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A Prisoner from the Royal Dungeon

Author: Pari Rosa
Publish Date : May 23, 2010
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Two brothers, medieval thieves, capture a gorgeous young prisoner from the royal dungeon and take her home for an extremely pleasurable ride. "Jeremiah, who had never made love to a woman before, who always reserved his lust before his brother's, tore of his shirt nearly smitten with desire and wrapped his arms and legs around the gleeful girl. She took him in eagerly, her nails digging into his back, as he smothered her tender skin with kisses, bites, licks, and the suctions of his mouth, now ready to devour her"...

* * * * * * *

The two brother thieves ran into the dungeon, swift as night through the bars and into the room. Jedidiah was expecting to see skeleton traitors scattered across the stone floor, but instead, was surprised to see a voluptuous, heaving, weepy blond. She was no more than sixteen. She still had a red ribbon in her curls. Her dress was regal but tattered somehow, suggesting she fought the authority that put her in this dungeon. Frayed threads grazed her neck and chest, a beautiful, round, perky chest. Jedidiah, easily distracted, approached the weepy blond. "What's wrong, darling" "Well, I wouldn't marry the prince. Not for anything! That spoiled rotten imbecile! Now here I am, waiting to be executed tomorrow." Her chest was heaving from the sobs. She was delectable. "Oh dear, we can't let a doll like you get waste in the gallows! Come with us, sweetheart." He flashed her an inviting smile, and she was nearly swept away with euphoria as she climbed on him piggy back. The two snuck out of the door. A seething Jeremiah was left to find the keys. They rattled as he ran out in fear. When was that brother when he needed him. Wooing a gorgeous blond into their shack. They had swiftly come home, the damself perched sensuously on Jedidiah's bed. Jedidiah was already shirtless and ready to pounce on this eager doll when Jeremiah walked into the room and fell in love at the first sight of her. What a sight! Could his brother ever learn to share "Oh, who is this! Your brother is fine craftsmanship! I cannot choose between you two! I want you both."

Jeremiah, who had never made love to a woman before, who always reserved his lust before his brother's, tore of his shirt nearly smitten with desire and wrapped his arms and legs around the gleeful girl. She took him in eagerly, her nails digging into his back, as he smothered her tender skin with kisses, bites, licks, and the suctions of his mouth, now ready to devour her. Jedidiah took of his pants and whipped out his flaming cock. "Arouse me while I'm waiting dear! It will make the experience all the more pleasurable when I enter." It was huge and intimidating, but she separated her luscious lips and tongue from her true lover and took in the large cock with impatient desire. Here, both of her tender, moist holes being pounded mercilessly by the infatuated brothers, she began to feel like a vehicle being ridden on a bumpy, exciting, and oh so pleasurable out-of-control ride, her breasts and buttocks grabbed like handlebars with a ferocity that was bound to leave hand prints for days, God there were no brakes to this ride!

The thrusting about around her body in the different places overwhelmed her with shock and pleasure. She was so overcome with electric shock euphoria that she hardly could manage to keep track where she was being plugged when, and how crazy good it felt to lose this control and not be able to manage where she was receiving pleasure from, being so drowned in the sensation. They were tender and brutal, they caressed her and grabbed her, stroked her, whispered to her, spanked her, yelled at her. She did not know who she was kissing when, whose sweat she was licking, whose semen she was drinking, whose fingers she was sucking one, whose girthy long cock was pounding her, and was too overwhelmed with feeling to recognize whether she was copulating through her sweet tight anus, her juicy lips, or her tight, wet vagina, or whether she was merely being spanked and squeezed with hard cocks and hands on her anus, thighs, waist, breasts, or cheeks.

She could barely breathe, she was being filled to the brim, fit to the bust, nearly ripping into pieces between this greedy battle of lust between to tempted and tempestuous brothers. She could barely spare a breath to pray for it not to end, to live her life in this eternal, pleasurable bliss. She wanted boys to watch her, how desired she was, being fought over so lovingly and brutishly by two virile and sensually tempting men, brothers who were squeezing every last drop of heaven from her fragile, doll body. Her breasts bounced and occasionally she felt her nipple engorged in a hot wet mouth which left her skin with the teeth yanking her nipple gently followed by numerous kisses.

She might as well have been made love to by a thousand men at once. However, she could feel the slowing motions, feel her insides and outs drenched in hot, wet, white sticky substance from all directions. She felt a hundred goodbye kisses and strokes around her body while she moaned and ached with pleasure amidst their grunts. She felt herself being massaged with this sticky substance, her skin rubbing sensuously against it, her tongue licking it off her lips. She heard Jedidiah's flop into immediate sleep from exhaustion onto the floor and felt the alert and warm, tough arms of Jeremiah wrap around her with so much love, she knew the prince was worth leaving behind.

She had to men to make love to her now, whenever she pleased, as they would always want her at any given time. This thought may have sounded conceited, but it did not arise from pride as it did from mere fact. She remained the object of both of their most intimate sexual attentions and attractions and the apple of Jeremiah's eyes. She had found two true lovers and one true love. This explosion of a pleasure ride would have been enough to make her content to die tomorrow. That is, if she hadn't fallen in love. That is, if she didn't anticipate that there was more to come. Her exhausted nerves tingled with excitement as she fell into a deep, sweet sleep.

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