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Published: Jul 5, 2013
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In this story teen girl Selena advertises online for an older man to teach her how to have great sex...

Selena felt a wave flood over her as she typed. She had wrote and rewrote her post. She still wasn't sure about what she was doing, or why really. Except that all her friends seem to have had some great sexual experiences. It was all they ever seemed to talk about. The three times she had sex were some of the worst experiences of her life. The one guy that she had gone home with from the bar was drunker than she thought. He had stunk, went limp very fast and he never did get hard again. The next guy was brutal and rough she was happy just to manage to escape from him. Maybe thats why she was so timid and shy with Wayne. Selena really liked him but she could tell she had disappointed him. He never did call again. So maybe she could find someone to teach her. Kind of show her the ropes so to speak. Thats the CL post she was working on.

"Teen girl seeks for older man to teach her how to have great sex. Must be patient and kind."

She liked it. Short to the point. Selena took a breath and hit the post button. Within a short time her inbox started filling up. So many replies, to many with attachments of dicks. All claiming to be the man she needed. Some promised that she would be very submissive. She did text a couple back. Then one Email popped up that caught her attention. The attached photo was a some what blurred face shot an older guy, probably forty-ish all the reply said was Raymond. Willing and able to pamper you. I will treat you with respect and promise that you can stop the activities at any time. Selena responded with a web cam shot that she tried to blur a bit.

She thanked him for replying. She started wondering what it would be like to be with him They fired a few emails back and forth; getting a little more flirty with each one. He let her know that meeting was her decision to make. It was after another one of those girl get togethers, with all the talk of their sexual conquest and fun that Selena made up her mind to meet Raymond or Ray as she called him now. Her parents were leaving for a few days holiday this coming Friday. She would have to call her brother to check in by eleven each night so everyone would know she was safe. This was her back up plan.

Selena Emailed Ray to see if Friday evening would work for him. His reply was very short ."It does"

A day or so went by before Selena emailed again she included her address. Rays reply was so sweet. Ray told her how pretty her picture was. He reminded her that she would be able to stop if she was in any way uncomfortable. He did add some instructions as well. He asked a few weird questions about her bathrooms and showers. Ray instructed that she be robed only in a dressing gown that opened in the front. Selena thoughts went from being scared to death to almost rapture. Finally Friday evening stole upon her. About an hour before he was to arrive she showered and put on a simple cotton dressing gown. Then nervously she kept peeking out the window.

Right at 7pm just as arranged a man walking up the street dodged up the steps and rang the door bell. On the porch was a man she recognized from the email pic. Dressed in dark blue. Selena once again she felt that surge of emotion wash over her like some kind of toxic shock. She hesitated for a moment then opened the door. Ray looked at her and smiled. She saw his eye brows rise up. "Nice to finally meet you Selena. How are you feeling about tonight " His voice was soft and pleasant he seem so friendly." Do you want to continue or should i leave." This was really it she thought. Here i go. Her own voice was very soft and low and seem to come from far away. "No stay, please just be gentle" " Gentle it is then."

Can you take me to your upstairs bathroom The one with the bath tub that has the shower" Selena took a deep breathe. She could smell that ray must have cologne on. she lowered her eyes and turning led the way up stairs. Ray directed her to stand in the tub. Still robed she complied.

Ray turned the water on and took his time adjusting the temperature. Then he removed the hand held shower head. " Are you ready to open your robe and let me see your beautiful body Selena" Selena loosed the belt to the robe and it feel open revealing her young nubile body,and her smooth tight skin. Her eyes darted to Rays before she lower her gaze to the floor. Ray expressed his approval with a whistle. Then he directed the shower head at her firm small tits. The water felt nice, warm, but not hot. It ran down her stomach. Water washed over her breast. First one little tit, then the other. Lower and lower. Selena's pussy was getting very aroused now. The water went back to her tits but the sensation on her pussy continued. She realized he was using the fingers of his free hand on her and let out an involuntary gasp. Ray brought his finger to his lips and licked it. He smiled; and put down the shower head. "Can i Remove your robe now Selena"

Selena let the robe slip off of her. Ray took it and tossed it a side. Picking up the shower head he started on her tits again, then the water was back on her fresh pink twat. He was playing now. Watching for when he hit the sweet spots. Then she felt his finger again. Rubbing, probing. Sensations she had never experienced flowed through her body. Bringing his finger up to Selena's lips this time. Her tongue reached out and flicked his finger. Ray put his hand on the top of her head and with a twisting action turned Selena around. Water flooded down her back. she felt his free hand caress her butt. A hand sliding between her thighs, the shower massaging her pussy she felt like she was going to explode and then she did. Selena stood gasping. Savoring this new feeling of release.

The water stopped. Ray found a towel and started drying her off, very slowly and methodically. Selena didn't know just what to think. She was over whelmed by the whole experience.

Freshly toweled off and still naked she let ray lead her to her bed room. He was still clothed; as he lay her on the bed, which seemed so familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, she realized he had not undressed. "Ray your still dressed." " Do you want to see me naked Selena" " She hesitated. He said she could end it at any time but wow what she had just experienced felt so good. "Yes Ray how about to your underwear anyways." Then she thought maybe he's not wearing any. Slowly button by button ray undressed. Selena laying on the bed watching, goose bumps popping up on her arms and legs. Ray was wearing black bikini briefs. Selena could tell he was very hard and large.

He settled on the bed beside her and gently kissed her forehead, her nose , her lips. slow kisses. Selena wasn't to sure about kissing."Your so pretty. Selena your beautiful." Ray cooed to her. He said her body was perfect." she tied kissing back clumsily, Ray's lips moved down to her neck then her nipples. AAhhhhh the pleasure. his tongue playing with one nipple then the other. Setting both on fire. Down moved the lips to her belly then to her clit. She felt him spread her pussy lips with his fingers. Ray's tongue seemed to be able to read her body. His finger tickled her thighs. one slipped into her ass crack and touch her asshole. Then was gone once again. Selena's body trembled uncontrollably she was vaguely aware that as well as using his tongue ray had a finger maybe even two inside of her. Her body spasmed. A finger probed and entered the rose that was her asshole that set off her fireworks! The orgasm racked her whole body again and again. Then she went limp. Spent.

She reached out for Ray. Drew him up the bed into arms. "Thank you, thank you Ray that was totally awesome. I want to return the pleasure you've given me." her hand reached down inside his briefs to feel his large hard dick." Oh you will Selena I know you will."

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