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Working at the YMCA

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Author: mousey
Published: 03-Feb-06
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The water flowed in a storm over her pussy, making her lips vibrate her clit. She held onto the railing and arched her back, with her other hand she continued to massage her tits. Very soon she started moaning, at first just ooh's and ahhs, but very soon she started moaning his name.

* * * * * * *

Beth had been working for 3 months at the YMCA when Trent joined. As hiring manager she had acted more on looks than skill when she hired Trent. He showed up late for the interview and Beth was getting quite angry, but it all subsided when he walked through. He was about 6 feet tall and had showed up with his blonde hair messy, falling just above his eyes, his shirt was untucked and tight, showing off his six pack and his pants were dirty blue jeans. As he passed her, his cologne seeped its way into her nostrils, instantly making her a little hot. The way he walked with such authority, there was no denying that Beth needed to hire him, first for the pool boy job and then maybe later for another "job".

From that day Beth fantasized about him and flirted constantly. She was staying after as usual, finishing up some business matters and decided to go for a swim in the pool. Beth hadn't brought a bathing suit and thought nothing of going in naked. No one was there and her muscles were just begging for the sweet relief that the water brought her. She grabbed a towel from the laundry room and walked into the steamy pool room. The smell of chlorine filled the air and she giggled as she undressed. She took off her top first, letting her swelling breasts spring free. She felt her nipples and imagined that it were Trent rubbing them. As she moaned, Beth took of her shorts, revealing her soaked panties.

All day the image of Trent had been running through her mind and the fact that her pager was set on vibrate didn't help as it went off again and again. She took the clip out of her hair, thrashing her head about, letting her long blond hair flow in the moon light. After getting herself nice and wet she decided against going in the pool and decided to go towards the hot tub. She turned on the jets to high. She put one foot in and gasped at its hotness. She put in her other foot and slowly lowered herself into the steaming tub. Relaxing against a jet and after tweaking her big, swollen nipples Beth got an idea. She stood up, the bubbles slowly trickling down her hot body, every bubble tingling every inch of her body, sending waves of pleasure to her. She started to move across the hot tub and then put her legs up in front of the most powerful jet by the railing and spread her legs, wide.

The water flowed in a storm over her pussy, making her lips vibrate her clit. She held onto the railing and arched her back, with her other hand she continued to massage her tits. Very soon she started moaning, at first just ooh's and ahhs, but very soon she started moaning his name. The moans started out as a whisper, but as she ventured closer and closer to orgasm they got louder and louder. She had thought she was alone, but she was wrong. Across the pool stood Trent, mouth agape, just looking at his boss turned into a wild woman. He heard her screaming his name and this turned him on. He got a coy grin as a light bulb went off in his head. Just before she was about to orgasm she screamed his name one last time and then stopped when she heard someone say "what". Surprised and scared, she looked up and saw Trent standing there, grinning.

Beth's worried expression faded as he started undressing. He unbuttoned his shirt, smiling and looking deep into her brown eyes. He took forever it seemed, but Trent did this on purpose, he was one who loved to tease. Beth couldn't stand it much longer, she jumped up out of the water and ripped off his shirt, kissing him roughly. She unbuttoned his pants with an urgency that even surprised herself. Trent couldn't do anything but stand there. Soon Beth had him naked, she broke their hot kiss and stood back, looking at him in all of his glory. His chest was flawless and he had a six pack with beads of water dripping down them. She followed the path of the water beads down to his manhood. He was hard and his 7 inches was fulling erect now, standing at attention. Beth ran back to his awaiting arms and kissed him softly. Her smooth lips were on his and with this invitation, Trent tried to fit his dick between Beth's legs. She noticed that he was having trouble and lifted her leg, wrapping it around his waist. He slowly put his hard cock into her gaping slit. She let out a loud moan as he hit regions deep within in her that no man or object had ever done. He slid in and out a few times adn then reached his hand down, stroking her clit. He found the hard little nub and used his thumb to circle the hood over and over again. This sent Beth into a great daze, she started grunting like an animal and started scraping her fingernails into his back. She moaned louder and louder, driving Trent wild. He slapped her ass hard, again and again, the sound of it rippled and resounded throughout the whole room.

Both of their legs started to give way as he rammed his long shaft again and again into her tight tight twat. He moved his fingers up towards her nipples pinching and squeezing them. He had dreamed of squeezing these breasts for so long. He noticed that Beth was coming very close to orgasm and rammed her up against the wall. The tile dug inte her back and she arched backwards, letting Trent's hard cock go deeper and deeper. She moaned and screamed louder and louder. She wrapped both legs around his waist not being able to get enough of his huge love meat.

Trent thrust his hips forward one last time shooting his salty cum into her. Beth screamed his name one more time and orgasmed. Her pussy walls closed around his dick, milking it for all he was worth. She threw her head back and moaned. Trent finished cumming and grunting and kissed her lips. Beth regained her balance and put her arms around his neck, making the kiss deeper. Not a word was spoken between the two, but the next day Trent was promoted from pool boy to personal assistant.

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