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A Brief Encounter

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Author: Jamie
Published: 02-May-06
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Then I realized that she was not looking at my face, but at a lower part of my body. She was still smiling, but differently, with secret amusement. I followed her eyes down my body and... oh, dear me!

* * * * * * *

Last summer I was on a train. It was already late and there were no other passengers. I was reading a paper, when the train stopped and a young woman got in. She sat down in front of me.

She stared out of the window, which gave me the opportunity to peek at her from behind my paper. She had a beautiful face, with radiant eyes, a small nose and full sensual lips, made for kissing and for a lot more...

She was voluptuously built and wore a low-cut tight little top that showed a pair of magnificent breasts, with erect nipples standing out against the fabric. No bra for sure!

When I lowered my gaze I saw two shapely, slender legs under a very short miniskirt.

Still staring out of the window she pulled one leg up, put her foot on the seat and leaned with her forearm on her knee.

What she apparently did not notice was that her skirt had slid up, so that I had a free and full view of her crotch and, oh my, she wore no panties!

I saw a lovely shaved pussy with nice fleshy lips, made to be kissed and for a lot more...

I got a dry throat and my heart missed a beat. I was so perplexed that I put my paper down and could nothing do but stare at her like mesmerized.

Then she looked back at me and smiled with dimples in her cheeks. The sweetest smile I ever saw. A little embarrassed I smiled back. After a while however her eyes got wide. She swallowed and licked her lips, staring at me with her mouth half open.

Then I realized that she was not looking at my face, but at a lower part of my body. She was still smiling, but differently, with secret amusement. I followed her eyes down my body and... oh, dear me!

In my haste to catch the train I had apparently forgotten to zip my fly up. My penis peeped outside my pants, growing bigger and bigger with little spasms, until it stand proudly upright, in full splendour, like a totem pole.

What should I do Putting it back, zipping up and saying "sorry" would be ridiculous. The woman was visibly pleased with what she saw, which I could understand, as my organ is a beautiful specimen, if I may say so.

Big and smooth, tanned in summer, like the rest of me, because I always sunbathe in the nude. It would be cruel to disappoint her by hiding the object of my pride and her admiration behind something like a zipper.

So I acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary and just smiled at her.

She, on her part, looked me in the eyes with a longing look.

Then she lowered her hand and touched her pussy with a finger. After that she showed me her finger. It was dripping wet. She looked at my penis again, reached over, touched my penis and stroke it with her wet finger softly along the shaft.

It was enough to set me completely on fire. I trembled with excitement and on the tip of my penis a clear little drop of pleasure fluid formed, like a dew drop on a flower bud, that slowly trickled down.

With an eager expression she suddenly bent over and licked it up with her tongue. "Mmm," she said, tasting it with visible delight. I exploded almost.

Looking up at me she smiled again and put her lips around the head of my penis, exploring it with her tongue.

I moaned and groaned and my heart was thumping against my breastbone. Meanwhile she got my balls out of my trousers and played with them, fondling them softly.

Slowly she lowered her head and took my penis deep in her mouth. And then she began to suck me off: up, down, up, down, with slurping and sucking sounds.

Her tongue fluttered around and around and made me almost crazy with desire.

Nervously my hand sought her pussy. It was all juice. My finger found her vagina and went inside, and out, and in, out and in.

She trembled and moaned, sucking faster and faster. Soon my finger got at her swollen clit and I tickled it. She let go of my penis, cried out and came immediately, time after time, in an almost endless tidal wave of orgasms.

Then she took my penis in her mouth again, as deep as possible. At that point I could not hold out any more and with an explosion of pleasure my pulsing penis squirted its cream deep into her throat.

When it was over she took my face between her hands and gave me a deep French kiss, sharing the semen with me, a wonderful act of intimacy.

All of a sudden the train stopped. She stood up, smoothed her skirt, blew me a kiss and got off the train, leaving me behind, bewildered and dazed, with only her body perfume as a lingering sign of her presence.

I never saw her again, except in some of my wet dreams.

Who was she and where is she

I'm looking desperately for her ever since.

Could it have been YOU

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