Long Island Ice Tea

Author: Anon
Published: Feb 9, 2006
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We planned to go to a motel bar and drink some, Na Loves Long Island Ice Tea drinks. She drank about 5 and whispered in my ear that she was horny and wanted to fuck.

Well we will start off with I have been married for 22 years, and my wife Na still has a sexy body. She has brown hair, a shaved pussy, and DD tits that stand to attention. We will continue with my story, 14 years earlier. I have always fantized about seeing Na fuck another man.This would come up in one of our "fuck" sessions. Whenever I mentioned it she was super wet. I had to plan this for her.I told my friend Jeff what I wanted to do. He told me he would be glad to help.

We planned to go to a motel bar and drink some, Na Loves Long Island Ice Tea drinks. She drank about 5 and whispered in my ear that she was horny and wanted to fuck. We went back to the room where I had Jeff wait in the closet. He had his night vision camera with him as we wanted a movie. Na was really horny and she took off her soaked panties. She giggled as she threw them at me.I picked them up and licked them in front of her. I heard Jeff hold his breath as Na let her big tits out of her bra.

We were at the bed and I had a finger in her sopping pussy. She was ready for some fucking. She asked "Fuck me Doggy Style". This is her Favorite position. I asked her to put a blindfold on and she asked why. I told her I was role playing..she agreed. As soon as she had it on I cued Jeff. He came out of the closet and by the looks of his cock he had a enormous hardon.

Na was getting bored and with ass motions,asked if I wanted pussy or not.Jeff positioned himself behind her and started to guide his large 10 inch cock into my wife.He got half in when she said,"Boy you feel big tonight hon". I held my breath and motiioned for Jeff to keep going. Soon he was pounding her pussy with a force of a sex craved madman.Na kept saying "C'mon FUCK ME HARDER".It was really hard watching and taping her fucking in front of me.The strokes were so hard the bed hit the wall. Jeff motioned he was about to blow his wad.I signalled for him to finish her off with a pussy full of his cum.

He grabbed her ass and squeezed hard. His facial expressions told me this cum was big and plenty. He shot a massive load into my wife as she screamed she was coming. Na said "I can feel you shooting cum in me","God do I love it. It's really hot!" Jeff held her ass as to make sure she got all his seed. I zoomed the camera in to watch the cum drip from her well fucked pussy. I got every gob after gob that dripped from her fuckhole.

Na was not on the pill by the way, that was the second part of my fantasy.I wanted Na to breed with someone other than me. She still has no clue about that night. Jeff's son is doing well, he looks just like him. Some day soon I will show her the tape we made but I think I will wait until Jeff's son turns 16.

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