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Evening Alone with Her


Author: Stoneypoint
Published: 09-Aug-10

Husband and Wife lie down...

* * * * * * *

He was sitting across from her but pretending to read the morning paper. He'd look at her while she did her daily paperwork noticing how beautiful her features still were. She still had her long hair, but not that long and it was not only her face that caught his attention.

Those eyes, the pretty blue ones he fell in love with years before which drew his attention to her once again. She continued on as he pretended to read as she wrote. He studied her lips and her facial structure which never seemed to change. He told himself it been a while since the two of them really laid down and snuggled. He told himself it had been a while since the two of them undressed and cuddled even. He knew she still loved him dearly. He knew her body was in great shape. He'd seen her naked a number of times. He knew she was still trim after 16 years of marriage and that she hadn't lost it in any way. Her curves, her breasts, her long winding hips, and her thighs were as gorgeous today as they'd been years before and this is why they had the two children. He smiled and felt like telling her his thoughts. He folded the paper and put it down. She continued to work.

"You're still gorgeous you know" he said. She'd heard him as she continued to work. "Want to go to the bedroom...and make love"

She put down her pen slowly raising her head to look at her husband. "Is that your best come on" she asked smiling. He smiled and winked a wink she always loved. Still in a blouse and skirt, she put down her pen and stood. "Okay, I guess" she told him as if she was offering herself up but only as a chore as his wife. "I suppose I could."

He knew better and once she came around the desk, once she reached his side he took her hand lightly. She waited. He led her to their bedroom. Before sliding into bed, he turned her around. She was smiling again. Waiting for his best move he figured. He undid the top button of her blouse. She watched his eyes and his face, still smiling and trying to take in the moments. She closed them and took in a deep breath of air. She exhaled. She dearly loved her husband. He was kind and caring and he did almost everything he could to be there when he could. Today he was there for the family although the family wasn't home. It was only her and him. The two kids were with friends for the night.

"You have no idea how crazy I am about you still do you" he said.

Quietly she said back to him "I think I do" but smiled again as she said it.

He kissed her lips softly but for a long while. She loved those soft kisses and kissed him back almost the same way. "How are your partners" he said out of no where trying to be congenial as his foreplay skills deteriorated. She told him to not worry about them, to simply undress her. She told him to simply get her undressed. All she wanted was him against her. All she wanted was his body, his love, and all the fascinating sex they used to have all the time once again. Could he do that, he asked himself. God those days were amazing. How they could seem to go on for hours at a time and he could sustain himself while she obtained orgasm after orgasm and then BAM, he finally came inside her. That part was the most terrific part of it all. Feeling him explode in her life he would...that was the most terrific portion of it of it all. She smiled.

He started to tell her something as he undid her fourth button. She put a finger to his lips. "All I want is you, your body, and us naked and wildly shuffling across one another while I feel this" and she put the palm of her hand down across his soft crotch. "All I want is you and your undying love and this... That's what I want honey."

Both smiled and he winked at her. He undid her last two buttons and saw her beautiful upper body. So trim, so full, and still so curvy in all its special ways...he could feel himself wanting her more and more. What was she thinking and feeling, he wondered "What are you feeling right now" he said. Her eyes glassed over and a gentle smile crossed her face. She told him she wanted to lie down against him and play around. He liked that idea. Her nakedness against his... What a nice way to spend and evening with someone you truly love and admire. He pulled her in. Holding her closely and lovingly, he kissed her lips and she kissed him back hard too, her hands floating in his hair as if she never felt it before. He undid his shirt and pulled it off. He pulled off his t-shirt and she looked at the sleek bare chest.

"Mmmmm, still a man in my book" she told him.

"Good" he replied. "I would hope so."

"Don't worry...there aren't any others out there that measure up to you."

With her shirt undone and her bra still on, his hand flirted upwards on her stomach. She felt it and her eyes slowly closed as she felt it coming closer to her breasts. Touch them, squeeze them she thought. Uhhh ohhhhhhh god yes... Feel my boobs honey...touch them, she told herself. They took hold of her bra covered boobs lightly massaging them back and forth and up and down. "Mmmmmm" she said softly. "I like how you do that to me." They gazed at each other as her hands dropped to undo his belt. She undid his pants and they fell to the ground. He stepped out of them as his hands lovingly patted across her boobs and upper body. He then undid her skirt and it fell down to the ground too. "Ready" she asked. He smiled and told her always. They laughed quietly and slipped in to the bed. He pulled her body close and before she knew it he was kissing her madly. "Mmmmmm I always have loved how you kiss me" she said.

"Me too... I mean how we kiss that is" he said back to her and continued to kiss her.

Before he knew it, her bra was undone and found its way to the bed. Her beautiful swelling breasts unfolded before him and he found himself crossing over them with his mouth. He loved her more then ever and she loved him as much. She loved pining his chest as she kissed it and rubbed it fondly. On top of him she leaned down on him to kiss his stomach. He lay feeling her tender kisses but watching her breasts as they hung waiting for him to take control of them. He always and still does, love them, and he grabbed hold of them while she kissed and petted his upper body.

"You still enjoy this" she asked. He said nothing. "Well do you" He still did nothing. "Oh come one...stop that" she told him. She noticed his eyes were focused on her boobs. She giggled. "You want to suck them don't you" He nodded and smiled. "Go on then" and she slid off him and lay back on their bed and she spread her arms out as if to say "They are all yours honey."

He dove down into both, into the cleavage, and he went at them hungrily. He made her instantly horny. She loved how he not only kissed them but licked and sucked both. She loved it more when he licked her nipples and saw each grow to a monstrous size. He always was amazed at how big hers could get but he hadn't been with any other woman in over 19 years and his wife was one of the best looking women around despite their age and despite their were "girls" or much younger women with tighter features then hers.

Out of no where, he went down on her, and before she knew it she was whizzing away as a tongue, his tongue, swirled and dug into her pussy. Her legs were wild. Her body dipped and jumped and heaved mightily as he made her feel orgasmic.

"OHHHH GOD...OH AHHH OOOOHH MMMMM" she yelped loudly. She loved it and he wouldn't stop. Orgasm, he thought. I gotta get her to orgasm. Yes, oh yes...make her orgasm he told himself. "OH...OH...EEHH...OOOOOOHH AHHH YES...OH FUCK YES" she said passionately. "DO ME...MORE OH MORE... OHHHHH MORE HONEY MORE!" And he dug into her cunt licking it feverishly and fervently. Her ass rose and dropped crazily. Her body twisted and turned and he remained up inside her as he licked the wet and warm depths of her pussy. Suddenly she screamed so loud that he knew what he heard meant something dramatic. She orgasmed and she came along with repulsive movements throughout her body. Her body went haywire moving in every direction you could fathom. She was getting off on how he did her and seeing as he was hard... He climbed her body.

"God, making love with you is... It's fantastic" he told her.

"I...I know it is" she said adding "and I sure am glad it's with you honey" she told him.

"As opposed to..." he said.

She laughed. He laughed back as he stuck himself inside her. "Don't do it...yet" she said. He lay inside her letting her feel his thickness. "Mmmmmm, I love that" she said. "Ooohh ahhhh that feels soooo...it feels so good sitting in me like that." She took a deep breath of air, her boobs rising high into the air as she swallowed up his cock inside her pussy. "Mmmmm, god you feel mighty."

"Duh...duh...dah" he said.

He didn't know and it almost killed whatever mood was growing between them. Shr brought him down on top of her craning for him to be against her body. She loved how he felt inside her.

Not pumping her madly, they lay together affectionately with his hard cock inside her, and he could feel himself wanting it...wanting to let go all he had for her. She asked him if he wanted to do it now. He said nothing but she knew better.

"Go on and do me...fuck me because I know you want to... I do" she said softly.

And before either knew it he was going off inside her. She loved it. She loved feeling him blowing rampantly inside her. With her eyes closed, she fell in love with her husband all over again. He was by far the greatest man in the world to him. He knew how to make love and she loved that about him. Afterward, they lay side by side...he was playing with her frothy nipples. He always loved playing with them. She knew it and never stopped him ever.

Afterward, he put his hands around her, pulling her close against him. He could feel her breasts. "Mmmmmm, I still, after all these years, love to hold you, and feel them you know."

"I know" she said with a smile. He couldn't see it. It didn't matter. She liked feeling his arms around her. "What I loved, what I enjoyed...was feeling your cum going crazy inside me."

"Yeah" he said.

"Uh uhhh" she acknowledged.

"Wanna do it again" he asked.

"Can you this soon" she said.

He didn't answer. She knew he couldn't. They'd have to wait a few hours before she'd have to get him horny. He'd have to become hard again and it wouldn't have been as good as it was earlier. Maybe wait a few days before hand.

"I'll wait a few days...then I'm gonna do it right, okay" she said.

He didn't say a word as he pulled her snugly in against him. Tighter, more lovingly, and as he did he kissed her shoulders and neck. She murmured how she loved it. That's all either one of them needed now. Holding her, kissing her, but feeling those tits... Mmmmm, a woman's tits he thought...never can get enough of them.

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