Passionate for StoneyPoint

Author: RavenMoon
Published: Dec 30, 2010
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He led me to the bed, laying me down slowly as his hands wandered between my thighs, stroking and rubbing...

I couldn't believe his passion. The door was left unlocked this time. I opened it slowly and entered the house. I could smell him, his scent all over this house, the scent that would soon be all over my body. I wore nothing under my raincoat as he had asked. My body trembled with anticipation. I was so excited, almost too excited to breath. My thighs were wet with my desire. I walked slowly, relishing in the friction that my thighs caused, taking one step at a time as I wove my path to his bed room. I could see the flicker of candles in the bedroom as I slowly opened the door.

I called out to him in the flickering light. His light breathing was my answer, his arms snaked around my waist, pulling me so close to him. The heat from his torso burned through me. "Undress." He whispered. "I want to see you by candlelight."

Every inch of my being buzzed as the raincoat fell away from my body. I could feel his eyes watching me in darkness. He ran his hands across my breasts and down to my navel. The final descent had me weak. My head reeled from the feel of him. He led me to the bed, laying me down slowly as his hands wandered between my thighs, stroking and rubbing. I moaned softly, cooing to him my adoration. I do not remember him undressing. I do not remember him climbing on top of me. I do not remember when he spread my legs slowly but I do remember the overwhelming feeling of him filling me. I do remember the taste of his lips and the soft feel of them.

We rolled around, intertwined as all thought that wasn't of him escaped me. I moaned loudly, writhing beneath him, on top of him, around him. I felt him through my being and wished that we could consume each other. His mouth found my breasts and it seemed as if I would be sucked into him.

~Yes. yes, just like that~

The bed shook, the house shook and the world shook as I was rocked to and fro in my desire. An orgasm never felt so sweet yet still he fucked me. He fucked me as if sex was his life and I was his sustenance. I wanted to taste him, to draw life from him to soothe the very desire that burned as hot as each flame that flickered and waved our shadow across the room. I sucked on his fingers, kissed my way down his arms, nibbled on his lips, inched my way to his neck until I was trailing my tongue down his torso. Face to face with the erection that controlled my every thought I breathed in his musk. And with my mouth pressed into his stiffness I parted my lips slowly daring my tongue to lead me.

I sucked at him. My tongue twirling 'round him, enveloping him. I could hear him drawing in each breath trying so desperately to keep his composure. His hips met my face and I took him in as far as he could go. My bottom lip brushed his heavy sack pulled up tight between his thighs full of the drink that I so desperately needed. I felt parched then, thirsty for only the nectar that he could produce. My lust was a disease and his cum was my cure. Only that could sustain me, give me back my life and still the quaking of the world.

~Deliver me, cast me into the sea of my own sexuality~

I was taken up then as another orgasm threatened to still me. Just the feel of his silken flesh between my lips prodding my throat, gliding across my tongue, just the feel of it was almost too much. It was as if I could feel him inside of my pussy again, fucking me relentlessly. We were there together, in his bed, my face tucked between his legs. I felt him thickening, swelling, threatening to erupt. I was dying to taste him. I became feverish with my lust and like a long awaited rain in a parched desert he filled my mouth. I swallowed, keeping pace with each eruption. I almost couldn't breath, his quivering hand stroked my cheek in the dark. He was quiet, just a deep rumble of quickened breath.

I crawled up beside him, smiling to myself as the night consumed me. I lay wet and naked beside him, drowsy, my eyes fluttering, drawing me into a deep sleep that smelled of sex, of his sex and my sex. I couldn't believe this passion, his and mine and what became OURS. The candles still flickered on, dim as the wax pooled around the lonely wicks. And as each candle died into the darkness I drifted deeper into my dreams and further into his arms, falling swiftly into sleep until he snuggled up close to me, cock hard and pressing into the round of my hips and whispered to me that he was ready again. And I couldn't believe my passion.

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