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Eating Her Out

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Author: StoneyPoint
Published: 18-Jan-11
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The guys tongue she met at the bar that night was all the way up and into, and she emphasized the point, her pussy. Her smile widened as her eyes floated and her thoughts drifted back to that night...

* * * * * * *

They all sat around, talking and drinking, and laughing but Caroline wasn't. She couldn't believe what they were all saying. "So there I was. Naked. Can you believe it...naked and he's smiling at this" as her hands waved down and around her wide and thick figure. "He says to me 'You have to have one of the most alluring' and I swear by that. He said alluring to me. She went on. 'figures Cecelia and as god as my witness...I'd love for you to sit on my face..." That's right. That is what he said ladies."

They all about gasped, including Caroline, as they heard what Cecelia was telling them. She went on to say she undid her slacks and pulled off her underwear even though she had no idea what to expect. But it was good. The guys tongue she met at the bar that night was all the way up and into, and she emphasized the point, her pussy. Her smile widened as her eyes floated and her thoughts drifted back to that night.

"Ohhhhhh...ladies...girls...how he...licked me out. Whewwww...it was...tremendous girls! There wasn't anything like what he did and the guy wasn't some husky thick dude either. He was slender and crazy about me."

"I had that too" announced Rachel. She also was smiling. Caroline's head whipped around to her left. She couldn't believe it. Her too Really This is unreal. "The guy and I can not even remember his name now but the guy got me to sit down on his face. It seemed like he was freshly shaved. His tongue went about business...licking and sucking me off. I came and I dripped and oozed...right into his mouth. He didn't say a word. I mean that is not until we cuddled and he looked into my eyes. Then he said it. 'You have a great pussy. I could do that a million times over.' And then he pulled me closer... Mmmmm...he smiled and he looked directly into my eyes...and we kissed right after that." Rachel smiled as she looked at her friends and recalled that night. Caroline who had never had any suck experience was stunned at her admission of something like this. Did the others also have experiences like that too, she wondered

Another and then another admitted and told their tales, which to Caroline, sounded unbelievably true. Not her though and as each one told their own tale it all eventually came down to her. Caroline didn't have one. Cecelia asked her if she'd ever had been eaten out. Caroline, who hadn't, shook her head. She looked down.

"Well honey...we are going to have to change all that...aren't we" Cecelia asked.

Caroline didn't know. All of them, each around 27 or 28 at the oldest, had been eaten out, but not her and now she wondered...what was it like. Okay, yes, she had a guy finger her here and there, but never had a guy ever eaten her out. Never had she ever taken off her clothes and sat on a guys face. She could feel her body's heat. It rose. She knew she hungered for something like that. God it would be awesome if a guy like that would come up to her and flirt with her and eventually say "May I eat you out" Yeah right, she thought...that'll be the day.

"We have to help her ladies" Cecelia announced. "We must...right Caroline"

What was Caroline going to say No thank you. I'm fine. I don't need that Right. Sure. They went on to other subjects but Caroline watched her friends. They all had been looking around, looking for someone...anyone to come up to their table and talk and flirt. Hell, almost anyone...any good looking, willing guy would do they thought. And as the night went on, he appeared before them.

Handsome. Brawny. Sweet acting. Polite too. He walked right up to their table. What they didn't know was it was on a dare. If he had the balls to do it, get to know these ladies, then the rest of the evening was on his buddies. Yep...on his buddies. He could go for that, right. The guy was a guy. He was a nice and sweet guy at that. He had drawbacks. He was a shy guy but talkative enough if in the right setting, or even dared and pushed too...as in this case. He put on a face and smiled and he walked up the table. The ladies saw it happen before he did. They watched him. He lugged his tall 6 foot 4 inch thick and brawny iron workers frame up to their table. The girls were smiling before he even arrived. They loved how he looked either way. He was a man they typically were attracted to in the first place.

This was Caroline's chance but they had to get the guy to notice her first. Caroline wasn't so sure. She wasn't someone who solicited herself as a slut, a whore who loved sex above anything else. No she wasn't although she did like sex and all but she was not skilled like most her friends. Still, if the right man came around, and this guy, about their age seemed to be like that...she'd become comfortable enough to take it to the next step...and the next one after that...until she was sitting, naked, on his face, and he was eating out her pussy. She smiled inside although her face did not show her emotions, yet.

Her friends, although they hadn't said anything yet, were all prepared to get him, Jeff, to focus on her, Caroline. Here he came... "Good evening ladies" he said, sounding humble. "How are all of you tonight" Almost all of the young and vivacious women said fine as they each smiled at the good looking, wide shouldered, but also nicely dressed young man about their age...that is except for Caroline who knew what was about to happen. "That's great... May I buy you all a drink" he added, smiling at each and every one of them.

Caroline sat there, waiting...waiting, and wondering how soon it would all begin. He introduced himself- Clay. They each started saying their names, which he soon forgot, seeing as it was a bar and all. It wouldn't matter. They weren't necessarily their for themselves were they Not now they weren't and Caroline knew it too.

"And...you are" he said as he looked at the now-quiet Caroline. She told him. "Nice to meet you" he said. His smile seemed more and more relaxed as he stood there and spoke to the congenial group.

"Caroline's the one you should be speaking to" one said. "I mean...we're all...taken" she lied and looked over at Caroline. Would she jump at it...at Clay...at the opportnity to cash in No, it didn't look like it, but all of a sudden...out of no where...somebody filled the jukebox up with quarters. Someone from somewhere yelled it out...


Clay stood there. 5 women and one man...five good looking, chubby too, but even so shapely and well endowed women willing to dance. Clay looked at all of them. Smiling he had easily and swiftly got the drift. "Caroline...may I invite you to dance"

Their hearts all rang out. Go for it, Caroline. Say yes. She did. She stood. Clay took her hand. She disappeared to the dance floor. She was gone...for most the night. They were happy for their friend... "Wow...that was fun" she told him. She was exhausted and did not want the evening to end. She loved dancing with this fellow, slow or regular, it was a lot of fun...lot's of fun. "I...guess I wish we could sit...and talk...don't you" she said.

"Yeah... I do too. That was great." He looked around. His buddies were no where to be found. Where had they gone "Geez...my friends left...all of them." He looked around again. Nobody was anywhere to be seen. "Uhhhh...I'm...I'm without a ride home. Um, did you drive at all" he asked.

She had. She always drove. She asked if he needed a ride home and he said yes. No expectations. None at all. They decided they'd had enough and called it quits, leaving her friends there at the bar. They had driven. They could get home. No problem for them. So she grabbed her jacket and purse and Caroline and Clay were out of there.

"You go girl" one of them said quietly to her. She hadn't heard what was said.

"So you grew up where, again" he asked. She told him. "Really...you...mean that" and he went on to tell her where he grew up. They lived five blocks away from each other but went to different high schools. The region had split into different sections since they'd graduated but regardless they should have know each other. Turned out she switched schools and went to a different grade school then him too. Before she knew it they driven around and around and around for almost two hours...talking about almost everything while they laughed and became much more comfortable throughout the evening. "Wow, like...do you need to get gas" he asked seeing as how long they'd ridden around.

"No...not a bit. I'm good. Um...where is your place" she asked as she turned to look at her potential suitor. They smiled at each other and all of a sudden her body burned all over the place. She realized, possibly, he might be the one. "May I ask you something, Clay" she said not sure it was the right thing to do. He said yes. "Have...you ever" and she paused as she second guessed herself. He waited and looked at her, smiling too. "Well...I don't know if I should be asking this but..." and she slowed, again and then stopped. She turned to look at him and didn't accelerate. "This is a weird question but I guess...I guess I'm going to ask it anyway." She stared into his eyes and forced a smile. "Have you ever just simply had a woman, a girl...sit on your face and eat her out"

He was slightly shocked. He grew faintly horny too. Eat out a girl...nothing else, he asked himself Oh god! Oh...shit! Ohhhhh...my...lord and the sensations he experienced showed up on his face too.

"I'm sorry. I really am. It's obvious by what I asked that maybe you haven't" she said. "I am so...soooooo sorry and the reason I am asking...well...there is a reason" she went on to tell him. "There is and if you" and she closed her eyes as she felt the tingling begin to build and course through her as he stared at her face. She had no idea, at all. "Really... Let me explain it all...will you...please"

All he did was nod and smile, and nod and smile. Yes, please explain that question is what she read, and without another word she took him to her apartment. She did not ask. She did not say why. She simply, without word, drove directly to her place, but also held his hand. He didn't pull it away. She liked that.

There, in her apartment, the two sat. She explained it all. She explained all of it to him. He loved, absolutely loved, her explanation. He smiled and stared at all of her solid, thick, luscious, and most definitely curvaceous figure as she explained why she asked the question she asked in her car. He simply sat still, not making a move, while she talked. But...he grew hungry to hold her, closely, and that was about all he wanted at that point.

"Sooo...that...is how we got to this point" she said. "That's how we got here and also... Well to be honest with you...and I'm telling you the absolute truth now" as her eyes looked away and then back at him "I knew you back in high school. I knew you quite well...I don't mean personally, but I knew of you."

She stood up. He watched her. She undid her slacks. He watched her. She dropped them to the floor and picked them up. He watched her do it. He looked at her luscious, silky looking thick thighs. He could cuddle with those for the rest of his life, he told himself, and her ass...well her ass...it had to be the most beautiful "pillow" he had ever seen too. Plus, even thought he hadn't seen them, her tits were big also. He smiled as he looked up and into her eyes. She felt like she was being ultra-brave doling what she was doing.

"Clay...let me sit on your face. Lick me out, please" she said timidly.

He must have nodded a hundred times as she disrobed. With a figure and especially thighs and an ass like hers, which were as nicely shaped and as well sized as he could imagine, he was going to all she asked for with honors. He grew eager, quickly. Wrap her around me, he thought. Take her and make love to her body, he told himself as a smile greater then the Milky Way developed on his face. Yes, she saw it, and felt more at ease as she finally removed her underwear, undressing her shaved and smooth pussy as well.

"You're...you are...absolutely...gorgeous Caroline" he finally spit out. His eyes were focused, on her mid-section. He was extremely horny and so wanted to please his hostess any way he could...any way she wanted him to. "Wow, Caroline...I mean that too."

She smiled and wanted, first to hug him, and then to kiss him. She did neither and said "Lay down, okay. I'm going to sit on your face." Her words sounded like that of an angel and he did as asked. She started to sit down, over his mouth, over his tongue, and he watched and waited as her wide and luscious pussy came closer and closer and closer.

Plop! Ohhhhhh...man...she smelled good and with that his tongue engaged its services. It eased up and out. First her lips. Mmmmmm. Ohhhhh. Then inside the warmth of her pussy. He heard her moan. He heard her utter numerous undertones regarding some kind of sexual pleasure as her body shifted numerous times, each time causing her to come closer and closer to having her first orgasm like this. He licked and he licked. Deeper and deeper he went. Around and around her fat, sweet smelling pussy his tongue and lips dug. She cried out some more as he did it. This was...great. It was awesome. She was spectacular, to say the very least. He licked more and more as he felt the soft insides of her cunt. There was no replacement for this. None. He couldn't think of anything as he ate her out. He went at her, licking and licking, digging and digging, and tasting what had to be...had to be some of the great pussy he had ever eaten out in his life.

She came again. She oozed all over his mouth, moaning as she did, and thanking god it was as good as all her girlfriends said it would be. She smiled and so wanted to get off him and snuggle, and nothing else. She did just that. He was relieved. She was becoming a little heavy seeing as she was built like she was.

"Clay...honey...you...did an... Wow and I mean every word of this... You did an extremely great...job" and she smiled as she looked deep into his eyes. She pulled him close. She hugged his body. Her thick breasts smashed against his sides. He was horny and easily...easily could have told her, but did not. He let her cuddle, closely. Yes, it felt good, and yes, she was terrific. She smiled until the kings came home. And yes, now even she would be happy filling her pussy with his cock too, but she didn't.

She kissed him often. They held one another closely. She smelled great and he did too. Finally she heard "I'd do that again, if you wanted to. I loved it...did you" he said.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhh Clay...Clay... Yes, I'd do it again, but next time...let's start out with some kissing. I mean...if you want to, but yes...that was as good as I had heard it was supposed to be."

He turned and she did too, to look at one another, and he took her hand and pushed it down, over his crotch. She felt it and smiled and she began rubbing it, a great deal, as the two laid side by side. His smile grew...and grew as he looked at his lover.

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