Machines - The Venus 2000

Author: Anon
Published: Mar 5, 2013
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She then climbs off of me and wipes her pussy juice off my face and replaces my gag. She said I did a good job and that she is going to reward me. She then walks over to a cabinet and removes a black box with wires coming out of it.

This is my first story. It is not a true story but it is my fantasy.

I have always had a very strong sex drive and no matter how many times I have sex or masturbate in a day I am never satisfied. While in the local adult toy shop a few weeks ago I ran into a woman who after a few minutes of small talk told me she was wanting to become a professional dominatrix, and that she was experimenting with turning pleasure into torture through forced multiple orgasm and post orgasm torture. I told her of my massive sex drive and that I would be extremely interested in an experience like this. After of few more minutes we made an appointment for two weeks out and exchanged phone numbers.

The morning of the appointment she called and gave me directions to her place. When I arrived she met me at the door wearing a very sexy black and red latex cat suet that complemented her very well. She is 5' 8" tall, red hair, fair completion with freckles. Her body was astounding as well.

After exchanging pleasantries she showed me into her basement and instructed me to strip. While I was getting undressed she asked me a few questions about my limits and expectations. She asked if I had any experience with anal or if I was apposed to being analy penetrated. I told her I had never tried it but I was not apposed to the thought. She then asked if I had ever tried e-stim and I said no. She then handed me three small pills and told me to take them. I asked what they were and she told me they were fast acting sexual enhancement pills "Viagra on steroids". She said it would enhance the experience. I already hade a major erection from just the sight of her in that cat suet but I took them anyway just to see what would happen. She then told me to sit down while she prepared some things.

She returned about 20 minutes later and led me into another room with a chair that resembled a gynecology exam chair. She pointed to the chair and told me to get in. I complied and got in the chair and placed my legs on the stirrups, I was slightly wary of what was to happen next. She the proceeds to tie my hands by my side and my legs to the stirrups and puts a strap around my waist and chest so that the only thing I can move is my head.

After taking a minute to admire her work she walks over to a table and gets a bottle of lube. After applying a generous amount to my dick she give me the most amazing hand job I have ever experienced. She smiled and said that she hopped I enjoyed it because the next few times would not be nearly as pleasant.

She then pushed a cart over next to the table that had something on that resembled a tube from a cow milking machine that was connected to a black box. As she was applying lube to the tube she told me that it was a VENUS 2000 and that is was a fully automatic masturbation machine. She then slid the tube on to my dick and tied it in such a way to keep it vertical and prevent it from coming off. She starts the machine out slow to allow me to get used to the sensation and then slowly turned it up. The sensation is amazing, a mix between a blowjob and a tight pussy. As it strokes my penis I realize I am not going to last very long. Sure enough I only last about 5 minutes before I fell my second orgasm building and let out a moan. She then begins to turn up the speed as I cum. After I cum instead of turning it off she speeds it up. Its is a mixture of amazing pleasure and torture and it is then that realize exactly what I have gotten into. After a couple of minutes she turns down the speed to allow me to recover and it is at this time that I feel the pills start to take effect and after a minute or so I am fully erect again. She then turns the machine back up and this time i manage to last about 15 minutes befor I cum and she proceds to turn it up afterwards agian. This time it is much more intense and I begin to protest loudly whitch prompts her to gage me with a rather large ball gage.

This time while the machine is slowly stroking me back to erection again, it doesn't take long thanks to the pills, she says she is going to begin some anal stimulation. She roles over a another table that is covered with different sizes of butt plugs ad dildos from about half an inch across to nearly three inches across. She puts on some rubber gloves and begins to apply lube generously to my ass and finger fuck me. This is an interesting feeling because i have never had any kind of anal experience before. She says she is going to start small and removes the smallest plug from the table and starts to work it into my ass. When she get it all the way in she starts tugging on it so that it hits my prostate and at the same time speeds up the never tiring machine. After a few minutes of this she removes the plug. With an evil grin she says " that one went in really easily, lets skip a few sizes" she then garbs a plug that is fully 2 inches across and begins to work it into my ass. As she is working it in I feel an orgasm building and she turns up the machine. With her skill she timed it so that the plug went in about 30 seconds before my 4th orgasm. The plug going in was slightly painful but pleasurable at the same time. She then proceed to massage my prostate with plug as before and I have an orgasm to intense that it is painful. My scream is muffled from the gag. She laughs and says that we are just getting started and that she wants at least 4 more orgasms out of me and preferably 6. At this time the pills have taken full effect and I have a continuous erection for the machine to stroke.

She leaves the plug in for a about 10 minutes while the machine strokes me. To my dismay however the plug is inflatable and she begins to pump it up. The first pump took me by surprise and I tried to jump to get away but I bound so tightly that I couldn't move. She continued to inflate the plug until I thought I was going to bust. Between the plug putting pressure on my prostate and the machine and the pills forcing my erection I was building to yet another orgasm. At this point it has been about 30 minutes since my last one. This time however, she turns the machine down and edges me for about 15 minutes and then turns the machine to full blast. It is a totally dry cum and it was so pleasurable and painful that it bring tears to my eyes.

As before, after some post orgasm torture she turns the machine down and allows me to recover. She then deflates and removes the butt plug and asks if i am ready for a good fucking. She then goes to the corner and brings over yet another table.This one has a fucking machine on it. The fucking machine has a dildo on it that is significantly larger than the plug. I try to protest through the gag that its too big and will not fit. She tells to shut up or things are only going to get worse for me. The relentless machine is still stocking my penis. She then proceeds to lube the dildo and bring it closer to my ass. She slowly begins working it into my ass and finally gets the head in. It is very painful but pleasurable at the same time. Luckily for me she leaves it there for a minute to allow me to adjust before working it in the rest of the way. Once she has it in she lets it stay for a few minutes and then turns it on a slow speed. She then speeds the venus 2000 up to a speed that take me to the edge of orgasm but not let me cum. She leaves me like this for a bout 20 minutes and it is shear torture. She finally decides to make me come again and turns the fucking machine and the venus 2000 up to almost full speed. I cum in a matter of seconds. I scream into my gag and strain hard against my bindings.

After some intense post orgasm torture she slows the machines down to allow me to recover. She says that she is getting very aroused and needs some relief. She strips off the cat suet and fingers herself to one orgasm. After that she turns the machines up, my dick is very sore at this point and wish I could make it stop. She says that she wants me to pleasure her. I am unsure how I am supposed to do this because I am bound and my dick is still in the relentless machine. But it doesnt take long for me to find out. She removes my gag and I begin to beg her to stop the machines, because I cant take anymore. She simply laughs at me and then straddles my face and instructs me to eat her pussy or Things will get even worse for me. Little did I know things were going to get worse anyway. I like and suck her to a gushing orgasm. This is oddly arousing for me. I have never been with a woman that could squirt or gush like that and now one is sitting on my face.

She then climbs off of me and wipes her pussy juice off my face and replaces my gag. She said I did a good job and that she is going to reward me. She then walks over to a cabinet and removes a black box with wires coming out of it. At first I am unsure of what the box could possible be for, but then I remember her question about the e-stim and I am very afraid of what is coming next. All this time the two machine have never stopped stroking and fucking me. She brings the box over to me and first stops the venus 2000, but only long enough to attach a wire to the liner which a realize now must be conductive. She then stops the fucking machine and attaches another wire to it, and turns it back on. She then turns on the e-stim machine. It is a very interesting sensation. When the tube is all the way down on the shaft it fells almost like a vibrator as the machine moves up the shaft it get more intense and focused on the head of my penis. It is also causing my ass to contract involuntarily and stimulating my prostate. She leaves me like this for about 10 minutes on the edge of pleasure and torture. She then turns all three machines up and forces yet another dry cum out of me in a matter of minutes. This time however she does not turn the machines down afterward. She leaves them at high speed until I cum AGAIN! She then removes the machines and my gag and unties me. She asks me what I thought about the experience. It was amazing i say. We then exchange email addresses and both get dressed. I leave feeling satisfied for the first time in a very long time.

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