I Woke Up Feeling Horny

Author: Kirstie
Category: Short Sex Stories
Published: Jan 24, 2013
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He gazed between my legs and told me he was looking forward to having his cock inside me. That makes two of us, I said...

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All characters and terms including boy and girl refer to people age 18 and over.

I woke up feeling horny as fuck. You know what it's like. If you're a guy you wake up with a stiffie. Well I woke up all wet and sticky. I was feeling so horny, no way would one shag satisfy me. I was gagging for it. Didn't even bother to have a wash. Opened my front door, this was half eight in the morning. It's easy to get cock on my estate. I don't have to place an ad; I can get cock anytime I want. Just thought it'd be fun, that's all, see what I got.

Anyway, Mr Dean from Sefton Street, he was on his way to work, about to catch the number 42 bus. I shouted to him across the road, asked him if he fancied a shag before he went to work. Straight up, I just came out with it. I don't beat about the bush. He couldn't believe his ears - first thing in the morning, a tart standing at her front door offering her fanny. He didn't say no though, did he, the horny bastard

Five minutes later I was stretched out on my bed with my legs wide open, fingers pulling my slit wide. He told me I had a lovely quim. We'd passed each other lots of times in the street, but this was the first time I'd shown my muff to him. Shown it to him lots of times in my dreams, mind you. He didn't seem too shocked I must say. I think he knew I was a bit of a slut. Well, more than a bit really. He gazed between my legs and told me he was looking forward to having his cock inside me. That makes two of us, I said.

I could feel my juices flowing as he slipped it inside me. It slid in smoothly. It was perfect. I love the feeling of hot cock sliding between my legs, sliding deep inside me, never get tired of it. I took him in deep and grabbed hold of his arse. He had some arse on him, I'm telling you, loads to grab hold of. I love a man with a nice big arse.

He thrashed about on top of me, pumping his meat right up me. Didn't half ram. I cum a couple of times. Then he pulled out, shot his load over my tits, completely covered them. He then quickly dressed, said he'd have to hurry less he'd be late for work.

I still craved cock, not that he didn't satisfy me or anything. I just needed more. I said to Mr Dean, if you bump into anybody in the street, tell 'em I'm gagging for it.

He left my front door open and I waited on the bed with my legs apart. I knew it'd only be a matter of minutes before I had another man in the bedroom, another cock inside me. It was twenty minutes to be precise, not even nine o'clock in the morning and I was about to have my second fuck of the day. Mr Foxx, the horny bastard. He's nearly 60. Walked into my bedroom with his dick sticking out of his pants.

I asked him why he wasn't with his wife. He told me she didn't turn him on like I did. He told me that he'd always fancied me since I moved on to the estate five years ago and that he'd had many a wank fantasising about slipping me one. I said to him, well now's your chance to turn your fantasy into reality. And I opened up my pussy.

The sight of Mr Dean's spunk slithering out of my pussy turned him on even more. He slipped a finger inside me, then pulled it out again. Sniffing the goo from the tip of his fingers, he asked if it had come out of Mr Dean's cock. Sure has, I said. He gave me a big smile, said it was time for him to squirt me a good load.

He told me he might need a little help and asked me to suck his balls. Any excuse. I took both his big hairy bollocks into my mouth, gave them a good licking and sucking. I then very gently licked the shaft of his big meaty dick with the tip of my tongue. I took the purple head of his prick into my mouth and I could taste his pre-cum. I took his whole cock into my mouth, sucked him good and hard, up and down, twisting around with my wet lips. As I sucked, he called me a dirty fucking cocksucker and started to fuck my throat.

My cunt craved his cock more than my throat so I took my mouth away and sat on him, swallowed his dick with my tight little pussy, Mr Dean's spunk squelching round his cock. This is my second cock within an hour, I bragged.

He played with my tits. Pumping up and down on his cock I stretched behind me and fondled his bollocks. I fucked his dick real hard, bouncing up and down on him as he rammed the fucker right up me. I screamed it out loud. Fuck me, you dirty horny bastard! Fuck the arse off me!

60-years-old and boy, could he shag! He fucked me over and gave my cunt the fucking of its life. I told him to fuck me, kept screaming it out loud. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!

Harder and deeper he shagged me till I orgasmed again and again, screaming with pure pleasure. The whole neighbourhood must have heard me. I came again and again as he squirted inside me, his huge fat cock pumping me with cum.

Two cocks within an hour, two hot fucks, two thick creamy loads. I must admit, I didn't think I could get two cocks within sixty minutes. Even by my standards that was pretty good."

About: The author of "I Woke Up Feeling Horny" is Kirstie. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Short Sex Stories section.

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