The Rose

Author: Elise
Published: Feb 8, 2014
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The invisible hands then gently pulled at her panties and slowly they were pulled down to her ankles and then pulled off and dropped to the floor.

Karen entered the room to the Bed and Breakfast Inn, her friend personally recommended specifically this very particular room but she couldn't understand why the Desk manager tried to discourage her from talking it and she would never give a reason why, but she took it anyway, she was really tired so she rushed to put her things away and soon when she finished.

It was a particularly humid night so she decided to wear just her panties since it was just her in the room. She decided to take the comforter off and just leave the sheet on. She was so tired and so glad to finally slip in under the sheet and turn the light, she was so very comfortable and soon she was sound asleep. For some reason she tossed and turned in her sleep and then she stopped and just layed there on her back, but as she slept invisible hands slowly pulled down the sheet covering her, of course she didn't notice she was too deep in her slumber. the sheet was pulled down and to the floor. She started dreaming of a mysterious tall stranger with very firmly toned muscles seducing her, this dream she didn't want to wake up from.

The invisible hands then gently pulled at her panties and slowly they were pulled down to her ankles and then pulled off and dropped to the floor. She felt gentle kisses on her neck and the passion shot through her whole body and she woke but in a very sleepy daze, and all she felt was the passionate kisses and caressing of her breasts, she felt a tongue kissing and sucking on her nipples sending surges of pure pleasure coursing through her, she didn't understand what was happening but she didn't want to in her dazed half slumber, she just didn't want it to stop and then the licking and kissing traveled down her breasts and over her tummy always in the perfect spots to send tingling pleasure through her whole body and then she felt the hands pull apart her legs.

She eagerly opened them for the invisible visitor, she felt a wet tongue tasting her juices and by now she was soaking wet and on the edge of her first major orgasm in many years, she moaned loudly wanting the full pleasure of it,she screamed the passion that was soaring through her. Her juices was gushing all over the bed sheet getting it soaking wet. She slid her hand down between her legs rubbing her wet pussy and feeling her wetness, she couldn't believe how wet she was, and then the phantom hands grasped her ass and was pulling her ont her tummy, she eagerly turned over and she felt hands grasping and kneading her ass, it felt so good she thought, then she felt the hands spread her ass cheeks apart and then a tongue started to flick and lick her beautiful asshole button, again she started moaning and this time she started to have have to most intense and powerful orgasm her juices again flowed and kept flowing she was crying not from pain but from the intense pleasure she was feeling all over, her body parts spasm from the pleasure, nearly a quarter of her bed sheet was now drenched in her juices, and then the invisible hands grabbed her by her hips and roughly pulled her ass up high, she can feel somebody's knees positioning himself between her legs and then she felt a thick powerful cock thrust into pussy she gasped from a sharp pain that quickly subsided and felt her pussy being filled up, it was a massive cock, a size she never had before, at first the stranger just held it there trying hard to get more into her and then he started to thrust it in and out of her pussy, his cock was so drenched in her cum it slided with ease, faster he pumped her wet pussy, pounding it hard she was screaming from so much pleasure coursing through her, and soon she was sweating all over her body, she thought he was never going to stop and she didn't want him too, but then she felt it the thick gooey hot cum gushing into her with her ass still up in the air she relaxed her head on the bed slowly giving a long light moan and then she no longer felt him near.

She was wide awake now and she quickly started searching her room for this mysterious stranger but he wasn't there, she knew he couldn't have gone through the window or leave it for that matter the door was still locked and he couldn't have locked it after he left it. she turned towards her bed to go back and lie down but she found a freshly cut rose on her bed where all her wet juices flowed and then she remembered the letter her friend told not to open until the morning after and then as she picked up the rose and smelled the fragrance, she read the letter "The same thing happened to me, hope you enjoyed it as much as i did, did you get a rose as well

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