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My Name is Karmel


Author: KarmelKandi
Published: 23-Mar-13 Revised/Updated 03-Nov-17

Karmel comes in various smooth chocolates. Me, I'm dark, short, and stacked! My gushy is pleasing and only known to a few...

* * * * * * *

My name is Karmel. If you're thinking I'm light skinned... you're wrong... I'm not.

Karmel comes in various smooth chocolates. Me, I'm dark, short, and stacked! My gushy is pleasing and only known to a few. The way I feel when you hold me makes you wanna nut straight off the bat! I'm smooth as silk, you like the way I slither between your legs - creep up your thigh - makes yo dick throb! The wet softness of my lips on the head of your dick keeps it hard... just the way I like it!

I love a hard body... the thick, bold, and firmness I feel when you're between my legs with my knees pressed against my chest fucking me like a maniac - hard, long, and strong. My pussy so wet it sucks you in... so good makes your knees buckle! How you want me to suck you... long stroke, short stroke, or lickity licks I'm on yo team... I do it all for you!

My neck action so good I make ya dick swell and ya balls ache!!! I'm getting mine Boo... I guarantee you...will...get... yours! I love how you get all up in it! Gripping my hips grinding and slammin my ass hard against your shaft while slapping my ass! Yo Boo this shit turns me on... got me creaming ya dick! Time to set it off with ass grinding, pussy bouncing, and deep pussy thrusting, I want it all and it's my turn to get it!!

Now Melanie, she's sweet... she's the Kandi to my Karmel! When she enters a room - every dick I don't have on lock... immediately gives her attention... including my pussy!

Apple Bottom ain't got shit on her ass! Sitting on ya lap grinding getting that dick... she steps in front of me with her 6" hoe boots on up to her knees... a teddy barely covering her camel toe pussy - calling "bitch" that's my call to submission! My fuck is harder - my pussy soaked!

Kandi is a well known pussy hustla - I eagerly kiss her naval all the way to her gushy still gripping her pear shaped ass... she moans seductively teasing my back with her whip while staring into your eyes... you get hard as fuck moaning "DAYUM, she got shit like dat"

Turned on, you pussy killah now - fucking my pussy up!!! I signal Kandi to get in doggy style position, following my lead she gets into position... I straddle her ass humping and grinding with every fuck blow you throwing! I'm creaming hard loving the feel of her ass beneath me - you start pumping hard going a 100 flipping me on my back Kandi straddles my face... face fucking me!

I take her to seventh heaven... licking and sucking her swole clit! We fuck hard for another forty-five minutes! Finally hitting that cum zone... everybody get nutted!!!! Kandi and I join together tonguing, licking, and sucking all the cum juice you got left!!!

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