Escapades of a Promiscuous Young Wife Part - 3

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Published: Aug 21, 2013
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This is the 3rd part of the series where Annabelle follows her sister Constances example in Civil War era North Carolina exchanging intimate letters between sisters.

April 29th, 1862

Dear Annabelle,

I was much encouraged by your letter. There is a wonderful feeling of kinship knowing that we each are engaged in similar endeavors for the sake of our country. Your protestations wrung hollow in my ears for I know from personal experience with what abandon you commit yourself to the causes you hold dear. I know those soldiers will recover quickly and eagerly attest to you their ability on your behalf. Cheer them on so that they know their efforts are dear to you and all of us tender women.

Papa will always complain about the way things are. We should be grateful that he does or we would never hear from him at all! He has his paper mill and firebrand newsprint to keep him happy. As I am required to manage the estate here at Hazel Park the intricacies of business are being revealed to me. I believe that after this war there will be a different way of doing business that requires a partnership with labor. My plans have met with opposition from my darling's spinster sister. In this only I fault my husband, that he hung this millstone on me. We have an interest in an apple press that I am taking over in town to further some ideas I have about community access.

The invitations were a great success. Each officer accepted and they have all paid social calls as well as professional visits. They may not be born gentlemen but they have put on the coat of gentility. During the day I always have an escort to conduct my business and have no want of company in the evening. Miss Gertrude scowls all through dinner and I am on the verge of banishing her from the company. Why she has even gone so far as to accuse our guest of lascivious desires. I was mortified and had considerable difficulty in making amends as Lieutenant Conrad's honor was much deflated. I feel that I will have to find some other accommodations for my sister-in-law.

You remember how I told you Millicent had clucked at my behavior and that I felt she had secret desires of her own. Well, two weeks ago a Major touring on inspection was pleased to call and take advantage of our hospitality. We had enjoyed an early meal and strolled about the grounds to digest our food and establish a more pleasant mood. Millie accompanied us carrying some refreshment. The Major was recounting the victory our boys achieved over the bluecoats at Bull Run and then favored me with some poetry before complimenting me on the beauties of Hazel Park. I could see that we no longer required liquid refreshment and I sent Millie away to the house.

A light breeze began and we stepped into the shelter of the rose pavilion. The Major is a tall broad shouldered soldier with smooth cheeks and a handsome moustache. Finding that he was still peckish and that there were delicacies here he nibbled on some. The way his whiskers moved in a swirl as he ate caused me to giggle and then laugh. His appetite rising anew I prepared to offer him a more satisfying morsel. I have found that the traditional hoops worn for entertaining are an impediment and have resorted to petticoats exclusively. I advise you to do likewise. Therefore, I had no trouble granting him access to my store of sweets. He was a well-endowed specimen with a large appetite that I feared I would not be able to satisfy. He had no sooner begun at the spread that I made for him then we heard the unmistakable gasp of a lurking observer.

The Major hastily collected himself and apprehended the skulker. It was none other than my Millicent. I had to intercede to prevent the Major from shooting her on the spot. Then seeing the terror in her heaving bosom and smelling the heavy scented air he discerned that she was filled with excitement. Instead, he took her forcefully by the arm and brought her to the barn. He informed me that the army dealt with spies by use of the spread eagle. Millie had gone pale and I was intrigued. Using leather thongs he bound Millie facing the wheel of my chase. Exposing her back, he began chastising her with the horse whip for disobeying my instructions.

As the punishment continued her rent dress sagged more until the rounded curve of her Nubian buttocks was exposed. This became the target of the Major's aim. She tried desperately not to cry out and was soon reduced to tear filled whimpers. I could see his muscle flexing with each blow. My own heat was astonishingly high at the sight of my servant's chastisement. I have never felt so moved by the unclad visage of the female form as I did that night witnessing the sweet torment inflicted on her dark flesh. Rather than let her come to harm as he became more enraged and to teach her the proper respect for her betters I offered to let him use a heavier staff on her unprotected bottom. Taking my meaning and seeing the benefits to himself as well as for her instruction he took out his long pole. I generously applied several coatings of lubricant all along the massive shaft especially to the blunt end to prevent tearing of her skin. He then took his place directly behind her and forcefully applied his tool to her quivering buttocks. She gave a sharp cry, but then subsided into grateful thank you's as he repeatedly pounded her. I was overcome by the intensity of it all and had to sit down and rub the tension out of myself. The Major acted the gentleman and forgave my poor Millicent by filling her with warm cream when he was done. The Major took his leave and I brought Millie to her room.

I dare say that she has been the most useful of girls now. I find that she is indispensable when I am entertaining and I keep her with me throughout. She has an intuitive feel for what the guest needs at any moment and has provided service that I am incapable of. Tell Momma Jammy that her girl will keep herself from any low class nigger workmen as she has found much satisfaction in her present duties. Tell Mama I run things just the way she taught me. Avoid that nave Edward Tilby at all costs. Present yourself for your service at the hospital with all eagerness and perseverance as the men will most surely wear you out utterly. If you can visit; please come.

Expectantly Anticipating,


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