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Tina and I Together

Woman showing boobs
Author: Bobjj123
Publish Date : May 25, 2010
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A day in the life of a man and a woman who are bonded to each other."my cock was aligned and into the entrance to her vagina. It felt familiar, welcoming my man-meat into her love tunnel! The urgency that had so strongly affected Tina was driving me now. . . We came fully together in a single motion and then, there was the primordial rhythm of good sexual intercourse"...

* * * * * * *

As I walked into the bar, I saw her standing, facing the bar, with one butt cheek hiked over the edge of the adjacent bar stool; the other leg standing straight. She seemed confident and comfortable with her surroundings even as she was the only woman in the place. One thing every eye in the place would agree on was that she was beautiful and sexy.

At 5'-2" she was small in stature but packed into that small body was shear cordite . . . a bundle of energy waiting to explode! Her long, auburn hair, framed a pretty face with blue eyes and an infectious smile. Her body closely resembled Barbi and she weighed in at something less than ninety pounds. She did not exploit her beauty; rather, she employed it for the benefit of all eyes upon her.

She was not on the prowl; not seeking male companionship though she seemed to attract it like flies to honey.

How did I know this Well, you see, she is mine. She is my significant other and I am meeting her at this very minute.

I approach her quickly and she sees me just as I am about to join her. She turns and w embrace in a friendly gesture before turning to face the bar. My left arm is around her waist and my left hand rests high on her butt cheek [the one that rests half on the bar stool] to show all in the room that she is mine.

I order a G & T and we face each other Tina and my eyes meet. I see the promise of much to come - something I crave! "How was your day She asked.

"Shitty actually, until now, of course!"

"Did you get the contract"

"No, they have a cheaper bid but they want to negotiate."

"What'd you say"

"I said one bid to a contract. I calculate costs and fair profit and the result is non-negotiable."

"Are they going to use you"

"Of course, they just want to squeeze me a little."

"Hey! That's my bailiwick! I do the squeezing where you're concerned." Tina continued as she smiled at her own joke.

Having drunk our drinks, I suggested that we go to dinner and Tina seemed to resist. Then, our eyes met and I saw something powerful and urgent - something that must be dealt with as soon as possible. "Why don't we go back to the apartment first," she asked.

I would not argue as I felt my own lusty nature take control and my passions rise. Her words could make me forget my need for food and do that to me like no other or nothing else.

As we walked out of the bar, I felt proud to be escorting this rare beauty away from a hundred lusting eyes. She was mine and I was hers!

We walked closely, arm in arm, the two blocks to our apartment silently , each to our own thoughts. Mine was on the exquisite beauty of the woman next to me. . . she was made to be adored by me and only me!

As we walked into the apartment and the door swung shut behind us, Tina turned and embraced me as she placed a kiss on my lips. "How about a quickie before dinner," she asked, "Something to sort of take the edge off."

I was already shedding my clothing as I followed her to our bedroom. There in the dim light from the shaded windows, I stood silently adoring her as she removed her clothing and prepared to make love. I wondered. How could I have been so lucky to have Tina for my own Then, I saw her smile as she caught me staring at her. . .

As Tina slowly undressed, she was well aware that I was watching her and she was careful to covertly pose whenever possible. It'd been a rough day for her as her clients had been difficult. She'd tried to build a case on one client's lies and during the deposition, it had unraveled. She'd left her office a little early in order to ease her stress with a stiff drink in the bar before she met me.

She'd been thinking about me and about tonight frequently during the day as her passions smoldered beneath the minutia of her work load. She'd longed for the stress relief that a good romp in bed with me would bring.

Then, when we'd met at the bar, she began to seduce me in all the covert ways that a woman has. She was well aware that for best sex, we must both have attained that same high level of passion and that she must do her part to stimulate me!

Now, by the bed, she had done her work well. I could only hope that her passions had risen to the same level as mine.

Then, perhaps a minute later and we had both shed our clothes and were side by side on the bed. Tina seemed agitated as I moved slowly to caress and fondle her breasts. Then, as my hands moved over her vulva and my fingers met the soft, inner flesh of her vestibule, she cried out, "Yes! That's it! . . . .hurry!"

The fluids flowing out of her vagina told me she was already prepared for me. The urgency in her voice told me she wanted me to hurry. It was time. . . .

The time for thought was past. The time for animal instinct was upon us! Our eyes met and I saw her needs; urgent: demanding and wild! Mine were equal to hers and all that remained was out mating. . .our union of our bodies at the groin!

It happened quickly now! As I moved over her, between her widely splayed knees and into position to effect our union, I felt her urging me . . . hurry!

Then, my cock was aligned and into the entrance to her vagina. It felt familiar, welcoming my man-meat into her love tunnel! The urgency that had so strongly affected Tina was driving me now. . . We came fully together in a single motion and then, there was the primordial rhythm of good sexual intercourse; slowly at first as we developed our movements together; then, picking up speed and violence until, we came together in a crescendo of passion, emotions, feelings, an exchange of body fluids.

From that erotic high, we drifted of together in a lover's embrace with my, now limp, cock still buried in her belly. We did not speak; rather we held each other close and reveled in the afterglow.

Ah! The peace and serenity of the afterglow! Something only lovers can enjoy! Something so precious as even life itself! It was for this that Tina had worked so hard. . . The stress of the day having flown out of her along with her body fluids to leave her totally relaxed.

After a time, a minute, an hour, a day, time was not measured there but probably four or five minutes, Tina looked at my with an impish, joyous look and asked, "How about dinner"

"I'm starved, but it's your turn to provide dinner tonight."

"OK, Louigi's it is!" she said, "Then we can come back and do this right."

"Yeh! Louigi's is close and we'll have plenty of time."

It was nearly nine o'clock when Tina and I returned from dinner. We didn't tarry but it just took that long to get our dinner. Then, on our return, I continued to adore her with my eyes - her hair, her complexion, her small but proud tits, and her narrow ass. . . She was indeed hot!

"You like what you see" she asked.

"Yes, very much!"

"I'll bet you've said that to a lot of women."

"Yeh!, but I mean it this time."

"Don't you ever look at other women and wonder what they'd be like" she teased.

"When you've got the best, it's hard to think much about the rest."

"I like'd that," Tina said as she kissed me with one of those kisses that seems to offer so much more and led me to the bedroom, "Now we've got all the time to just make it good! . . . real good!

"We did make it real good! For me any sex with Tina's good but tonight was the finest.

Next morning, we faced another hard day. . .asshole contractors and villainous clients. After the night's fun and games, we're free of stress and ready to take what comes.

TINA and I TOGETHER by Bobjj123

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