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Published: Jan 21, 2015
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Over her panties she teased her clit, building an excitement through her body that radiated from her center...

Amber wasn't sure if she should have left Kelly alone with Mike the Fireman. She was, however, very sure of the guy she had picked up. They left the bar for a club where he had spent the last fifteen minutes on the dance floor with his body against her and his hands roaming over every inch of her.

She had excused herself to the bathroom so she could adjust her dress and get her libido under control. If they continued the way they had been dancing, she was ready to tear his pants off right on the dance floor.

She adjusted her strapless dress, making sure everything was properly covered. It's not like she needed another Indecent Exposure" on her record. She was way more decent than most girls. Take the girl standing next to her in the mirror, for example. The twat pulled her strapless dress up over her tiny breasts and reached for her lip gloss.

Amber rolled her eyes, rolled her breasts together under her dress and scoffed at the girl. Grow a pair."

The girl scoffed back and stomped out of the bathroom, her heels clicking against the cheap linoleum.

"Finally, I can check myself out in peace."

Amber sucked in an annoyed breath when the bathroom door opened again. A quiet body stood behind her and her first reaction was to scream, but she stopped herself as she locked eyes with him in the mirror.

"Oh, it's you. You know, this one is for people with vaginas. Maybe you should try door number two if you're looking for a urinal."

He reached around and pulled down her dress. Filling his hand with one of her breasts, he squeezed and let the weight of it fill his palm. In the mirror she watched, transfixed, as his other hand reached up and rolled over her other tit. He played with them, rolling them between his hands and lifting them in his palms, running his fingers over her nipples.

He watched her reaction in the bathroom mirror. Over her panties she teased her clit, building an excitement through her body that radiated from her center. The more he played with her tits, the more she craved to have him inside.

She pressed herself against him, her body silently demanding more of him while her breathing grew louder. Each time he squeezed a nipple between his fingers or grasped a full breast in his hand she opened her mouth and moaned. She was clutching at him and he knew she was ready to be plowed in the club bathroom.

Like a dirty, dirty girl.

He spun her to face him and nuzzled in her breasts, reveling in the soft weight against his face. He pushed his face into her smooth, supple skin and she pushed her breasts together against his cheeks. He nipped the inside of one breast then moved to suck one hardened nipple into his mouth. She clutched his head closer to her body, pulling him in to be surrounded by the sensations of her heady perfume and pushing his face against her pillow-soft breasts.

For the moment, he let himself be soothed by the comfort and eroticism of her scent and skin. Enveloped wonderfully by her tits, he sucked, nipped and squeezed to the delight of her sensual moaning.

He only removed himself when the door opened and she pulled him into the disabled stall, ignoring whoever was walking into the ladies room. Locking the door, he pressed her against the wall, smiling as she moved her hips up against his.

She ran her palm up and down his crotch over his jeans then pulled at his zipper. Half giggling, she reached under his pants and squeezed him.

Pulling his jeans down below his hips, he lifted her up to his waist. She braced herself against the wall and wrapped her legs around him. Pulling her thong aside, he shoved into her.

She moaned and giggled in delight. Yes! Ooohhh, yes!"

Giddy to have her need filled, she bounced against his cock, her breasts bouncing in time with their movement. He watched the nipples dance up and down as he pounded into his dirty bar slut.

She yelled out her pleasure as his dick pounded into her, satisfying the craving he had started. His hard cock pushed into her and each thrust up and in was feeding her primal hunger for sex. Her nails dug into his neck and shoulders as she finally shook and screamed out her orgasm.

Caught up in the ecstasy of the moment, he pumped his dick in and out of her pussy. One last time he pumped in and let her tight insides hold his hard cock while he pushed as far as possible and let out his load deep inside of her.

Her eyes were closed and there was a buildup of sweat between her breasts. Her tits heaved up and down with her breathing as she said, Damn, that was a good fuck."

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