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My First Time With an Old Timer

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Author: deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 22-Jul-14
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Before long I was rock hard and now she sat up and then knelt over me sitting on my lower stomach my cock resting at her back.

* * * * * * *

Back when I was 18 I had been at work for two years and I worked for a builders firm that built one of houses, I was a painter and decorator and as well as painting the new homes they built, anyone could hire us to decorate there home, I was still learning the trade but the bloke I worked with Jack was taken ill one day and we were going to start decorating a house from top to bottom, so this was going to be my first ever job by myself.

So Monday morning I loaded up the van and away I went it was August and very hot so by the time I had taken all my gear up to the top of the house which was three flights of stairs I was sweating and the woman that lived there was well in her 70's so she did not go upstairs that much so I started work and put on Radio Caroline and started to remove the wallpaper I was getting hotter and hotter and by dinner time the sweat was just pouring from me and as I was singing alone to the Radio I did not hear the old woman call me so she had trudged up the stairs to give me a can of ice cold beer and she had made me a sandwich.

When she came into the comm she made me jump and by now I had taken off my T-shirt and just had my decorators whites on that are like bib and braces so most of my top half was visible, and she just stood there looking at me and then said Oh My what I nice body you have there dear, I brought you a beer and sandwich and if I had know I was going to see a sweaty man's body I would have brought my dinner up so I could have looked at it longer, never mind she said I just hope it still as hot as this when you get down stairs to work, she put the beer and sandwich down and smiled as she turned and went out, I shouted out thanks very much for the beer and food, Oh your more than welcome she replied.

This went on for the whole week and in the end when she came up at dinner time she had started to bring her dinner with her to, so she would sit down and we would talk but she would not take her eyes of my top naked half, she told me that her husband had died some 8 years ago and she might be 73 but she still missed his company and she winked at me and added specially between the sheet and laughed.

Sorry to hear that I said but I am sure there are other things you could use with a smile, but it's not the same as a hot hard dick inside you she said and with that she smiled and left me to get back to work, after three weeks I had moved down to the next floor so she often popped up with a cupper and still the sandwich and beer at dinner and every day she would talk more and more about her husband and what they got up to in there younger days, she always brought sex into it somewhere and she was always looking at me with a glint in her eye.

After a week I helped her move things from her bedroom into the room I had just finished so I could decorate in there, when I first walked in I was surprised to see a real old four poster bed, Wow I said never seen a real one of these before only on the TV, Oooooooo yes she said I have been tied to those posts many a time and we both laughed but as she went by me she made sure she touched my bottom sliding her hand across my cheeks, I did not say anything as I thought she was just messing about, so when all of her items had been moved I got ready to start work, when she came up with or dinner that day as she came into the room she shut the door behind her and then locked it, what you lock the door for I asked, looking a bit nervous don't you worry about that she smiled and gave me my dinner and beer, as we sat there and ate she was sitting on a chair across the room from me and I noticed that she had opened her legs just a bit wider and as we ate they opened up a bit further and further in the end I could see right up her dress and I did not know if what I thought I was seeing was true but I was sure she had no knickers on.

I was only 18 so only been with a few girls about 3 or 4 I think so even thou she was 73 seeing up her dress have given me a hard on that I was not aware of, she looked me in the eyes and said Oh I see that you are liking what you see then want to see some more, I looked down and saw the big bulge in the front of my whites and took a big gulp and my mouth dropped open, she put her plate down and stood up and without another word she UN-buttoned her dress and it slipped to the floor and she stood there naked, her tits were saggy but her over all figure was not that bad for someone in their 70's and what I could not take in was that her pussy hair was grey I had never thought about it before but it seamed like pussy hair turns grey to and she did have a long thick bush of hair, well she said as I just sat there looking at her V V V veryyyy nice I stuttered and now my hard cock was getting even harder.

She walked over to me and pulled me up out of the chair and un-done my shoulder straps she popped open the button fasteners and the straps fell down to my waist where she un-done the side buttons and my whites fell to the floor and I was just standing there with my pants on and a bloody big bulge in the front, Oh my word she said as she placed her hand on the bulge what a big prize I have here fell twice the size of my dear departed husbands dick.

With that she pushed them down over my hips and they joined my whites on the floor. Dear god she said as my 9 inch cock sprang out and it is about 6 inches thick to, oh my oh my oh my she said like a 5 year old in a sweet shop and put her hand out and curled her old fingers round it and she lead me to the bed and turned me round still leading me by the cock and then pushed me back and I just fell flat on my back onto the bed, I still could not believe this was happing to me, but here I was laying on this really old four poster bed and she move round the side and took one hand and then I saw silk cords looped round the posts she took my arm and tied it at the wrist then the ankle when she had finished I was tied fully to the bed in a start shape and my cock sticking up like a flag pole maybe I should have had a white flag flying from it as a surrender flag as now being tied there I could not do anything to stop this lady doing what ever she wanted with me but to be honest deep down I did not want to stop her.

She knelt on the bed between my legs that were now stretched wide across the bed, and she curled her bone fingers round the bottom of my shaft then the other hand round the top half she kept saying oh my oh my as she held on to my twitching cock and then she slowly started to move her hands up and down my shaft and with each downward motion she pulled the foreskin back over the swollen and she just stared at it and she said in all my years I have never never held or see a cock with a foreskin and yours son is beautiful oh how it slides back and forth over that big purple head and she lent forward and licked some pre-cum from the top of it, her tongue touching my cock made it jump in her hand and she gave a really big smile as it did, soon she was sucking on the head and she was loving it licking around it and pushing her tongue into my cock slit as far as she could get it.

Then she started to run her tongue up and down the full length of my hard shaft and licked my balls, I could not get over that a 73 year old would do this but hell she was giving me some feeling that any of the other woman I had been with has ever given me that's for sure, she sucked one of my balls into her mouth and moved her tongue round it as she sucked on it I had to lay my head back and close my eyes as she was given me shear pleasure she was now moving her hand up and down my shaft again as she sucked one ball then the other.

When she got up she turned herself round and knelt over my head and as I lay there tied to to bed all I could see was this grey haired pussy getting closer and closer to my face and as she bent over me to take my cock back into her mouth her pussy lips seamed to open and I could see her inner lips and her clit and then her cunt touch my lips and at first it was very dry but after I started to lick and spit on it she was starting to moan ever time my tongue passed over her clit and inner lips as I licked she was grinding her pussy hard down onto my face and she was moaning harder and harder and I just hope we did not have a heart attack as she came as I would be really stuck if she did but I need not have worried as she climaxed into my mouth and her juice did not taste that bad as it ran down my throat, on and on she sucked and then it was my turn to cum and I push upwards a far as I could with being tied to the bed and shot my cum into her waiting mouth and as she tasted it she had another small climax, she was licking and sucking my cock for all it was worth trying to get out as much cum as she could.

I thought she was going to untie me now but Oh no she had other idea once she had got her breath back she got of me and looked at me with a big grin saying O O my I forgot how good spunk could taste and by god you sure pump a lot in one go there son she said, she went over to get herself a drink leaving me where is was then she lay down beside me resting her head on my arm and she started to lightly trace her finger tips over my chest just touching me and then ran the tip of her finger nail over my hard nipples this made me shiver and shake as the feeling of pleasure ran though my body, having this done to me and I could feel her breasts against my side it was only 15 minutes before my dick started to show signs of life and was on the rise again,as we lay there she took hold of my cock and started to jerk me off again.

Before long I was rock hard and now she sat up and then knelt over me sitting on my lower stomach my cock resting at her back, she lent forward and one of her tits brushed across my face and I licked it and it was her time to shiver, and she took something from under the pillow and then I saw it was a tube of K Y gel, had she been planing this all along I wondered , then I thought who gives a shit and she put some gel on my cock and eased some inside her, she lifted her self up high on her knees and then started to lower herself down on my cock and at first she had to push down quite hard and then her pussy lips parted and my cock found her hole and in it slipped, once the cock head was in she held herself there just letting her tight cunt get used to my girth and then slowly very slowly she moved down on my cock she was about 3/4 of the way in when she stopped and she was panting for breath, and under her panting I could hear her saying Oh Oh YES oh Christ Yes and then down she went some more until there was about a inch left and she just pushed herself hard down onto it our bodies hitting together and she let out a OH OH CHRIST OH CHRIST YES and she looked down at me and said OH you Beautiful boy what a cock you have , I have never in my years felt so full as I do now.

After sitting on my cock still for a while she started to move she placed her hands over my nipple and this helped her move her body up and down on my length it was not long before she was taking herself up to the top of my cock and then fully down once more, every so often I felt her pussy give a small shiver and knew she had yet another small climax on and on she went I tell you for someone of 73 she was going bloody hard and fast on my cock her body slamming down onto mine then she let out a cry as she came big time, her body shaking as it ripped though her it travelled all though her body she was panting hard and fast but still did not stop pounding on my shaft then I felt my own cum working it's way up my shaft and then exploded deep within her, YES YES she said fill me fill me up son fill me up, and I just kept on pumping my cum deep within her, she told me later that she had never felt a man cum like that since she first had sex with her husband and how wonderful it felt to feel that again it warmed me inside she said I could feel each and every spurt of it OH Oh thank you son by the way she said what is your name I can not keep calling you son It's Dave I said. Ok Dave she replied thank you for today you have made one very old woman happy she untied me and lay with me for a few minutes before going off leaving me to dress I got back to work after about half an hour she brought me another cold beer as she handed it to me with a big grin from ear to ear you earned this extra one today Dave that's for sure, well if I had know that's what it would have taken to get another beer I would have done that a couple of weeks ago and we both laughed.

The following day I hung the wallpaper and was just getting started on the painting when she came into the room and said Hey Dave fancy earning another beer extra cold beer I did not say a word this time I just turned to face her un-done my whites and let them fall to the floor and it was her that had the surprise as I had not pants on and she got her clothes of as quick as she could, I think it's my turn to tie you to the bed today so she climbed onto the bed without a word and just stretched out so I tied her hands up and then her legs and like she had done to me I knelt between her legs and placed my fingers onto her hairy pussy and pulled her lips apart and I got closer to look at it I could see the grey hair covering her pussy mound and as I pulled it apart I could see her inner lips beneath and her moist hole waiting for my cock to enter but first I was going to give this cunt a bloody good licking and sucking and as I got so close I stuck my tongue out and it touched her clit which looked a bit wrinkly but as it harden under my tongue it soon became smooth, I sucked this 73 year old clit into my mouth making her gasp as I did so and she was trying to pump her pussy up into my mouth as much as she could and I started to lick her cunt she was now moaning for me to stick my tongue into her hole and lick her out, I never thought I would ever hear a 73 year old lady say such things but hear she was telling me to tongue her, bit her clit, she was going mad with desire as I continued working on her pussy then she raised her body as much as she could and she climaxed and her juice dripped from her and she was now panting for breath, I moved away from her pussy and sat over her chest making sure I kept my weight on my legs so I did not hurt her and I placed my cock between her saggy tits pushed them up and they folded round my shaft and I held them there while I fucked her tits, I stop for a minute and placed a pillow under her head and now when I pushed forward the head of my cock popped into her open mouth, this old woman wanted more and more and me being only 18 wanted to give it to her.

I carried on fucking her tits until I shot my first load of the day all over her face and into her mouth she was trying to get as much of it with her tongue as she could so I lent forward and untied her hands and she wiped her face with her fingers and then licked the cum from them smiling at me and saying oh oh very nice Dave very nice indeed.

I lay between her legs and lower myself until my face was level with her tits and I went to work on her nipples as I say her tits were saggy but her nipples did get hard still when I sucked them and bit on them she kept telling me to bit them harder and really suck then hard she had her hands free now and put them on my head and pushed it hard down against her tits and said come on suck it you can suck harder then that and then bit it dig those teeth into my nipple and I did she arched her back and she climaxed again, I kissed down her body yes she had wrinkles running back and forth her skin and to some they might never have fuck this woman but beauty is not just about looks this woman good fuck I learnt that yesterday and she was going for it today to now be honest how many 73 year old do you know that still want sex at 73, and then would climax two or three times, and even more tell you to suck and bit her nipples hard, so kissing a few wrinkles was not that bad considering the sex we where having was great, as I was saying I was kissing down over her stomach and game to her pussy hair once more sticking out my tongue I ran it down though the hair until I hit the slit and push my tongue inside once again she raised her body to push against my mouth and she pushed my head hard down into her dripping cunt, soon she was on the way to another climax I did not know how many orgasms this woman would be able to take at her age so I pushed my head away from her gripping hands and asked where the gel was she got it from under the pillow as before and I smeared it all over my now growing cock and and push some into her pussy with two of my fingers, she was already gasping for breath as I finger fuck her and when she was well lubed up and my cock was fully hard I started to kiss back up her body stopping of at her breasts then up her neck until our lips met and once more she surprised me by pushing her tongue into my mouth I though it was just going to be a lip kiss not a full blown snog , but as we kissed I pushed my hips upwards and felt my cock nudge her hairy lips and then pop inside her lubed hole and with a gentle glide I pushed the whole 9 inches into her and as it entered her she breathed in until it was fully home and our bodies were as one, and then she let her breath out as she said OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSsssss and I started to fuck her pulling fully out of her before pushing back hard into her she place her arms around me and as she got closer and closer to cumming the more she was digging her nails into my back I had never had a woman / girl do that before and I found it so bloody erotic feeling the pain of her nails along with the pleasure I was getting for having my cock inside her.

On and on I pounded into her then without warning I pulled out of her she looked at me as if to say what the hell, but I got off the bed untied her legs and told the to move round and get on all fours and as soon as she did I was up behind her and planted my cock back into her love tunnel once more, holding onto her hips I started to pull her back against me as I thrust inside her and then I had am idea I bent over and picked up the gell and just placed some on my finger and as I got back up and started to fuck her hard again her ass hole was just in front of me and without telling her I just placed my lubed finger on her ass hole and pushed all in one movement and over half my finger slipped into her and she screamed OH OH what the fuck are you doing Dave that was the fist time I had heard her use that word, sorry sorry I said I though you might like it OH Christ I do she said I just wondered what the hell it was I have never had that done so you don't want me to stop then Oh the Fuck no she said and with that I started to finger fuck her as I rammed my cock into her she came twice more before I finally filled her deep insides with my warm cum holding her fully back onto me as my cock pumped it's load and she just let out one big sigh as she felt it warming her insides.

We got dressed after that and I went back to work and got my extra can of beer, we fucked each day for the rest of the week, my work mate Jack returned to work the following Monday and I though our sexy get together's would stop but as I left that Monday night she pressed a small note into my hand which read if you still fancy that extra can of beer why not come back say 7O'Colck, their I was a 7 knocking on the door and she answered it with not a stick on and I made love to her there in the hall getting her to kneel on the floor and rest her elbows on the stairs and when she came that time she screamed the place down.

I continued to go there and have sex with her twice a week for nearly three years until she sadly past away, I was gob snacked when I found I was left the house in her will saying that as I have given her some great times in her last years it was only fit that I had it.

If you like the story and and it got you nice and worked up then let me know and why not attach a photo so I can see what affect it had on you like some of my other readers have done, all photos are kept for me only no-one else will ever see them and thats a promise - deepprobsix@gmail.com

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