Lap Dance

Author: KarmelKandi
Published: Mar 10, 2013
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I'm playing with my clit getting her ready for pounding, excitement, and ecstasy!

I see you walking in to my spot...shit just got serious! I can't stop watching you - walking around like a Mafia Don...your beautiful dark eyes are drawing me the fuck in...damn! After an hour I finally make my way to you - my panties getting moist, mouth watering -wondering what yo dick taste like!

"Hey baby, can I dance for you"

Not looking impressed you say "yeah" I start to seductively sway my hips from left to right while biting and licking my lips... I got your attention now...could it be my big sexy ass peeking from under my short laced teddie, or the fact that I'm rocking a 36D with a 27inch waist plus my big ass

I start to roll my hips fucking air winding my ass down low - I crawl seductively on my knees to the beat of "Make it rain" by lil wayne/fat joe... I crawl up your legs with my breast sliding across your knees - I feel your dick jump when my breast glide across it. I turn my ass towards your face and continue to gyrate in slow grind motion - holding my breast and gently squeezing one I moan loud enough to keep your dick hard - holding your dick by the crotch you say "damn!" I rotate my ass to the edge of your chair as my ass fit between your dick and the chair I grind slow...slow motion backing my ass deep into your crotch rubbing your hard ass dick!

The DJ scream over the mic "Damn, shit turning personal y'all!" "Time to slow this shit down!" he switches the music to a Player's Club tune "your body calling me" R.Kelly by this time I'm fucking you hard with your clothes still on...I want 'em off!

You say "Damn baby, let's make this a private dance!" guiding me to the back you quickly drop me to my knees.

I hear R.Kelly fading as my mind is focused on this dick in my mouth...I'm slurping, deep throating with moans in between slurps...mmm...I hear you moaning low - I'm playing with my clit getting her ready for pounding, excitement, and ecstasy! I want your dick deep in this pussy! I slowly get up from my knees guiding you to a chair and straddle you with my breast in your face rolling my hips in fuck motion I whisper "fuck me" I bounce on your dick and roll my hips grinding down gripping your dick between my thighs you say "shit, get you some baby!" I reach in your pants and completely release the beast throbbin to be fucked - I slowly and seductively move my thong to the side as I ease down on your dick wetting it up with my cum...damn...mmm..shit...I feel your hard dick glide up and down in my wet pussy. I grab your head as I fuck you grinding, pushing, gyrating, up and down - our eyes roll back I'm reaching my climax you're hitting my g-spot and I can't stop! It feels so good I got yo ass about to raise my hot ass off this chair pumping so hard! You moan a loud grunt "uuuh Damn! I'm bustin!!" we both release the biggest nut ever! As a closer to our night I can't let you leave nutted up so I bend down and slowly suck you clean!

The alarm sounds reminding me I'm only a dancer for one night! "Damn!" I grunt...

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