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The Incident Between Monica and Teddy

Author: Oscar
Publish Date : Jan 16, 2014
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Her head bobbed up and down and she used her tongue on the underside of his cock in a twisting butterfly motion to excite him even more.

* * * * * * *

Monica awoke from her sleep and couldn't move. She stayed perfectly still and tried to clear the cobwebs from her brain. Then in a flash it all came back.

She had been driving East and had picked up Teddy alongside the interstate. The two had hit it off and spent the rest of the afternoon talking and enjoying each other's company. When they stopped for dinner they had a couple of drinks and then decided to spend the night in a cottage motel near the last little town. The night had passed with several more strong drinks and lots of very pleasant sex. Monica's pussy started to tingle as she thought about how well Teddy had plowed that furrow the night before. She must have cum at least four .... No, five times before the booze and sex had combined with the fatigue of driving and she slipped off into a deep dreamless sleep.

Finally her groggy mind got around to the fact of moving. She raised her head and found that her arms were firmly tied to the top corners of the bed. With an effort she twisted her neck enough to see that her ankles were tied in a similar fashion to the bottom corners too.

For just an instant she felt true panic. What the Hell was going on here anyway But then she relaxed a little. She could see her purse was still on the chair alongside the bed and the keys to her new Chevy were on the table by her sunglasses right where she had put them last night. That pretty much eliminated robbery. And it couldn't be rape. For Christ's sake he had fucked her senseless the night before and she knew that he had cum at least twice. He had cum once deep in her cunt until it ran out and down her legs and then again between her breasts when he was trying to convince her to let him fuck her in her ass.

While she was pondering this she heard Teddy come back into the room from the bathroom. He had noticed that she was awake and now he walked over and sat down by her on the bed.

"What the Hell are you doing" she asked him. "Untie me right now!"

"I don't think so," he quipped with a smile. "First I'm going to do something I wanted to last night."

"Shit, you don't have to tie me down to fuck me. I'll gladly go for a rerun of last night's fun honey. Just get these ropes off and let's get that big pecker of yours nice and hard."

Teddy just smiled as he dropped the towel he had been wearing. His cock was already showing signs of interest as he climbed up on the bed and kneeled on the pillow above Monica's head.

"Let's start with you giving me a little lip service baby," he said. And he pushed his member forward until it was against her lips.

"What about the ropes" she asked as she let his semi soft cock slide over her lips and into her waiting mouth.

Soon she was enjoying the feel of his manhood as it became erect and grew in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down and she used her tongue on the underside of his cock in a twisting butterfly motion to excite him even more. The sweet taste of his dick was making Monica horny as hell and she was already thinking about getting her cunny plugged again. She could feel her juices beginning to flow and knew that her pussy was hot and wet and ready for action.

But Teddy was enjoying the blow-job and wasn't ready to move on quite yet. His hands were on the back of her head and each time she slid down his shaft with her firm lips wrapped tightly around his cock he would arch his hips and drive a little deeper into her warm moist mouth.

Monica figured this was all some kind of weird kinky game to him. He had tied her up and then intended to make her blow him. Well, okay. If that's the way he wanted to start this off she was more than willing. She knew he could cum several times so she didn't mind if the first one was in her mouth. In fact she was really beginning to get into this blow-job thing and was getting more excited all the time.

In no time she found that he was bouncing the head of his cock off the back of her throat and still not stopping. She knew where this was going. Monica carefully started to control her breathing and time her breathes between strokes. As Teddy pushed deeper into her mouth she would allow her muscles to relax and take the head of his probing dick down into her throat. After several more strokes she could bury the entire length of his cock in her mouth and down her throat. From the sounds he was making this was something totally new to him and he was enjoying it immensely.

Teddy was ready to explode. He had never had a woman take his entire dick down her throat. He felt the hot lightning of his climax building as it raced from his balls up the inside of his hard dick. He had both hands on the back of Monica's head and with a final shove he buried his throbbing member to the hilt in her throat. His hands on the back of her head held her face in place as he shot load after load of hot creamy jizm down her hungry mouth towards her tummy. Only after he had completely spent himself did he think to release his hold on her head and let her breath.

Poor Monica had been on the verge of passing out from lack of air. She had totally forgotten the ropes in her excitement and she had been getting more and more excited about this wild new kind of kinky sex. Even as Teddy was driving himself down her throat and forcing her head to stay there, she had been on the verge of a massive orgasm. Her throat was starting to hurt and she was fighting not to gag when he had finally cum. But the feel of his hot cum as it shot up thru his pulsing cock between her lips and launched itself from the tip down her throat had been the most exciting thing she had ever felt! While he was still shooting his load deep in her mouth she had realized that she was cumming too! Not just a little satisfied pop but one of those big huge orgasms that always left her totally shaken and spent.

Teddy released his fingers where he had been gripping her hair and Monica pulled up enough to take a deep breath. She quickly swallowed his remaining cream and used her lips to clean his cock of every drop of that wonderful love juice. Then she collapsed on the pillow and just enjoyed breathing again. Her body was still experiencing the after glow of marvelous sex and he hadn't even touched her pussy! Monica slid off into a drowsy state of contentment as Teddy carefully climbed off the bed and headed for the bathroom.

When he returned to the bedroom Teddy found Monica just as he had left her. He sat down in the chair at the table and stared at the form that lay on the bed before him.

Teddy's mind started back to what had just happened. He had not planned on the blow-job. In fact, he had planned on something totally different, but when she had showed such a willingness to suck his cock, he found he couldn't resist. Then she had done that thing with taking him down her throat and he couldn't hold back any more. He had shot his load in an orgasm that had left him dizzy and gasping with its intensity.

Now, as he sat in the chair and stared at the naked body still tied to the bed, he remembered what he had started out to do. His dick remembered too. As his thoughts centered on her lovely round ass and that tiny brown hole between her cheeks, his dick started to react accordingly. The more he stared the harder he got until he was fully erect again.

Teddy looked down at his stiff rod and smiled. "Okay buddy," he chuckled. "I guess you still want some of that don't you" and he started looking around for something to use as a lubricant.

"I'd guess after what she told me last night, that she doesn't let anyone plug that hole," he thought. She had been adamant about not letting him get near her asshole. She had told him that nice girls don't do that. She said she had a perfectly good pussy and he could use that as much as he wanted but she thought that it was nasty and would hurt to take it up her ass and she was afraid to try it.

"But that's going to change right now!"

Teddy found what he wanted on the sink in the bathroom. The motel had thoughtfully provided a small tube of hand cream. He opened the top and poured a little out onto the top of his cock. Then, as he used a couple of fingers to spread the cream around, he walked back into the bedroom. There he leaned over and carefully poured a generous amount between the cheeks of Monica's nice tight butt.

"Looks just like cum running down there" he chuckled to himself. "But real soon she's going to have some real cream coming out of those tight buns of hers."

Now Teddy eased up onto the bed between Monica's legs. His cock was rock hard and ready as he put one hand on each side of her and lowered himself until the head of his pulsing dick was at the crack in her ass.

Monica felt Teddy climb on the bed. She had noticed the cream he had put on her but the intent had escaped her fuzzy mind. Now as the head of his hot cock found the crack in her ass she realized what was happening. She started to roll away from him but the ropes held her in place. Then she started to thrash around and cry but Teddy had her pinned and helpless.

The head of his dick slipped easily between her lubed cheeks until it encountered the puckered entrance to her anal canal. Teddy stopped just long enough to tell her that she was going to get it up the ass whether she liked it or not.

"If you want to thrash around and fight that's just fine with me." He actually liked it when a girl fought it. "It makes it tighter but it is going to hurt a lot more too."

Then he slipped his hand around and covered her mouth so she couldn't scream as he pushed down slightly and felt the resistance of her sphincter against his probing rod.

Monica was whimpering and crying now as Teddy pushed harder against her tender asshole. Slowly, almost gently he forced his dick down into her virgin back door. When the head was completely inside her, Teddy stopped and let her try to relax. He was enjoying the feeling of her nice tight virgin butt-hole as it tried to resist the meat stick that was impaling it. He could feel the muscles throbbing and squeezing on him as they tried to adjust to this new and troublesome sensation.

Monica had been horrified at what was happening. Before she could let out a scream or even plead with him she had found her mouth tightly covered by his hand. Then she felt the hot burning sensations of her virgin asshole being ripped open and forced to accept his long hard cock. Tears were in her eyes as he pushed deeper and deeper into her ass. She knew he was right about it hurting more if she fought him so she tried not too, but God, did it hurt!

When he stopped and held his cock completely still she could tell that he was giving her a chance to relax a little. Even thru her tears and pain she had to thank him for this. The pain did subside somewhat and the sensations of him being in her butt weren't nearly as bad as she had thought they would be. She was very glad that he had used a lot of that cream and she knew that her little anus was going to hurt a lot when this was over, but it wasn't too bad right now.

Teddy had stopped for as long as he thought he could stand. The excitement of this woman's virgin asshole was driving him to a frenzied state but he controlled himself for a few more seconds. When he felt Monica's ass relax slightly around his cock as her pain subsided he began to push into her once more. He wanted to ram his sword deep into her tight butt as hard as he could but he forced himself to go slowly and gently to not hurt her any more than he had too. Finally Teddy was all the way down with his shaft imbedded in her ass. He let himself relax on her back for just a second and reveled in the feelings of her poor sphincter muscles wrapped around the base of his throbbing cock.

By the time Teddy had gotten all the way into her, Monica had been able to relax enough for the pain to almost completely go away. In fact the feeling of his hard rod buried up her tiny butt-hole was not that unpleasant at all! She started to squirm around a little under his weight. She did this partly to help relax her muscles even more and partly to see what sensations would be stirred up by moving her ass with him inside it.

Teddy felt this and smiled to himself. He slowly and carefully removed his hand from over her mouth.

"See This ass fuckin' ain't so bad after all is it"

Monica didn't trust herself to speak. She was still using a lot of her control to reroute the pain from her ass to make it go away. But more and more the pain in her anus was causing a special tingling in her cunt that she couldn't explain. It was like the pain was transforming into a new sensation that was really getting her body excited.

Then Teddy started to friction in and out of her. At first he would just ease up an inch or two and then slide back in, but as his confidence built up he found that he could go further and further out before he slid back down into her hot tunnel. It wasn't long before he was sliding his hard man-meat all the way up before he pushed it back into her. With each stroke he noticed that Monica was fighting less and enjoying this more.

Monica had found that the pain would almost completely subside if she didn't fight what was happening. In fact, she found that her hips had begun to move in their own rhythm. As Teddy stroked in and out of her butt with faster strokes she was able to breathe normally and enjoy this new and powerful sensation. She even found that by tightening her muscles and squeezing down on her sphincter she could bring some of the pain back when she wanted too.

That little bit of pain seemed to heighten her enjoyment and focus her energy on her ass. She was moving her hips now and meeting his every stroke. As he would drive his cock into her, she would push her ass up and relax her asshole. Then she tightened up her muscles real tight as he tried to pull back up and out of her. The combination was amazing. She was able to control his speed to some extent and was starting to really enjoy this butt fucking thing a lot!

By now Teddy was hammering Monica's ass as hard as he could. He felt the way she had started to work the muscles in her tiny butt and the effect on his rod was profound. It was like the best hand job and the very best pussy he had ever had all at the same time.

His body was driving that stiff shaft of his manhood in and out of her tender little butt as fast and as hard as he could manage. When he had felt her start to meet his strokes and really start getting into the fuck, he knew he couldn't last much longer.

The heat of his climax started to rise from deep in his loins. Although he tried to hold back, there was no hope. The jism had started its mad dash from his balls up the length of his hard dick.

He knew he couldn't hold out any longer, "I'm cuming! God I'm going to fill that ass of yours with cum. It's soooo Goood!" and he drove down burying his love sword all the way to the hilt up her wonderful asshole.

Then Teddy was shooting a huge hot load of his love juice deep into poor Monica's bowels. He felt the tip of his cock throbbing as he fired shot after shot of cum up her ass. This was the greatest butt-fuck he could ever remember. Her virgin asshole was squeezing and the muscles were milking his cock like a real pro. This was the best!

When Monica felt Teddy start to shoot in her she realized that she had been holding something back. As the hot stream of his huge load started to coat the walls of her rectum she released it and was surprised to feel her own climax starting. Not the usual slow building orgasms that she had from being fucked in the pussy. This monster almost leaped on her. One second it wasn't there and then, Wham, she was in a full mind blowing orgasm. The suddenness of it took her mind by surprise and shook her entire being but her body knew exactly what to do. As the fire raced through her, she felt her muscles tighten even harder around Teddy's still throbbing cock. The tiny pain multiplied the effect of her climax and soon Monica was shaking and cumming over and over!

It took a full two minutes for Monica's orgasm to run it's course. When it had she was completely spent and limp. When she felt Teddy's dick slip out of her ass she almost regretted its leaving. She had never known that she could get so much pleasure from being fucked.

Teddy untied the ropes from Monica's arms and legs before he staggered off to the bathroom to clean up again. It didn't make any difference now, she couldn't have stood up to save her life. All of her limbs were made of lead and her muscles had turned to jello.

Later that day, as they sat and ate their first meal, Monica and Teddy discussed their newly found sensations and what they would do next.

"You really dug that butt reaming I just gave you didn't you" Teddy asked.

"It was fun," Monica admitted. "It hurt a lot at first, but once I got past that it wasn't too bad."

"Every time you do it, it hurts less" he supplied. "You just need practice is all."

"Well don't get the idea that we're going to do this all the time," Monica pouted. "I still have a nice hot pussy that wants to be used too you know." But at the look on his face she grinned and said, "Let's try it this time without the ropes, okay"

He smiled to as she got up from the table and took his hand leading him back to the bed. "And can we get some regular lube instead of that hand cream"

"I guess we'll be staying here one more night, huh" quipped Teddy as he dropped his shorts back on the floor and climbed on the bed alongside her.

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