and wrong. "Your dad and I, well...we used to and I emphasize the word 'used to'...come over here all the time. That's all I'll tell you." She smiled, then winked as her hand came out. "Keep it in the family, right" she added. She stretched out her hand and took mine. I held it like they belonged together. She leaned in and kissed my cheek. I wanted to grab her and turn her into me just so I could feel those nice round tits of hers even if they were mammoth sized boobs. And we walked out, turning off lights and locking all the doors, and she went in hers. I went in mine and I followed her to the "hotel" we stayed at.

She had the key card. "You know Thomas... 'Delicacy is an art.' Just like painting or doing sculptures, making love or simply performing sex with another person, it has to be delicate in form. It's an art. Does that make any sense"

And without answering, I whipped her around and kissed Jennifer hard on her lips. I kissed her soft, large lips sensuously but hard as we entered the room. I grabbed her blazer and pulled it off, dropping it to the floor as the door swung closed behind us. She grabbed back at me, pulling my body, pulling me closer and closer to her. I felt her tits close in on me, against my chest. I kissed her harder as our hands glided across one another's backs effortlessly. She wanted me. Yes, Jennifer wanted me more then I knew. This was great. And I kissed her as my hands and arms felt her lovely sumptuous frame all over. Oh my god it was incredible as we kissed openly and willingly and freely. As if I met her and picked her up at a bar and we ended up together for an evening, except we weren't drunk. We were stone cold sober.

I heard something. Jennifer had whispered "Make love to my body. Make love to me."

I undid her jeans. They didn't drop off those hips of hers. They hung, forever on them, but I unleashed her top off her and to see her breasts, to see her cleavage, to see her upper that to me was art. Jennifer is a sculpted woman. She is a woman who will forever be fashioned and carved into beauty in all men's eyes. She looked down. She slowly looked up. She asked if I liked her tits. I nodded. She told me to kiss them, anywhere I wished to. I leaned in and began kissing her cleavage. Ohhhhhh, did I worsen. I became hornier and hornier and to add drama to it all, I felt something, her hand, down there as we did "stuff." I continued to kiss around her bra and around her tits. I wanted them all. I wanted all of her flesh...each and every ounce of her flesh, and even more.

"Take it off if you want to" she told me quietly.

So I reached behind her and undid those clips as if I was a professional. Wow, her boobs were bigger then life itself the way they stood in darkness like they did. Pert like, they were round, they were not huge, but in no way were hers smallish. I put my hands on one of them and brought my lips to it. I kissed it and kissed it more. I kissed more and more and even more. I was hungry for tits, her tits, and in getting there before I knew it she was moaning and crying out for more too. It built up whatever it was. I felt her jeans down at my ankles and I undid myself as she stood feeling my body, my hands, and mostly my lips go after her. She was a grown princess. She was marvelous. I hoped I was too to her.

"Ohhhhhhh" she called out as I drew out her emotions. "Mmmmmm yes ohhhhhhh yes" she cried as I worked her body remembering her words "Delicacy is an Art" so I slowed and scaled back, somewhat as I made love to my stepmother's body. What a woman Jennifer is, was. "More, Thomas...more...more" she said a bit louder. "Oh my god, yes...oh my god yes!" She was beginning to arch, backward and her tits leaped for my mouth more and more. Her upper body was magnificent. No slackness I suddenly noticed the curves which began the turn over and around her hips to her ass.

"Man, I love your body" I said. "It's terrific."

"It is isn't it" she said.

And I went into it as I picked her up and carried her down the hall and found the bedroom. In it, she took off almost all my clothes and we were all but butt naked in it. Her flesh and my flesh were hot against each other. We crawled and sprawled and moved like grace along one another, my face in her stomach, my face in her tits, and my lips in her lips as my hard and horny cock found its own way along seems stemming from how we moved around one another.

But Jennifer wanted me. She wanted me horribly. I let her have her way too. She ate away at me as I slowly made my way between her thighs. I went down on my stepmother and every inch of doing so was terrific. On her back, her back inched up off the bed as I licked and I licked at her cunts lips. She moaned, softly as her back reached out for the ceiling. I wanted my cock sucked, but this was brilliant as I slipped my tongue in and around her pussy. I guess I was pretty damn good at this because I heard or thought I heard "I love you Thomas. I love you a lot."

And I kept at her. I licked not only her pussy, but I licked the insides of her wondrous thighs, back up her belly and sides and all the way up to her boobs again. Once at them, my cock was between her legs and wanted warmth. It wanted comfort and warmth and it wanted that soulful protection a woman's pussy can give to a man. And Jennifer's did as I banged her mightily. We bounced and we hopped and we banged and we danced until I came and she came and she came again. Thank you very much. We dropped to the bed.

I curled her up around my arms. She let me taker inside them. I don't know if she smiled. I did and holding her, holding Jennifer in my arms well it was awesome. She felt...well everything about her felt right. I felt the nipples against my arms. They were actually still hard. I could smell her. She still smelled great. I felt her softness. She put her hands around mine and pushed her backside into towards me further.

"I hope we can do this before morning" she said. "You were great" she told me softly.

About: The author of "Incident at Work" is Stoneypoint. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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