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Hot Encounter at the Airport

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Author: Naughty Tarzan
Contact: achileeseast123@gmail.com
Published: 18-Sep-13
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Another story about Mr X who has had sex with over 250 different women but is not a sleazy person or a sex maniac either.

* * * * * * *

This is another story of about the guy I will call X, who is now 38, and just getting naughtier and sexier. He is almost 6foot 7 in shoes, has green eyes, is about 250 pounds, muscular, and looks like olden days actor Rock Hudson. He is a solid manly guy, well mannered, very polite, and even chivalrous. Respectful and very intelligent even in the way he flirts. He exudes charisma. And since the age of about 23, he has had sex with over 250 different women, and with some of them, he has had it many dozens of times. But he does not boast about it, nor does he ever blackmail any one, and he is not a sleazy person or a sex maniac either. He is just a very warm and comfortable person in whose presence women just seem to want to lose their clothes.

He was short and fat as a kid and even in his adolescent years, for which, though he had female friends, he was just a friend and a nice guy and never even got proper dates. The girls that he would like were always taken away by other guys and even by his close friends. And by the time he got into his 20s, though he had grown to over 6 feet and was lean but he had still not developed the right attitude needed for drawing women to himself, for which he still got trodden upon and ignored or used. He got dates and got into relationships, but never the guts to take it to the level of sex, and soon he got dumped and cheated on too. And then he began to explore online dating which started to kick in from the late 90s, as he was a very intelligent person and superb in comunication skills and that started to build his confidence as he soon found he was able to woo almost any woman he spoke to for some time over a few days.

And soon as he started exploring those skills with real women that he met, he found miraculously, he was having a great string of sexual success too. Interestingly, he never targeted a woman as someone he would want to have sex with in a cheap or vulgar way. He only advanced slowly, cautiously and respectfully and each experience that he had somehow became special for him and the lady. By the time he was 23 / 24, he grew to his full height, a towering 6-5, and he worked out till he was covered in a rippling suit of muscles and the new personality he had, all together worked like magic. he could not get over his older habit of finding himself attracted to older women, who more often that not would end up being married or in relationships, but he was somehow able to use his unique magnetism to draw them out into having wild passionate affairs with him, which he always kept discrete like a real gentleman. He genuinely felt respect and something of admiration and love for whoever he had sex with. He just considered himself to be someone with an infinite capacity for love. He felt he belonged to the times of the Mughal emperors with harems of hundreds of the prettiest women of the empire. and in modern times he lived like a king too...

Helpful at the airport

He was in transit at Sharjah airport. There was a long 12 hour stop over from midnight till mid day next day. So, there was no point in going outside, as he had already been to dubai many a times. So after coming out from the plane, he went straight to the airport hotel and was booking himself a room for 9 hours from 1am onwards. He found that it was a rush hour and the only reason that he got the room was because his travel agent had made a reservation and there were no other rooms available. Just then he saw another woman come out of the manager's room and she was almost on the verge of tears. She was about 5 foot 9, and wore really nice tight jeans that accentuated her lovely bubble shaped butt and her beautiful long legs and she also wore leopard printed leather boots and a nice tight low cut T-shirt showing large wobbling breasts. She also wore a jacket on top. Her face showed some lines and he could tell she was in her late 40s, but from a bit of a distance, she could pass for 35. She had nice blonde hair, a lovely narrow face, lovely teeth, a bit pronounced cannines that gave her a vampirish sexiness. To make a long story short, he made out from the conversation that she had actually missed her flight because she had fallen asleep in the transit lounge and the airlines people could not find her. And now she was stranded till the next connection, the following afternoon. That she had already been waiting around for the last 8 hours, which is why she had fallen asleep and missed her flight 2 hours ago. And she really needed a room, and could not stay around in the lobby any more. She was also wailing about how this stupidity of her own had made her kids and her husband rave at her over the phone and how she was really upset and just needed a room to bathe and sleep.

Honestly it was not with sexual intention, though the wish had arisen, X went up to her and offered very gently and politely... that she could use the room that he had rented for himself. She looked up surprised and asked where he would stay. He said that he could manage in the lobby outside, or if she would allow, just use the bathroom and then maybe relax a bit on the sofa. She gushed with gratitude and said that of course he could use the room, as it was technically his and also offered to share the cost, but X declined to accept and thanked her politely for allowing him to use the room as well. He was reserved and decent and did not let her understand at all that he was having a hard time hiding the solid erection that had escaped from his underwear and was now barelling down his inner thigh making his denim pants bulge a bit.

She was very impressed with his looks, and his height and even asked him how tall he was, when he needed to tip his head a bit while entering through the door. X started to become hopeful. He allowed her to use the bathroom first, while he reclined on the sofa and changed channels. And then she came out after 20 min, her hair wet, her T-shirt clinging to her body that had been towel dried but was still moist. Her gorgeous tits were show cased through the fabric in a lovely hot black bra. His eyes rested on those beautiful jugs for a couple of seconds making her a bit conscious of them. She pulled the T-shirt a few times to make it not stick, and they shared a little giggle, as they both understood what had happened. The sexual air started to build.

After X freshed up, he came out and started to pick up a gentle conversation. Cautiously he started talking about how her husband should have been more understanding. It was not long before she was talking about her husband and how he always is sarcastic towards her, and the more she talked, the more that X worked his way into her head. Then he complained that the angle of the TV was such that the lamp reflected on it, at which she moved a bit and invited him to come and sit on the bed. And then as he did, he joked that her husband would probably not liked seeing her in this way. She laughed at the thought. He asked what she would tell him about how she spent the time. She laughed and said she would talk about the room, but leave X out of the story. So X prodded that he was to be a secret. She laughed and said yes. Then he flirtingly added, then why not make the secret a more interesting one...and now he was staring lustfully at her breasts...

Suddenly the sexual tension erupted.. she reached out and let her hand take X's into hers, and x tickled it in a way he knew would arouse her... and after afew awkward seconds, they moved in for their first kiss...which was a passionate deep french kiss. And then in moments, X had removed her T-shirt, and was frantically massaging her lovely breasts...soon he was licking her along the border of her bra...chewing the nipples through the fabric.. she exploded into moans and groans..

And then she plucked open her own bra and out popped her breasts... X practically devoured them with savage ferocity.. as she undid his pants and gasped as the lovely 9 inch cock sprang out ready for action...oozing pre cum...

She took it in her hand.. began to suck on it...and started to credit him on how good it tasted... he also wasted no time in rolling her jeans down, and undoing the knot of what appeared to be a bikini bottom she was wearing, and soon he started caressing her labia and folds with his tongue.. he also took some ice from the freezer in the room and rubbed it on her pussy lips making her convulse in desire and then he finally slid his cock into her... he pounded her for a good 40 minutes before exploding like a fire hose inside her.. but he kept on wiggling it inside till it got hard again and pounded for another 20 minutes and shot out the 2nd load...

now he pulled out and he was surprised to see the woman take his wet cock in her mouth and relish it once more for 15 minutes making it go hard a 3rd time but this time she let him fire it all over her face and tits..

they collapsed into each others arms and slept for a while.. they woke up again at 6 in the morning and fucked till 9, and then they both bathed, went out took breakfast and X went off... but they kept each others contacts.

They often chatted over FB and shared many erotic fantasies and laughs..

And she was from Cyprus, and X actually flew down to Cyprus a few months later to fuck her and they did... and a year later they met up in Athens and fucked 3 days straight...

They are still in touch and its been a year and X is sending her the ticket to find an excuse to fly down to rome, where he will be on business, and he would love to fuck her wildly again...

Best thing about X...anyone who fucks him once, becomes his good friend and lets him fuck them again and again at nice welcome intervels... its a wonderful relationship he cultivates...

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