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Author: StonyPoint
Published: 04-Nov-10
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She looked into his eyes as she felt his hands on her tits. Oh, it felt good again to have her tits held like he was holding them...

* * * * * * *

His best friends had always called him Papa. Nobody ever really knew why except two guys. But that was in the past. Wes Harrison, a very good lawyer, was only 36, and he carried a body on him which made him seem 26. Blondish brown hair and taller at 6 foot two inches, he had no lines on his face, and he was as athletic as he could stand to be.

She'd met him briefly at the bar, one which mainly entertained attorneys for the most part, but for her she went in with a few friends two of which were attorneys themselves. He saw her sitting down and talking and laughing and for the very first time he told himself he was going to go and meet her, then see what happens from there.

"Hello" she said looking up at him as did the other three ladies with her. "Can we help you" she said and he began his normal banter with her which set her and the others off. They fell in love with him as would anyone in the same situation. The others noticed how he was beginning to focus on her. She was attractive. She was a few years younger like them. But she had those eyes...ones which invited men into her "den of desire" and would not let go of the man.

Eventually they decided to leave the bar. They walked. They chatted. They conversed and laughed and soon got to know one another. He asked if she had a car. She said no and he said he'd walk her home. Oh ohhh, she thought...oh god...here it comes, she told herself. He'll want to come inside and...and Sally, you know what's next. Yes you do.

"I'm sorry...Wes is it, right" she said. "I know a guy by the name of Wes" she told him. He acted surprised. "What's your...last name Wes" she asked. He told her. "No...no..." as she entered her apartment building and went on to tell him almost forcefully "this is not going any further...Wes" she added. She didn't sound frustrated but she was. Yes, like many women who meet him, she wanted to play that card. She wanted to undress him. She wanted to be undressed by him too. Yes, she wanted to have sex with the guy. He was sweet, polite, and damn good looking as well she told herself as she watched him walk down the street.

Later the next day one of her volunteers entered her office. She told her she was going to go and get a coffee. Sally asked if she could join her and told her they'd shut the office for a half hour or so. Out at the coffee shop across the street they sat and talked. Sally told her volunteer about the guy.

"Wes Harrison...Wes Harrison" the volunteer said. Her eyes and thoughts lifted off to an unknown hideaway of thoughts. How do I know him, she asked herself. "I know that name but how...I do not know" she told Sally. "What's he look like...maybe that'll make me remember." Sally told her.

"Either way...if you like him...go for it Sally. Go for it. If it's something you...you know...need and every girl...you know...needs it every so often...then go for it. Call him up, look him up...do something...but ask him out. Tell him you're sorry and ask him out. Get him in bed. You won't be sorry" she said to Sally. "Flesh to flesh" the dreamy eyed volunteer went on to say "body to body" and her voice lowered some "and his cock finding its way up against you and then...and then inside you... Oh Sally...Sally...to feel it inside your...you-know-what. That hardness and solid length...up inside your...pussy. Ohhhhhhh Sally...think about how it would feel in you" she went on to add. From that point on they sat in silence as Sally thought about how this Wes Harrison might feel up inside her swollen, desirous pussy. His hard boner going deeper and further into her cunt.

"Ohhhhhhh my god" she told her volunteer. "Oh...my...god...yes...yes" Sally said.

And with that Mary took Sally's hand and she smiled as she held the hand. From that point she told her to just go on and call him. She wouldn't regret that she had. "That hard manliness inside you" she said again. "Mmmmmm, I could almost feel it myself" she told Sally.

Back at the office, Sally shut her door. She pulled out the phone book. She knew he was an attorney so she looked up his business number. After locating it, she called the number but he wasn't in at the moment. She call back around five or so, she told herself. She did but he still wasn't in so she left a message on his voice mail. "Wes...this is Sally...umm from the other night...remember" she said. "Can you call me...please Umm, I'd like to talk with you about something. Thank you." But she forgot to leave her number and had to call back and give it to him and she gave him her cell phone number instead of the office number.

He called. She smiled when she saw it was him. Her voice immediately softened. "Hi. I want to...apologize to you first off" she told him and he told her it was fine. No hard feelings on his end. It was a nice chat. "Would you like...to...go out for dinner. You can pick me up too" she went on to say. He said he'd love to so that night was his chance.

He went to her door. She was decked out. Nice slacks and one hell of a great looking, low cut top which bared enough of her "workable" chest or so he thought. So did she when she put it on that night. "Come in" she said as she showed him around, a little. She seated him and offered him a drink, which he accepted, and the two sat and talked some more. It was nice and before either knew it, she called out for Chinese to be delivered.

"Wow, this is really good. Where'd you find it I could" and then he did. He burped loud and she laughed as he apologized and he finished by saying "burp." She smiled and he did too. "By the way, what is this I'm drinking It was an alcoholic elixir she found which she heard was really good. He liked it. She told him and asked if he'd like another. He thought about it but he said yes as he handed her the glass. Before he knew it, he felt "loose." He felt slightly woozy.

"I love that top you're wearing" he told her. She smiled and thanked him. Yes. Bingo. Go ahead...feel my chest if you'd like. Why do you think I'm wearing it She stood up and for some reason he did too. He felt great. So did she but he really felt a little drunker then he expected. "Mmmmmm, I have to tell you how great you look tonight. I mean in addition to that top...I love how those slacks seem to look on you."

They stopped and looked at one another. Getting closer...closer, she thought. Is he ripe and ready yet, she hoped. She walked towards him. She lowered her voice. She looked into his eyes. "Want to do something a little different tonight" she asked. He asked what. "Would you like to take me down that hallway there...undress me...and slip your cock inside me...let me feel how hard it can get inside me Would you"

His eyes flared up as if excited to get the opportunity to do something and she smiled and leaned in and kissed his cheek. No making love. All I want is sex tonight. Good sex too, she thought. Not roughshod but nice and easy, smooth sailing sex. Get him hard, get me off, and make the man cum. But do all this smoothly, she thought.

He took her hand and found the bedroom and once inside he looked into her eyes. Her bosoms seemed bigger to him and he wanted to feel her breasts like any man wanted to. "Do you like them" she asked. He said she had really beautiful breasts. "Care to feel them" He nodded and smiled and looked into her eyes initially but then at her full round boobs. "Go on and touch them, gently."

He reached in and cupped her boobs. She looked into his eyes as she felt his hands on her tits. Oh, it felt good again to have her tits held like he was holding them. He rubbed them lightly and finally began squeezing her breasts like a real man should. She loved how it felt and moaned quietly as he squeezed them from outside her top but Sally wanted the real thing and reached down and began taking off her top for him.

"Ohhh wow...nice" he told her.

She smiled and told him to keep doing what he'd been doing so he caressed and squeezed her tits, but she knew she wanted more and more. For that matter, she could feel his cock, already, inserted into her horny pussy.

"Take off all my clothes, and yours, and let's get in bed. Go inside me tonight" she said. And with that, they were getting undressed, and lying down in bed so they could fuck. "One thing" she went on to say "I want this slow...I mean really slow and easy. Don't worry...you're going to cum and you won't have to wear a condom tonight at all."

Before he knew it he was inside her. Her pussy felt great. It felt tight as any man would want one to feel. Soft and firmly snuggled around his erect rod, it appeared to swell while inside her moist pussy. The further he went in the more and more she seemed to love how it felt inside her. He agreed to go inside her so she could feel it...very slowly, and she lay on her bed appreciating how it felt too.

"Uh ooooooohh" she let out, her head cradling backward as he efficiently and almost lovingly slid it further into her hole. "Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh Wes...ley" she called out "Wesley" she said again feeling the thick hormonal monster settling inside it. "Ohhh that is...soooo wonderful" and she held him tight, finally finding his lips and placing a sumptuous one on them. "Mmmmmm, I think" and breathed deeply "I could lay like this all night long with you. But, like you I want to cum, terribly. Am I right"

He lay inside her not answering her question. She felt great, he thought as his hard cock snuggled against her aroused soft barriers. Finally he said peacefully "I will say this. You have a great pussy Sally. It is soooo tight against me" and with that he reached inside between them and began playing with her clitoris. Her eyes closed. She felt the sweet vibrations of his actions moving and reverberating deeper inside her too that she cried out as he pleasantly fiddled with it. "Ohhh, do I hear a sound saying you're hornier because of what I'm doing" he asked.

"Oh yes...yes...ohhh god yes" she said.

And with that he rose out of her and slowly plunged back inside, doing it over and over, but slowly and gaining some speed. He asked if it was okay to do what he was doing and she said yes... "Fuck me harder" she actually said and with that he plunged more rapidly and with greater passion then he ever had. His cock soon made her orgasm and cum and she loved how he did it all without it seeming like he had to fuck her like she was any old babe, so to speak.

"Oh...papa...papa" she cried out for some reason "fuck me...harder...ohhh harder papa" and with that he went at her, passionately and affectionately, but he went at her with great respect as well. He was more then ready to cum himself and told her too. "I wish...you could just do it" meaning she wished he'd simply cum inside her but both knew better so she told him "Take it and hold it and spray that beautiful molasses all over my body."

Molasses he thought. Okay, whatever...and where did she learn about my nickname too But he didn't care. He pulled himself out and jacked himself off and he squirted his self across her beautiful tits and face. She screamed quietly for joy as he came on her. He laid down by her body and held her close.

"Thank you" she said. "Doing this...with you...felt awesome." She looked into his eyes. "Could we do it again some time"

He leaned in and kissed her and told her yes. For a while he lay with her soft sumptuous body, but she knew...he'd leave and have to go about his business. When she awoke in the early morning... He was gone. But she still had his cell phone number. She smiled and showered and dressed for work, thinking about how he felt inside her last night. "Mmmmmm, that felt good" she said smiling as she went to her car.

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