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On My Travels

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Author: Deeppbrobsix
Contact: deeppbrobsix@gmail.com
Published: 26-Mar-14
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She knelt facing me with her legs either side and skirt pulled up round her waist so she could open her legs as far as she could.

* * * * * * *

It was a Friday night and was one of only 8 people on a coach travelling from London to Devon some five hour journey I was sitting on the back seat the rest were scatted around the bus four people I would say in the late 60's early 70's, Two were in there 30's sitting together and a one young woman in her late teens, me I am 58, we were on the M5 and I got up to get a coffee and had to walk by the young woman to get to the counter where the coffee machine was.

On my return to the back seat the young woman smile and said hi as I walked past and I smiled and said hi back and carried on to the back of the coach, after about half an hour I wanted the loo so went of the the toilet passing the young woman again, she looked up as I went by and said not more coffee, no I said getting rid of some this time and laughed.

When I came back up from the toilet I saw that the young lady had moved onto the back seat and smiled as I walked up the isle, I sat down leaving one seat space between us and said Hi again I put out my hand and Dave she took my hand and Alice please to meet you Dave, hope you don't mind me moving up here with you as it is a long journey though it might be nice to chat or something.

My pleasure I said sitting next to someone as beautiful as you I said, Oh stop it she said you will make me blush, she had jet black shoulder length hair, and from the lighting in the coach looked like sharp green eyes a very nice trim body and just the right amount of tit not to small but not to big and by what I could see very firm.

We chatted for about an hour about where we were going and do were we both lived and just general chatting, the coach swung of the motorway to call in a service station, the drive said we had 30 minutes here as he had to have a break.

Alice and I went to get a coffee and a bite to eat which I insisted paying for and she said that you that is very kind, well I said sitting here with someone a gorgeous as you is doing my self-esteem the world of good and a coffee and a bite to eat is a small price to pay.

We went of to the toilets and walking behind her she had one hell of a figure and a nice round ass that swayed as she walked, she turned her head and said I hope your not eyeing up my ass Dave and she laughed and I said well I guess it is my turn to blush now.

We went back to the coach and took our seats and we just had to wait for one more to return this the Alice sat right next to me leaving no space what so ever or legs touching, the last person turned up and off we went again it was now about 10:30 in the evening and the driver turned the lights lower so if anyone wanted to sleep they could.

Alice and I started to chat again and she lay her hand on my knee and just left it there for a while, she was saying that she had broken up with her boyfriend about six weeks ago and was on her way back to her parents home and as she was talking she slowly moved her hand up my leg with her fingers running up the inside of my leg.

I took a big gulp as her hand reached my Harding cock and she ran a finger up and down my crotch I close my eyes and let out a low soft Mmmmmmmmmmmmm as she carried on rubbing my balls and cock, I slid forward in the seat so she could get at my crotch easier and then she lowered my zip and pushed her hand inside and curled her long fingers around my now stiff cock, she was the one to gasp this time as she felt the length of my cock which I can say is 10" long and 6" girth and she could not pull it from my pants so undone the button on my trousers releasing my cock from it's confined space.

My god she said I have never seen one that bloody big before well not in real life anyway, and without warning she lent over and clamped her lips around the shaft and flicked the top of her tongue over the big head of my cock making me gasp with pleasure as she did so.

I placed my hand gently on her head and she started to move her head slowly up and down my cock taking at least 7" into her mouth Alice cupped my balls in her hand as she sucked on my twitching cock giving out a MmmmmmMMmmm as she went up and down my cock with her lips clamped tightly to my shaft.

It was turning out to be one of the best blow jobs I had ever had when she cupped my balls in her hand and squeezed them and gripping them tight pulling at my ball sack, Wow this young woman sure knew how to suck cock her tongue running around just under the head running along the sensitive head and pushing her tongue into the slit at the top of my cock licking the pre-cum from it.

There was not a lot of room between the seats but we could not sit on the middle seat as the driver would have seen us and I did not fancy getting thrown of the coach so we kept where we were still Alice sucked on my cock giving out long soft moan as she did, her head was now moving up and down at a faster pace now and I was moaning quite load it was a good job that the other on the coach were nearer the front or I am sure they would have heard me, Alice was now not only moving her head up and down my cock but she had one hand around the bit of my cock she could not take into her mouth.

It was not long before my cock head began to swell and I knew it would not be long before I unloaded my cum on and on Alice went stroking,licking and sucking my cock when I gave an upward thrust of my hips lifting me of the seat and my cock thrust my warm creamy cum down Alice's throat she drunk every last bit down and licked my cock clean making sure she got even last drop by squeezing my cock at the base and moving her hand up my cock pushing anything left would get pushed to the top and when it reached there she licking it of the top of my cock with her tongue.

Once she had it all she sat up and smiled then lent over and kissed me, as we kissed I just could not make out why this beautiful young woman would want to give me a blow job but I was not complaining that's for sure, and I wanted to return the favour so I asked her to move back and lean against the window and sit sideways on the seat so she faced me and with out question this is what she did placing one leg up on the seat and the other on the floor.

I moved across the back seat towards her and pushed the skirt she was wearing slowly up her fantastic legs, and as I reached the top of her thighs I could just see that she had no knickers on, well I thought this makes it easier and I parted her legs as much as I could in this small space, but it was enough to see that her pussy had jet black hair to.

I placed a hand on her cunt and found it was already wet and I pushed a finger into her finding her clit and she took a sharp intake of breath as I moved my finger round and round on her clit, Alice closed her eyes and gave a moan of Ooooooooooooooooo yessssssssssssss that's good and after a while I took my finger away and placed my wet sticky finger in my mouth and sucked her juice of. I then done the same again working her up and then when I removed my finger I placed it in her mouth and she licked it and smiled as I returned my finger to her clit, which by this time had swollen and was just poking out of her cunt slit.

After working on her clit a bit more I moved on the seat so I could get my head down between her legs and kiss up her inner thighs Alice was now breathing had and had cupped her breasts in her hand's and was playing with then squeezing them nipping her nipples, I reached the top of her thighs and pushed out my tongue as far as I could get it and the tip of my tongue hit the tip of her clit and it was like a static shock jumped between us as Alice squealed out as this happened and I was worried that some one heard us but I took a quick glance and saw that most had been asleep and those that were not were not moving so I pushed my head back down between Alice's leg but this time push my mouth fully onto her hot cunt, I sucked her clit into my mouth and bit down on it again Alice squealed as her body shook as a small climax ran thou her.

By now I did not give a fuck if anyone heard here I was a 58 year old man sucking a woman in her late teens early twenties and by Christ she tasted good her juice was so sweet and it was now running from her and my tongue was licking it up as fast as I could, Alice squealed again as another small climax went thou her.

I carried on for a while then moved so I could not only lick her I got to fingers and pushed then up inside her wet inviting hole and as they went up inside her I could feel her cunt mussels tighten round my fingers and I started to move them in and out of her she was still laying back against the window with her eyes close and her body was shaking gently as I finger fucked her and licked her wet wet pussy.

I curled my fingers and hit her g spot and a few seconds after rubbing it her cunt clamped around my fingers as a massive orgasm ripped thou her and this time she squealed out load, I did not care if anyone heard or came to see what saw going on at this point as all I wanted was to lick this woman's cum from her cunt and so I just carried on.

As I sat back up she said Wow that's the best orgasm I have ever had well I said you know what they say the oldies are the goodies and by god that was good, we looked out the window as the coach pulled in to Bristol Coach Station Two got off here but none got back on so we still had the back half of the coach to ourselves.

After a 10 minute stop we were off again and we knew that we still had a hour to a hour and a half before it was time to get of the coach, Alice look down at my lap and saw that I had risen to full hardness again so she told me to move back over my side of the coach so the drive could not see and once I had moved a cross she moved across and knelt facing me with her legs either side of me and skirt pulled up round her waist so she could open her legs as far as she could, Alice placed a hand down between us and took hold of my hard cock and placed the head up against her wet cunt hole, just before she slid down my hard pole I said I have a condom if you want me to use one, she looked at me and said thanks for asking but and as she said but she slid fully done my hard cock taking the whole 10" inside her as her cunt opened up to take it she squealed again and said fuck hell that's big but fucking good and she placed her hands on my shoulders and started to move her perfect body up and down I just had to rest my head back and close my eyes as she rode my cock, with out opening my eyes I placed my hands on her very firm tits and squeezed them and Alice moaned Oh Fuck yes please don't stop O fuck that's good, I let one tit go and tried to move one hand down between us and I just got a hand down there and I found her clit and as I touched it as she rode my cock again she climaxed I could feel her juice run from her and it was running down my cock and over my balls.

On and on we went Alice had another two orgasms and I opened my eyes and as I did I looked over her shoulder and saw something I had not noticed before and it was a CCTV camera by now I did not give a fuck and I took my hand away from her tit and clit and placed my hand around her slim waist and started to move her up and down on my shaft ramming her down as I thrust up wards.

I was getting ready to cum and Alice was not far from cumming again either after about a minute I thrust up and she pushed down and I shot my cum inside this wonderful sexy young woman spurt after spurt splashed inside her and the throbbing and the feeling of my cum took her over the top once more and she had the biggest climax yet, her cunt gripped my cock like a vice making sure it would not leave her cunt until she had finished her climax which seamed to go on forever and by the noise she was making it was a wonder we did not have the rest of the coach up here with us.

After a while of her just sitting in my lap my cock buried deep inside her it slipped out of her and she lent forward and gave me such a tender kiss, she lifted her self of and took her knickers from her bag and put them on and slid back over the seat to give me room to get my self sorted out.

Once done we sat there just kissing and I told her I could not believe what had just happened as she was so beautiful and had the most fantastic figure and me 58 going grey, I never dreamt I would ever make love to such a woman like you ever again, Alice said well I get married next week and I am on my way down to friends for a hen do and when I saw you I just thought Hhhhhmmmm quite nice for a older bloke and I was right my god you have given me the best fuck I have ever had I have never cum so many times this is something I will always remember, I added Yea you and me both.

We arrived and got of the bus and as I got of I said to the driver dose your CCTV system record all the journey, Yea he said with a grin and I am looking forward to watching it late you lucky sod.

I just said Enjoy I know I did and left the coach the last I saw of Alice was as she got into a car and was driven away and she waved as they went by.

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