Sadie's Satisfaction

Author: Anon
Published: Jan 5, 2013
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Sadie was succeeding at making herself wild! She fantasized about being fucked doggy style, very hard, very fast, with a huge fat hard cock, while having her ass slapped...HARD.

She laid there, in the early hours of the morning, snuggly and cozy in her king sized bed. The first rays of light were starting to shine through the slats of the blinds. Sadie felt particularly horny this morning, and her pussy was throbbing with intense hunger.

Sadie looked over to the door,to make sure it was locked. She hoped the kids slept awhile longer this morning. She spread her legs apart and reached down and slid a finger into her moist cunt. Sadie wanted a real good orgasm, one that would give her body some much-needed relief.

Spreading her pussy lips apart, she started lightly circling her tingling clit with her ring finger, "mmmmmm....that's nice". She licked the fingers of her other hand, and started fondling and pinching the large hardening nipple of her left breast.

Sadie had not had sex in over 5 years, so a hard cock had not entered her pussy in what seemed like a lifetime.

Sadie longed for a long hard cock to penetrate her moist, velvety soft cunt. Sadie needed more privacy, extra safety of not being caught. So she got up and went to the bathroom, and locked the door. She picked up a round handled hairbrush and sat on the toilet and spread her legs apart. Slowly she inserted the smooth, round cold handle into her sopping wet cunt. Oh God, it felt good to stick something in there. With one hand fiercely stroking her clit, she started moving the brush handle in and out of her pussy, pushing it up into her G-spot. She started whispering to herself "fuck me...fuck me...oh yeah, fuck me with your big hard cock! Shove it into my hot wet CUNT!".

Her pussy was making vulgar, wet, sloppy noises as she pumped it in and out of her soaking wet cunt. She couldn't yell out, because someone might hear her, but she was getting close to orgasm. How she wished someone was licking her pussy right now! She imagined somebody eating her pussy right now, and how she would like to shove her sweet pussy into their wet, hungry lips and flicking tongue. Faster and harder she stroked her pussy's pleasure button, and harder and faster she fucked herself with the brush. She could not control it any longer and Sadie came with a loud grunt from deep within, and her body shook and shook, and bouncy breasts jiggled with pure delight! A stream of lovely, delicious pussy juice shot out of her cunt. Her raging clit was engorged and swollen, and it was becoming sensitive, but it wanted more. It had been so long since she masturbated that she could not stop. So she beared through the sensitivity, until her cunt was ready for more action.

Sadie was wildly horny again, even more than before, and she sweared, if a salesman, mailman, milkman, ANYONE, male or female came to the door right now, she would drag them into the house and fuck them for dear life. She would FUCK them to DEATH! She would sit on their face, and smother them with her wet CUNT! God how she wanted to FUCK someone!

That fantasy stuck in her head, and she went and laid down in the bathtub, and spread her legs far, far apart. Looking down at her own sweet pussy made her wild with desire! Sadie lifted one of her large round breasts up to her mouth, and starting flicking her tongue at her huge hard nipple. Sadie had these large dark red nipples that looked like huge, beautiful ripe berries, begging to be sucked and devoured.

She started whispering and talking dirty under her breath, "my pussy is so WETTT... my pussy is so HOTTT...lick my juicy CUNTTT.... please lick my pusssssyyyy... FUCK my pussy... EAT my pussy!, make me CUUUMMMMM..."

Sadie was succeeding at making herself wild! She fantasized about being fucked doggy style, very hard, very fast, with a huge fat hard cock, while having her ass slapped...HARD.

She rubbed her swollen clit, hard and fast, fast as her fingers could go. She started to feel that warm, fucking good feeling build, making her toes curl.

She was getting ready to cum, and rubbed that sweet little button as fast as she could. "OOOHHHHH GGGGODDDDD, it feels so fucking GOOOOODDDD, I'm gonna CCCCUMMMM, my pussy is gonna CUMMMMMMM!" At that moment, her pussy violently contracted and her juices shot out, and Sadie kept rubbing. Wave after wave hit her body again and again, and this was the biggest orgasm that Sadie had ever had. This was what she had always heard about, but never experienced before. Multiple orgasms! Her hand was cramping, and her body was racked, but she couldn't stop. Sadie's fingers worked like a vibrator, strumming that engorged clit as fast as her fingers could go! She didn't know if it was pee or cum coming out of her pussy now, but she didn't care, because it felt so fucking good, and the orgasms kept coming.

Finally she shoved her face into the thick towel laying on the edge of the tub, and screamed into it, "OHHH GODDDDD, OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK......AHHHHHHHHHHH". One last HUGE orgasm racked her body, and Sadie arched her back, squeezed in her ass, and then fell back, and lay there. Her drenched and spent pussy throbbed like a super nova, her heart beating in her cunt. Who knew masturbation could be this damn good Sadie felt very satisfied with herself.

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