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Just Strangers on the Shore


Author: Tommy T.
Published: 31-Jan-06 Revised/Updated 08-Jul-13

I feel the tension begin to drain from my body as I recline onto the blanket, the cool evening air caressing my near naked body. Closing my eyes, relaxing still further, enjoying the hypnotic sound as the tide rushes ever nearer to the spot where I am laid.

* * * * * * *

The hottest day of the year and my yearning to cool down has led me to this spot. My secret hideaway. A place to escape the rigors of everyday life. Here I can relax, watch the sun go down, listen to the gentle sound of the sea as it laps over the pebbles. Here I can just relax.

I feel the tension begin to drain from my body as I recline onto the blanket, the cool evening air caressing my near naked body. Closing my eyes, relaxing still further, enjoying the hypnotic sound as the tide rushes ever nearer to the spot where I am laid. Reaching back, I unclasp the bikini top and allow my breasts to spill out into the cool night air. My nipples reacting the instant they are hit by the cooling breeze, standing proud, the sensation relaxing, yet strangely invigorating.

Glancing round, I decide that I am alone, and begin to remove the bottom of my bikini, exposing my entire body to the refreshing chill of the air. I lay back once more; resplendent in my nakedness, revelling in the sense of freedom, feeling liberated from the daily struggles of life. My eyes close once more, feeling the air caress me, reminding me of a long lost lover. I begin to drift the memories of that encounter still strong but somehow vague, almost unreachable, as I lay listening to the waves break over the shoreline.

Suddenly an unfamiliar sound, one that shouldn't be there. Footsteps disturbing the seashells and pebbles that surrounded me. Disturbing my perfect peace, interrupting my perfect thoughts. Moving nearer now, my heart beat increasing as I remember that I am naked, exposed and vulnerable.

Cautiously I open my eyes. The sapphire blue pools that meet my gaze reminding me of the sea that is so close. He towers above me, gazing at my nakedness, the smile that breaks across his face beguiling, bewitching, and strangely calming. He drops to his knees beside me, reaching forward his large strong hands tenderly touching my cheek. The touch barely tangible but so real, setting me alight, his eyes never leaving mine as his hands begin to travel the length of my naked body. I sense no fear, only the desperate longing that he is creating within me.

Reaching forward my hands begin their own journey of discovery, the fire that his touch is igniting burning brightly now. A gasp escapes my lips; quickly he silences it, placing his lips on mine. Our tongues begin to dance, fuelling my fire still further. He seems to sense my urgency as he begins to reign tender kisses over my bare flesh, each tender caress of his lips causing me to jump, the warmth of his mouth contrasting so erotically with the coolness of the breeze.

My hand reaching forward, searching, longing to possess him. Finding it, feeling its hardness against the palm of my hand as his head moves down between my legs, his lips finding their own treasure as softly they begin to explore my most prized jewel. I pull him closer to me, my breathing shallow, my only thought of the prize that I could feel against my hand. I long to feel it between my lips, swept along by the current of my inner desire. The desire that he has created with in me. Nothing else matters.

Urgently I prize his manhood from its prison before taking it between my lips, relishing the hardness as he continues to explore the soft folds of my pussy with his tongue. Each of us lost in our own actions, each desperate to quell the other's desire. I feel myself about to reach the point of no return, my body tensing, waiting for the delicious waves to hit, knowing that they will not take long, just one more flick of my button. He pauses, waiting for the tension to abate, my tongue desperately working it's magic on his hardness, urging him silently to give me the release I need.

He slips from between my hips; I sigh, reaching forward longing for him to quell the fire. Swiftly his powerful body is above mine, the blueness of his eyes looking into mine once more, the fire that burns inside him visible though those portals. My hands claw his back as he enters me. Gasping for breath, his lips crush against mine, his tongue exploring the softness of my mouth as the hardness of his cock explores the softness of my insides. Thrusting forward, matching his movements, rising to meet him, the feelings running wildly through me as he takes me.

The tension returning to my body, my muscles spasming, as the first delicious wave of orgasm begins to explode within my brain. I feel him tense deep inside me, his own release near. His eyes never leave mine, as with one almighty thrust I feel his seed begin to spill into me as yet another tidal wave washes over my brain. He slumps forward over my body, his hunger like mine is satisfied. We lay like that for what seems like an eternity before he rises and walks away leaving me with just my thoughts and memories...

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