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The Witness

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Author: Stoneypoint
Published: 12-Jun-10 Revised/Updated 05-Nov-10
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She felt aroused and knew what she wanted. She could feel inside herself and feel the tremendous forces growing and surging mightily. She noticed as the warm water filled the tub how she stepped closer and closer to him. There was some kind of force pushing her to be against him, but flesh to flesh, and not in some symbolic way either. She wanted his hardness, his erect cock not only rubbing and doing things, but she wanted it inside her pussy. And she wanted it now... Now, she wanted it for real...

* * * * * * *

"How many times did you let it happen" he asked in a quiet voice. "Huh, how many god damn times Chet" the man said, angrily.

The witness sat there, his head down. He wasn't upset. He wasn't disappointed in himself. He, like so many others, had been given a chance, and like all the others he saw a window. He took the chance and did her as a lover would do a girlfriend. Okay, so what if he was 15 years older. So what if he wasn't in her league. She opened her robe. She opened her door. She opened the door to the adjoining bathroom. And he could see her young, immaculate flesh, and that face so pristine. Who would refuse it Those breasts. That slim and curvy body. Her easy looking curves tailing around hips like they did.

"And, if I might add her soft beautiful ass giving you all she has" the cop said. "I mean...do you think she was expecting something like that...like you... Was she ready for...for you"

"Come on Taylor... Jesus... Cut me a break" he told his friend the detective.

"Who was on top You, her, or was this sideways You know...some girls love doing it sideways. Does she Slip it in her...sideways...fuck her...pump her...while you hold them sweet god damn titties, or...yeah or were you more romantic...was she more romantic"

"Fuck you Taylor...you know better. You ever tell me about your dates"

"Was this a date or...or isn't she just a live in Aren't you ummmmm...aren't you uhhh protecting her or something Well, I suppose being on top of her, fucking her like you were is...a form of protection. Now...now my one question Chet-"

"I know... Yeah I know and the answer is yes. Yes, I wore one. I wasn't about to get that young lady pregnant. Uh uhhh, no way" Chet said. "But the truth is Taylor we didn't do it. No, she and I didn't do it so I took it off."

What really happened was she fell. She had fallen off the bed. She fell hard backwards, somehow, on to the cold hard floor, and she banged her head. To him, it was the weirdest thing ever. She came into his room and he was starting to fall asleep. She knocked before coming all the way inside. He remembered mumbling something and before he knew it, the young "lonely" woman was sitting on his bed. It sounded like she'd been crying. He said he couldn't tell, yet. He told Taylor he slowly sat up and asked her what was wrong. She told him nothing was bothering her but in truth she said she was scared being all alone and by herself. Usually, in most instances, she was with someone. Chet said he was around but she said "being around" wasn't the same as "being there" and she wanted, no needed someone near her. So he told her to lie down and close her eyes.

Before he knew it, he was falling asleep. Turned one way and she was turned another, supposedly, he felt a hand, or was it her arm. At first he didn't know. But either way he felt it. It was soft. It was warm. It smelled nice too. He told her not to do it.

But before he knew it, her whole damn body was against his. "She pulled closer and closer to me Taylor. It felt nice...no great. I loved how her body felt. Then I heard her whisper. 'It'd be nice if you lay against me. That's what I'd love Chet. I think you're an attractive man. You have a fine looking body and I'd love it if you'd turn over and hold me" she said.

She's only 23. He's 37. Single, he's kept in shape with barely any indication of any fat on his body. When they were sitting around yesterday, talking, she caught him. He was roaming the lands, so to speak. He was looking her over. He'd been checking out her landscape. She'd put on this smile as if she enjoyed being looked at. Eventually she told him nobody ever did that. He diverted his eyes not realizing he'd been doing it. She told him it was okay, that she liked it a lot. She told him she wished more men did it that way. She said she appreciated it but he'd told himself "hands off." He was only keeping an eye on her and that was it. But to be around a very pretty woman like she was it was hard. It was harder then anything he'd ever experienced.

"And that's how it all happened" Taylor asked.

"Yeah more or less" Chet replied.

"Then what" Taylor said.

"That's when I felt her against me. I felt her naked slithery frame. I felt her soft ass cheeks. I felt her warm back." He paused. "I felt all of her. God, how do you...how do you say no Taylor" Taylor knew but his marriage lasted because he involved himself in a situation like that. Four kids and 19 years later...he knew. You recreate yourself. You recreate yourself and your vows to your spouse. But that was for another time, he told himself. "I mean I know I ain't married but hell it isn't like she's...she's...she's too young...jailbait I mean."

"No...no she isn't" Taylor told him. "So there wasn't any...you-know-what going on...none whatsoever"

"None" Chet told him...not anything like that."

"Then... What were the two of you doing"

"Uhhhhh snuggling I guess" Chet said.

Snuggling...that's all...nothing else. No naked cock No flesh on or in flesh None of that, Taylor wondered

The two of them looked at one another. They looked away. An hour later everyone, including Taylor left. Chet was all alone. He was getting to her presence. He was getting very used to her being around. He loved being with her at night. But that night she wasn't around at all. She was in the hospital until the next day. He could pick her up then. She could come back to his place. She could be there with him, if she so chose to. She could slip into bed, naked, and press her nice almost untouched body against his more experienced frame. He knew it. He also knew he'd miss her. He also knew it wouldn't be the same that night and before he knew it the whole loft was quiet. Only the surrounding sounds of the night. Sounds he never thought he'd heard before existed. But not hers.

He thought about her. He thought about her looks. He thought about how each time it was easier and easier for her to walk in to his room. She had come in. In one of his robes, she undid it. There she was, naked. Her breasts barely big enough for his mouth, but big enough he could want them. Her flat tummy...it was calling out his name. "Chet...ohhh Chet let me come to you. Let me lie next to you. Let me be held by you, closely Chet. Ohhh so closely... You just don't know do you Chet...do you"

No, I suppose I don't. I didn't, he thought, but once you were next to me and once my... My penis became hard, and horny, ohhhhhhh Amy...Amy... Ohhh god Amy...come to me. Lie down, naked next to me again tonight. Let me hold you. Let me cock feel your body...feel that ass crack, and begin to dig inside it. Mmmmmm, Amy ooooooohh Amy if you only knew how much I miss you tonight, he told himself.

It took a while, but finally he fell asleep. When he woke up he went to make coffee and noticed a message on his phone. He listened to it. "Morning Chet...hi" it said. It was Amy. He smiled. "Last night well I guess we missed each other. I want to say I'm sorry about what happened but it happened. I didn't sleep well. I thought about you. I smiled when I did but guess what else happened in the dark hours of the morning here I found myself...playing. My fingers...they were toying with me...toying with my pussy and I...well I started to get off. It was like you and me lying together only...well I know...I know we don't go that far but guess what I want to get you off. I want you to do the same for me. Get it Chet I'll see you later today... Love you" she told him.

His cock was now semi-hard. He naturally reached down and felt its form. It felt good to feel it that way, to "touch it." It felt good to "toy" with it a little too as if she was the one doing those things to it. It was as if she was the one grabbing hold of it. But it was time...time to shower and shave and brush and time to get things done that morning for she'd be home and he had to be there. He knew she'd be alright but he needed and wanted to be there when this young and very pretty looking lady came home. He wanted her to be there, against him. He needed her to be there so the two could lie down naked and...and try once again to "snuggle." He liked that part. She loved it too.

"Hiiiiiiii" she said. The smile was as big as the river, only so much prettier. Those white teeth. Her big bright green eyes. And her sandy brown hair as silky as any but she as a whole needed help. She needed a bath and she wanted him to give it and be in it with her.

"Undress me will you" she said.

So he followed her as she took his hand and they went to the bathroom. She turned on the water, warm almost hot water gushing and filling the larger then life tub up. She turned as they waited and smiled into his eyes asking if he missed her. He nodded his head, looking into her eyes as he did. "Go on, go ahead... Look if you want" she told him. "I don't mind. I really don't. I like them to be...looked at like you look at them." She smiled and began to reach down and pull his shirt out of his shorts. Her hands disappeared as he began feeling them inside his shirt. "Mmmmm, god, I love to feel a man's...chest. I do" she said as her eyes closed and her hands rubbed along his ribbed muscle line.

He stood there letting her have her way. It was arousing and he remained quiet letting her do her thing. His cock grew stronger as she "muscled" her fingers flatly along his upper body. She cooed as she did. He smiled each time. He loved how it sounded, but as she did he only grew harder, and hornier for her great looking figure beneath her clothes. Softly they swirled across his stomach and chest and also around the sides of his upper body. Finally he had to let it out.

"Ohhhhhhh Amy...Amy... Do you know how much this body, my body...how much it needs your gorgeous body Do you sweetheart"

"Tell me" she said as her eyes opened and a smile appeared on her lips.

They looked at one another. He took hold of her top. He slipped it up over her head. Her boobs, so much cleavage, so much flesh, and so much desire never waning in his mind and body. He wanted them. He needed them. He needed all of her. God and it wasn't only them. He looked at all of her. Flat bellied and slender all over, her hips were great as each sliced her thinness into outlying districts, and her body showed descriptive of a grown woman before his very eyes.

"Am I woman... Am I a real woman to you Chet"

"Oh god Amy, you have nooooooo idea how woman you are."

She felt aroused and knew what she wanted. She could feel inside herself and feel the tremendous forces growing and surging mightily. She noticed as the warm water filled the tub how she stepped closer and closer to him. There was some kind of force pushing her to be against him, but flesh to flesh, and not in some symbolic way either. She wanted his hardness, his erect cock not only rubbing and doing things, but she wanted it inside her pussy. And she wanted it now... Now, she wanted it for real.

"Chet, let's just go to bed."

She was so horny even her nipples were hard and Chet noticed them as she turned to go to his bedroom. He wanted them. He wanted to take them in his teeth. He wanted to take them and gently grind them, delicately toy with each between his teeth, and arouse the ever living hell out of Amy. As they walked he reached up and around her. She felt his hands touch her boobs. She didn't stop him but she did slow up.

Her chest filled with air as his hands came closer to her nipples. When he finally felt each of the hard and fat ones he heard her say "Do you enjoy them too because I like them like that too. I like them...a lot."

He didn't squeeze. He only rubbed once they were by the bed. Looking into the others eyes, he caressed each back and forth. But as he did he, like her, felt himself becoming increasingly hornier and hornier until he felt her hand on his crotch.

"This is what I want. I want this but I want it... I want it between here" she said softly.

She looked into his eyes. He looked down but as he looked he felt it pounding feverishly. His cock was an almighty mess, an angrily revolting mess. He took hold of her hand and placed it down against it. Yes, it was. It was a mess. But he could see she loved the size and display his mess was making. It was pounding and filling with fluids of every kind. He wanted something to resolve this matter. Both knew what that was. He needed her pussy and she knew what it was it needed. He needed to rub it against something, against and possibly even...even inside her pussy, her body, her tits her lips even, and last but not least...inside her cunt. It was just as she said she needed too.

Oh fuck, he thought, give it to me... give it all up to me, he kept telling himself. I want your cunt. His eyes were filled with feast of her body and she knew, yes she knew he wanted her body and nothing less. Suddenly he saw her remove her clothes... all of her clothes too... for him and only him. She smiled as each piece started coming off. More and more and more and... Oh his body heated up as she took off her clothes. Exposing all the features of it for him only drove his senses into a worsened condition.

"Now make love with me" she said. "Now I want you to fuck me" she told him.

And he took her soft and smaller framed figure against the bed. He stepped against it. Inches from her face, they gazed into the others eyes. Smelling one another, she felt it, his cock as it sprinkled physical delight against her bare skin. Her body etched this way but that way too. Ohhh did it feel good to have a man's cock against her, finally, after all this time. Yes, they'd been naked before, and yes, they already had sex before too, but today...this day, for some reason was going to be different, and both knew it too.

He took hold of himself. He placed himself between those two youthful like thighs of her. Mmmmmm, she felt warm. Mmmmmm, she felt young. Mmmmmm, she felt willing and willing is one of the best ways to be he thought. She smiled as it dug into her like it did. Pushing, digging, and wriggling, his cock felt its way through her maturing but skinny thighs. She smiled and felt him...his passion for her and between her upper thighs.

"Ohhh it feels...sooooooo good again" she said quietly.

He agreed. It did feel good, but even better. His cock inside her legs, between them was better then before. It was great as it wedge against her clit, her shaven tight clit. She pushed down against it. Cooing quietly she reached down and took hold of it lightly.

She fluttered it side to side against the tiny lips of the swelling corral between her legs. She was ready but was he. Yes, of course he was. He wanted it before she even did. His was hard and he was horny before she was, but he was a man and isn't every man horny at any given time she thought

"Are you horny as I think you are" she asked Chet.

"Oh god yes" Chet said. "Yes...yes" he went on to say. "I've missed you and wanted you since you left the other day the naked lover said.

So he waited and he waited and he got what both came for. She took it in her fingers. She slipped the tip up inside her tingling warmth. She cooed. He grunted. She moaned as it went deeper inside her. She cooed again and he grunted and moaned. He felt it sliding deeper into her blissfulness. She told him to hold it there. She told him to let her feel it inside like it was, against the wet walls. He could feel her walls tightly wrapped around it and it was a different and new experience. Why, he didn't know, but it was and it was great. Holding one another close, her breast and those powerful hard nipples almost touching his chest were calling out his name. She wanted more but she didn't. She wanted it all, but she resisted. He was ready for anything...anything at all, he thought. He was ready to fuck his younger lover at full force...or when she was ready to fuck. He was ready to cum at the drop of a pin.

"I could cum right now, Amy" he said.

"Could you, really" she asked.

"Yeah" he told her. "I actually could."

"You know something Chet" she said. He asked what. "I've never seen a man cum before... I've only felt it but I've never seen it. Would it upset you if I...if I jacked you off and watched you cum"


His loud response surprised her and she pulled away as she took it in her hands. This long and hard cock filled her hands full. She loved the impact it made in them. She loved the size of it. She almost felt she was ready, now, to lean down and put her mouth on it and swallow it whole. Mmmmmm, now that's a hell of an idea. He'd love it but he'd probably love anything we did, or I did for him.

Using the insides of her fingers, and her fingertips, she needled his cock easily and slowly. A smile settled in on his lips. She watched his eyes and his face and loved how neat he looked. She loved how he enjoyed how she was doing what she did.

She was gifted in ways he never knew she had gifts, so to speak. This was something neat and he wasn't going to stop her. The tip of his cock tingled ferociously. It was ready to explode and when he exploded, he was going to go all over the place, and back. He knew that much. He couldn't hold it much longer. He wanted to cum for her sake. He wanted to explode to thrill her. He wanted to be doing all this with her, and more. He still wanted those hard nipples, which had easily distracted him. For him, it wasn't hard to do. Having sex, or making love, with her was too easy but it worked. They worked. They understood each other.

All of a sudden white warm fluids drove through the air. They burst through it all as his cum came flying up and then down on her lap, his lap, and her hands. There was lots of it and she caught it, for him to see, or was it for her to see. She had gobs of his cum in her hands and when he looked into her face she was smiling blamelessly. Her smile, it was amazingly uplifting, and as she held the dripping cum in the palms of her hands, he leaned in and kissed her warm soft lips. She reached around and with two cum filled hands she held him firmly, kissing his wonderful lips for a very long period of time.

They lay silently, holding one another, and then she spoke up. "I liked doing that, seeing your cum, but Chet... I think I'd rather feel it inside me if that's all right with you, okay" He didn't disagree. He'd rather of fucked her too. She knew it. "Later to day then, tonight...we try then" she asked.

"Yeah, please...'cause I love your pussy Amy. I love it more then anything right now."

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