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Second Date - A Guys Take

Author: BeachGuy
Publish Date : Jan 19, 2013
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She lazily pushes me off her and takes her panties the rest of the way off. She tugs at my boxers with almost no energy. They are off that quick. I roll on top of her.

* * * * * * *

Second date going well. She loved my lamb ragu on couscous. I mostly shut up and let her talk. Dinner dishes put away More candles lit Music turned up Wine glasses refilled Back to the couch

Let's see where this goes

Tip of my middle finger Traces a circle on her bare left shoulder So lightly she inhales deeply, unevenly Glad she wore a tank top Is there anything in nature more beautiful than candlelight dancing across the bare skin of a beautiful woman

Hand glides to her elbow and back up So slowly her chicken skin rises

Back of hand pushes her long hair to the right Fingers spread up back of her head And close almost too firmly

Hair in clenched fist draws her head and lips to mine Her eyes close and lips part She has surrendered herself to me But not entirely

Our lips graze but don't linger In one smooth motion I pull her head back, way back And kiss my way down, pausing below her ear

Stealing glances at her cheek ear neck jaw adam's apple and shoulder, a rumble in the loins speeds the motion. A self inflicted painful twist of my skin slows me down. Quietly I breathe in her aroma. Intoxicating! Fight the urge to bite.

Her lines and shadows evoke images of an old masters sketch seen on one of those Europe trips. Dali No. Rembrandt Perhaps.

Brain catching fire. What's the strategy Don't say anything stupid. Turn up the heat. Let her stop it.

Right hand loosens grip on her hair but doesn't let go. Left hand draws her right hip to me. I start pulling her leg over me. She gets the hint, drapes it generously over my lap. Ok we are tangled up.

Pregnant pause. Smiles. My move. Kiss or touch Hell how about both.

Our lips like magnets, I pause a millimeter before contact to savor the heat. Exquisite. First kiss gentle, sweet. Second kiss we push harder. Tongues play very lightly, just checking it out.

Time to move. My left hand comes up her side. Thumb brushes her breast. Fingers spread across her shoulder. Did I mention I'm glad she's wearing that tank top

Third kiss we lunge at each other then back off just enough to keep it going. With her breast fully cupped in my hand, the rebar in my jeans throbs uncomfortably. I sneak my hand away for a quick adjustment.

Flat out groveling. Motion everywhere. Arms and legs in each others way. Trying to learn her moves. Pulling down her shoulder strap, I drop my head to her chest, kissing the exposed flesh of her breast. She moans lightly and giggles.

Coming up to kiss her bam! My head hits her chin. She falls back. Nice one Mr Smooth, jeez.

"You ok Sorry" "Yeah it's fine," she smiles and rubs my head as if I'm the one who got hit. She sure ain't like the other one. Purge that thought.

I hand her her glass. We clink and take a sip, sheepishly staring and contemplating. The candlelight in her eyes betrays her thoughts..."this guy gonna man up"

I attempt to sort out the spurious thoughts racing through my own brain: its only the second date. Maybe that's enough for tonite...she could get mad if I keep going, or if I stop! I take her foot in my hand and play with her toes.

"What are you doing tomorrow" I ask cheerfully. "Making you breakfast," she says as she puts our glasses on the table and straddles me. Okaaaay.

The kissing and grinding become so passionate the heat doubles. I tug her top towards the ceiling. She takes it the rest of the way off and delicately drops it on the floor. No longer restrained by clumsy ice breaking, my hands cover every square inch of her back, shoulders, and ass many times over. Just like some over eager high school kid. If I could just snap my fingers and make our clothes vanish...

With her legs around me I pull her close and stand up. She looks surprised then throw her head back and laughs.

"Grab em," I say as I tilt her towards our glasses. Carrying her across the room she gets quiet. She looks over at my bedroom door and I kiss her turned cheek. She turns back with a soft smile. Melts me, knees almost buckle. She trusts me...don't F it up.

I lay her on the bed like a fragile flower. Taking the glasses from her, it's my turn to straddle. Taking off my shirt, I throw it over my shoulder.

I take her bra off and come down to kiss her before she catches me staring. Our bare chests press together. We roll sideways, legs entwine and we kiss like its the last kiss on earth. Touching each others face, hair and back. Sensous, deliberate. Like we've known each other a long time. We could fall asleep now and the nite would have been deeply satisfying. Nah...

Though fully in the moment, the faint volume of the now distant music and our immediate breathing brings a palpable reality. This ain't no tee-hee frolicking on the couch. The fact that she is here and in my bed means its there for the taking.

I really like this girl. I could travel the world with her tomorrow. She is definite gf material. How best to play it so tomorrow neither of us have regrets Condom of course. Minimal conversation...I am prone to buzz-killing ill-timed jokes.

She's not a baby she knows what's up and will say if she's not comfortable. Handle her like the princess she is. Above all else make her come. Early and often is better. Before me the best. Whew ok let's get naked.

She raises her sweet bottom to help me pull her pants off. Simple white underwear. Elegant. They stretch across and just below her hips, leaving a finger width gap between the top and her belly. As i take off each leg, a quick glance at her adorable face shows a dreamy, almost sad look.

She suddenly jumps up in her knees. "My turn," she says giddily. Women! I'm so comfortable around her that there's minimal embarrassment as she peels off my jeans and reveals the rigid tent in my boxers.

"I'm really glad you're here," is the last thing I say for the next 30 minutes.

"Me too." Music to my mojo.

Sloppily and with much noise I kiss her flat belly. "Stop! that tickles!" North or south Hmmm. Clock says 9:32pm. Promise myself not to touch her panties before 9:42. No problem. This woman's body is like a field of nectar. Or a wonderland. F you John Mayer.

Taking each breast in hand, I kiss all around the sides of one while firmly thumbing a circle around the nipple of the other. Then switch and repeat. Hmm, she's not moving much.

I slide my right arm under her neck and pull her right shoulder towards me. As I bring her close, I focus my tongue like a laser on her right nipple. Alternately kissing, sucking, gently biting and tonguing circles, her beautiful bulb goes from tender to rock hard in 2 seconds. Her hips start a slow thrusting in time with her breathing. Not against me necessarily...it's almost like I could walk away and she'd keep on moving. But hell, I can run with this.

Keep her nipple wet and stimulated, I tell myself. I take my arm back and roll her on her side away from me. I spoon against her while leaning over and take her left nipple in my mouth. Her left hand reaches over to squeeze my ass and leg.

Blind with lust, I grind my shaft against the back of her panties. It would take seconds to slide inside her. Easy tiger, we're not in animal mode right now. She puts her hand between us. Thinking she is slowing us down, I move back a couple inches. But she lowers her hand and holds me there briefly before moving back to my backside. Hmm, hardness check Sizing it up

There must be a wire running between her nipple and hips. When she is touched just so up there, motion ensues down there. And more heat. Did God design her like this, or was it years of evolution Did only the lustful and attractive early humans breed, propagating these traits Maybe the dead fish never got pursued and died off. Nonsense, plenty of ugly people mate. A walmart visit will verify that. She suddenly lifts her head and steals a glance at me. Focus asshole!

I come up to her, kiss her forehead, and give the best confident smile I could muster. Still on her left side, I give her breast a kiss wet enough to keep my fingers moving on it. The area where the arch of her back meets her ass needs attention. On our first date I was lucky enough to place my hand there for a goodnite hug and peck on the lips. We're talking Rainbow Bridge at Glen Canyon Park beauty here. Now, it's mine. I roll her a little more to her right so my hand can smoothly run the full length of this mind-blowing real estate, shoulders to bum.

She shivers slightly either from the touch or being so exposed. Either way, I pull the corner of the cover over her shoulders. Damn I really like this woman. And no, not like the last one. I want to take care of her, remind her often that she is special.

Her shivers abated, I resolve to kiss her ass. Not figuratively, but literally. After a few strokes of my fingers, my lips grace that superfine behind. Up and down. Left and right. Back to cheek to leg to cheek. Goose bumps. Just inches away from her furnace, her booty is cool to the touch.

My hands multitask...right fingers gently tug and circle her left nipple and left explores new territory. I brush down the back of her legs all the way to her feet and back. If I go twice as slow as I try to, it will probably still be too rushed.

Clock says 9:38. YGBFSM!!

Decision time. I could come up and kiss her for at least 4 minutes, or do the other. It is perhaps the most intimate act. We hardly know each other. If she stops me will it end the nite Remember the plan, make her come first. And damn well. This is paramount.

I stay down there and, with one final slow kiss of her backside, I go for it. My left hand rolls her hips level while my right hand pulls her left leg apart and over my head to rest on my shoulder. There is no resistance. This is a truly hot moment. When a beautiful woman opens her legs for you, it is one of the most satisfying gifts a man can experience. I am throbbing wildly and wonder if its still going to be standing tall when I need it.

My right hand lays across her tummy. My left holds her right knee while I kiss its inside. She holds both my hands and starts to writhe. I squeeze her hands and slide my head up, kissing the inside of both thighs as sweetly as I can muster. I am losing my mind.

I must look at her. Her hips are moving in an incredibly intoxicating circular motion. Thighs, underwear, abs, chest, shoulders and head all move together in a swirling unison. Her entire physical essence is framed before me. A fleeting thought makes me want to end the nite. It almost too much intensity for my ADD brain. Just don't want to blow it. Forget it...man up.

9:44pm. F the clock. The nite is ours. I increase the intensity of the thigh kisses while my right hand comes down her tummy to the top of her underwear.

The top of my head rests against her crescent. I turn up to her. She parts her legs further, ever so slightly. I kiss the fold of silk that covers her sweet spot. She quickly inhales. Her hands wrap around mine yet barely touch. My lips move left to kiss the steamy skin where leg meets hip. Then to the other side. Up and down. My left thumb, inches from my chin, caresses her inside right cheek.

That right hand Still on top. Index finger comes down to make circles on the (hopefully) right spot. Pantie kiss intensity goes up, firmer and longer. She is wet. The contour of her lips come right through. Her scent has me inches from insanity. My left hand takes her right one up and over, resting on top. Please let her take the hint. She doesn't. I hook her finger on the edge of her underwear and tug. She takes 3 fingers and pulls them to her right. Her flower lay bare before me.

I kiss her hand then go back down. Don't think and don't say anything. At this point its pure act.

I plant slow kisses on either side of her lips. Three times. Then kiss dead center. My right thumb and index finger come down to spread her apart just enough. My tongue comes out and licks up left then right. Extreme light touch. I then raise my tongue up to the very spot that has driven men to madness from day one.

Hoping I'm in the ballpark, I begin a back and forth motion with the flat of my tongue. Warm honey flows to my throat. She is breathing deeply. Her left hand goes to my right ear. My focus rises a quarter inch. Her back arches and mouth opens to take in her left fingers. We've arrived.

The spot found, the motion must continue uninterrupted. Nothing else matters. What follows is a build up and climax worthy of a commemorative stone carving. She twists and gasps, pushes and pulls my head and hair, exclaims "OMG" several times, until a stillness takes over. That lasts 2.5 seconds. Her moans get loud, her sweet wet lips pulse and undulate against mine. Powerful thighs squeeze my head. The sweetest scent and taste imaginable flows to my buried face. She twitches and goes limp.

One last kiss there, I wipe my chin on my arm and kiss her full mouth. Her eyes almost closed, a deeply satisfied smile spreads across her.

"Thank you." "Uhumm."

She lazily pushes me off her and takes her panties the rest of the way off. She tugs at my boxers with almost no energy. They are off that quick. I roll on top of her. Wait. Think straight. One of us has to. She is on a cloud. Don't do it without. I reach over to the nightstand drawer and pull out the prepositioned, cursed latex.

I quickly unfurl and install it. Back on top, I pause to look her in the eyes and kiss her. She again parts her legs and slides her hand down to guide me in. We both stop breathing for the few seconds it glides in to the hilt. We touch and kiss. I start moving. My left arm wraps around her right leg. We move together, deliberately at first. The motion gets faster and harder. Too fast. Too hard. After a few minutes of this I slow down, then almost stop. I can never come like this. I can hardly feel her.

She brushes my hair back.

"When was your last blood test" she asks. Lightning bolt to the gut. I roll off and lay beside her. "Every year for work." "Me too. All clean and on the pill. Anything you need to tell me" "All good here. Safe and clean."

She starts kissing my chest and stomach then pulls the condom off and drops it on the floor. Her hands and mouth are all over me down there. I rise once more in full glory. Thanks little buddy.

Once again the energetic person I adore, she mounts me and reaches back to hold it. Teasing herself with the head of my member, she finds the perfect angle and lowers herself onto me. A flood of warmth radiates across my entire midsection.

We move together as one. My fingers dig into her ass. She grinds her pelvis and the familiar moan comes back until she shudders with another orgasm. I push myself up so we are sitting up, yet still locked together. Her legs and arms wrap securely around me. Deliciously sticky down there. This is ecstasy. All the high def, hi speed smartphone shit out there can't hold a candle to this. We are one with the cavemen. I never want it to end. But I am close. Not even the usual thoughts of fiery car crashes or Mexican prisons can delay my climax. No way. I kick my legs out and embrace her for a sweet kiss before the final run.

Carefully staying inside her, I maneuver her to her back and start moving. My right hand is again grasping her hair behind her head while my left reaches well under her behind, ensuring an unbreakable lock between us down there. This is a connection for the ages. A perfect fit.

The next few moments are pure sexual bliss. Reckless abandon having been mutually dispensed with, all that remains is base animal-like rapture. Passionately kissing, arms grasping, we come together in a terrific shudder. It is done. Tres bien.

Sudden calm. Distant music plays on. I can't bring myself to get off her yet. I speak my first words:

"so, what's for breakfast" "whatever you want, honey," her husky voice trailing off with a sigh.

Whatever's left of my spent brain contemplates our third date.

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