Sandy's Ass

Published: Jan 9, 2013
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Over her shoulder I could see my maid getting an orgasm. I slid my hands into her panties fully grabbing her full ass and started kneading it. She loved it and started grinding harder into my aching dick. I started rubbing her ass slit concentrating on her hole. She purred like a satisfied cat and asked me to insert my finger into her hole.

It all started on day while I was home alone in the evening. I received a call from a colleague at work. She asked what I was doing; I told her I was alone watching TV. She asked if she could come to visit with me. Now, Sandy was one foxy lady. She is petit, but full. She has smooth skin, short dark hair, a lovely pair of lips, full breasts, lovely legs and a great ass. My wife was away, and so was her husband, and I was home with only my lovely Hispanic maid that I had been trying to lay unsuccessfully.

I called my maid and told her that I expecting a guest and asked her to go to her room and not be seen. Sandy arrived shortly. She was wearing a shirt blouse and a short skirt. She looked voluptuous and I started having a hard-on as soon as I saw her. I had been wishing to get her but I was never sure how faithful she was to her husband and was afraid to make a pass. She gave me a kiss on the lips at the door and my hard-on got even harder. I pointed her to the living room and as she walked in front of me I admired her great ass. I asked her what she would like to drink and she told me wine, if I had it. When I returned with the wine she was lying face down on the sofa watching the TV I had left on.

I knew then that we were going to have fun that night. I sat next to her and handed her the wine glass. She took a sip and complemented me on the wine. I put my hand on her leg and she did not move, so I started caressing her moving my hand up her thigh. She asked me to get closer so I moved further on the sofa and she put her hand on my thigh. I reached back and started to caress her ass and she started moving her hand closer to my aching dick. I moved her skirt up revealing the loveliest round ass that I had ever seen.

She was wearing a pistachio bikini panties with half of her ass exposed. I started caressing her ass and she moved her hand directly on my dick. I was wearing a thin track suit and no trunks, so she felt it fully in her hand. At that moment she gave a moan and I was not sure whether it was because I touched her ass or her touching my dick. She started to move her hand up and down my shaft as I inserted my hand inside her panties. Her cheeks were full and plump and I reached between them touching her warm ass hole. She moaned loudly. In the corner on my eye I could see the maid hidden behind the corner watching with her hand inside her pants. I winked to her and she smiled. I reached under Sandy's blouse and reached for her tits with one hand while the other continues to rub her hole. I asked her if she would like to take off her blouse and she sat up on her knees on the sofa facing me and allowed me to unbutton her blouse. As I unbuttoned it, her tits in a lift-up bra revealed themselves. She had lovely erect nipples and full breasts. I carried her and sat her on my lap facing me and started licking her lovely tits. She started grinding her pussy onto my erect dick and moaning.

Over her shoulder I could see my maid getting an orgasm. I slid my hands into her panties fully grabbing her full ass and started kneading it. She loved it and started grinding harder into my aching dick. I started rubbing her ass slit concentrating on her hole. She purred like a satisfied cat and asked me to insert my finger into her hole. I wetted my finger with some saliva and dove back into her slit finally reaching her hot hole and started inserting it. She started jumping in ecstasy and asking for more. In a few moments my finger was fully inside her. From where we sat on the sofa I was facing the maid who saw me fully bury my finger into Sandy's ass, and the maid was cumming violently, followed by Sandy, who collapsed in my arms and I lay her back on the sofa.

I suggested that we go to my bedroom and Sandy agreed. I winked to the maid to disappear and carried Sandy to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. She looked lovely with her nipples hardened and beautiful thighs. She proceeded to remove her bra releasing her lovely tits. I leaned over and started to suck on them and she came back to life. I undid her small skirt and slipped it off.

She parted her full thighs and I saw her wet panties with her full pussy lips protruding through the thin, now transparent, panties. I slowly slipped her panties off revealing a lovely plump pussy. Her lips were engorged and slightly parted with her pink showing. I could not wait any longer and dove between her legs lapping at those lovely lips, she moaned as I licked her. She smelled heavenly and tasted sweet as I ate her lovely pussy. She started reaching for my pants and I removed my shirt and then slowly slipped my pants revealing my 10 inch shaft and watched her mouth open in awe. I moved closer to her and slipped the head of my dick between her waiting lips which were warm and wet.

She wanted more and I started pumping her mouth inserting it further and further as I watched her lovely eyes. I reached behind with my hand and started rubbing her lovely wet pussy. I asked her if she wanted my shaft between her wet pussy lips and she nodded in agreement. I was fully hard and well lubricated by now. I slipped my shaft out of her mouth and moved between her parted thighs. I placed my shaft between her pussy lips and started rubbing it into her while I fondled her tits. She started begging me to penetrate her, but I teased her some more before finally placing the head between her lovely pussy lips and inserted it. As I penetrated her tight pussy, she arched her back and gave a loud moan. I started pumping her slowly going in further as she moaned and aahed as my shaft slipped into and out of that beautiful wet pussy. It was not too long before we started cuming, then collapsing on the bed. I finally slipped it out of her pussy and we laid side-by-side on the bed.

After some time she turned over on her belly and presented me with her beautiful full smooth ass. My dick started to come to attention again and I moved behind her and started caressing her ass and rubbing her hole. She said "please fuck me in the ass" and I just about came from the way she asked it. I went down on her hole and started licking it. She started moaning loudly again. I started inserting my tongue into her hole and she went wild. Finally I could not wait anymore and reached for the KY jelly in the drawer. I lubricated her hole and I started applying it to my dick she turned back and shivered.....I asked if she was cold, but she said she was excited about my dick slipping into her ass.

I pulled a pillow and stuffed it under her. Her beautiful ass was now raised and her cheeks parted revealing her lovely pink hole which was twitching in expectation. As I mounted her, I noticed the maid again peeking from the open door. I smiled at her as I mounted Sandy and placed the throbbing head of my dick on her awaiting hole. I pushed slightly and the head slipped right in. Sandy gave a very loud moan and said "yes please, pump me fully with your long shaft". I leaned over her, kissed her and Said "I am about to fuck you lovely ass for the rest of the evening". As I said that she stated twitching and I knew she was already cumming. I held her waist and climbed up on her full ass, and slowly started pumping her, going deeper with every push as she moaned and moaned. I was finally fully inside her and I watched her lovely full ass below me being pushed up and down. I knew that was what she had mainly come to me for. I knew that somebody with an ass as lovely as hers loved anal sex the most. I continued fucking her for about 15 minutes before finally emptying my load up her ass and collapsed on top of her.

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