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Published: Aug 15, 2013
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The inspection took much longer than either of us anticipated and we found ourselves at some distance from the house, too far to return in time for the afternoon meal.

March 17th, 1862

Dearest Annabelle,

The journey from Asheboro was fraught with peril the entire way. Every day we passed troops hurrying to one battle or another and we never knew if we would be caught in the hostilities. On the morning we crossed into the Valley we could hear the discharge of canon and I can tell you it was not nearly far enough away. I was simply terrified!

Fortunately, we arrived at Hazel Park without incident. Thomas has provided an excellent home and the surrounding countryside are well suited to the plow. I expect that we will make this a successful concern. My joy was tempered shortly after our return. The recruiter for General Jackson's First Division came calling not a week into our residence here. Dear Thomas could not be dissuaded from rendering duty to his beloved Virginia no matter how many tears I shed. I am frightened utterly for his safety. Though he looked simply dashing in his Virginia grays, I swear I was all a tingle in a very womanly way.

I am very cross with the General for spiriting away my dashing Thomas to some distant battlefield and instead leaving a company of yeoman farmers to garrison the town. The company captain visits the homes outside of town for our security and I have seen the man approximately every three days. I must say that I have come to look forward to his visits with a trilling excitement. He cuts a roguish picture with his infrequently trimmed beard and the way the collar of his uniform is open exposing the throat. The resemblance to Thomas must be the cause of my renewed tingling at the very anticipation of his arrival.

He is a very gentleman in every way. Why, just the other day, he escorted me on a tour of the estate to inspect for pillaging deserters. Because the day was cool we decided to walk. The inspection took much longer than either of us anticipated and we found ourselves at some distance from the house, too far to return in time for the afternoon meal. Fortunately, the gallant young man had thoughtfully brought with him a ready remedy for my faltering strength. I had not noticed where he had concealed it during our stroll, but when he showed it to me its size was such that I am amazed that I had failed to notice it all that time. He had a lovely sausage that he carried with him. There was plenty as it must have measured seven or more inches and filled its sheath to bursting, more than a hand around, I should estimate. He generously shared his meat with me. I was delighted at the taste which was savory, warm to the touch and fragrant with his manly scent.

The captain gently assisted me as I worked at his sausage. It was so delicious that I proceeded to consume it in its entirety. I could not help myself. In no time at all with his help I had managed to get that entire magnificent specimen in my mouth. In very unladylike fashion I gagged once or twice but his hand on my head helped me keep it down. Then to my astonishment, he suddenly produced a thick cream to go with the sausage I was already consuming. It was sticky and sweet in a manly way. I found it delightful and eagerly swallowed all that he could produce. Some small amount escaped from the corner of my mouth to run down my chin. He smiled at me as he used my hanky to wipe away the escaping fluid.

Afterward, as we retraced our steps to the house he agreed to return with more of his beautiful sausage for my enjoyment. I know it seems absolutely scandalous to become so familiar with this brave soldier in the absence of my dear Thomas, but I am certain that he would approve of my entrusting myself to his comrade-in-arms even as I would be proud that he would render similar tender refreshment to another man's wife tending the home fires in eager anticipation of her own true warrior's return.

Now sister, I urge you to take up a similar vigil of womanly compassion for the brave soldiers of our own dear North Carolina. Commit yourself to their care for I am sure that they each long to provide for you just as my own young officer has provided for me. In this way we give them what they most desire in this dark time for our country. That is a sure reminder of the good things that are awaiting them at home when this horrible war that they are fighting so desperately is over. Do not fear to be alone with any one of our brave soldiers, they are all perfect gentlemen. I would not trouble Papa with informing him of the breaking of the usual taboo of being alone with a man. It is after all for the good cause and I am certain that he would be for it.

Again, I urge you to make yourself available to the troops for their comfort at the soonest opportunity. For myself, I have arranged for the garrison officers to each pay a visit to Hazel Park at their earliest convenience. With so many dashing soldiers calling upon me I have no fear of the war that is raging outside the Valley.

Also, Millicent the young negress that Papa gave to me sends her regards to her mother and brothers and sisters. Please pass this greeting on when next you speak with Momma Jammy. She is a darling treasure. She frowns when the soldiers come calling and threw an absolute snit when I sent the invitations, but I secretly think that she wishes she too could provide similar comfort for our boys in gray. Why, she positively blushed too her dark hair when I told her about the captains sausage and later I could hear her in her quarters play acting out the afternoon as if it had happened to her.

Kiss Mama and Papa.

Your sister in a new land, Connie

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