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The Hot Woman

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Author: Annie
Published: 01-Jun-06 Revised/Updated 08-Jul-13
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We couldn't all fit into the front seat of Hank's car, so Melinda and I sat in the back. As she sat down, her skirt rode up, exposing her creamy thighs. As the car went over the bumpy road, her beautiful tits jiggled. She saw the look on my face and smiled.

* * * * * * *

While I was on vacation, I met the greatest bunch of people. Hank, who is 36, separated from his wife and lookin' for a good time too. He was sitting at the bar with Melinda and drinking one of those exotic drinks served in a coconut with a paper umbrella. He asked if I would like one too. Of course I said "yes". He called it a "Coconut Screw". WOW! Was it good.

Melinda asked me to accompany her to the ladies room. She locked the bathroom door behind us. As there was only one toilet, I used it first. I could see her watching me in the mirror. She was dressed in a short, black skirt, red silk blouse, and black stockings. Her long, black hair hung down below her tiny waist. She proceeded to re-do her makeup, then she turned around and bent over and asked me if it was on straight. As she bent over, I could see her voluptuous tits dangling in my face. My pussy started to get wet (and it wasn't from pissing). Then we heard a knock at the door. It was Hank wondering what was taking us so long.

We all returned to the bar for another round of drinks. By this time, Hank and Melinda were several drinks ahead of me. Hank grabbed me and said, "C'mon, let's dance." As he held me close, I could feel his cock pressing hard against my groin. My pussy started to get wet again. I pressed closer to him. He was breathing harder now, and I could feel his cock throbbing as he reached around to squeeze my ass. When the

music stopped, we re-joined Melinda at the Bar. Hank suggested we all go back to his place for a "nightcap".

We couldn't all fit into the front seat of Hank's car, so Melinda and I sat in the back. As she sat down, her skirt rode up, exposing her creamy thighs. As the car went over the bumpy road, her beautiful tits jiggled. She saw the look on my face and smiled. I asked Hank for a cigarette and as I reached forward to take it from him, she grabbed my skirt and told me to sit down. She didn't take her hand off my skirt when I sat down. She gently rolled my skirt between her fingers saying that the material felt nice. Then she slipped her hand up the inside of my thigh. I started to feel hot again. I didn't understand the strange sensation, but I liked it very much. I reached for those beautiful tits that I had been looking at all evening. She leaned over and licked my neck, working her way up to my earlobe, nibbling on it. I massaged her breasts while her hand found its way to my furry mound. I wriggled in my seat for more sensual pleasure. Her tongue dipped its way into my ear. I moaned with great passion. She slid a finger into my pussy which was already quite wet. By the time we reached Hank's condo, I had already cum from Melinda's expert finger massage. She, on the other hand, was still ready for more excitement.

Melinda and I sat on the sofa while Hank fixed our favorite drinks for us. He sat down between us, putting the drinks on the coffee table. Hank put his arm around me as I was sipping my drink. As I reached over to put my drink back on the coffee table, I gave Melinda a devilish wink. I put my arms around Hank and kissed him seductively. He slid his tongue into my waiting mouth. He reached up and cupped my breast in his hand.

Gently he sqeezed and rubbed my tits through my thin blouse. I could feel the nipples becoming hard with his gentle touch and I pressed closer to him, wriggling in delight. Melinda noticed Hank's cock swelling and slowly began to rub it. Hank offered no resistance and spread his legs. She rubbed his cock ever so gently, while running her other hand through his hair. I could feel his passion rise as he sqeezed my tits more firmly now. As we were kissing passionately, Hank began unbuttoning my blouse. With my tits now thoroughly exposed, Hank leaned over to kiss them. Melinda unzipped his pants and took out his throbbing member.

I slid my hand down to join hers in toying with Hank's manhood. While she gently cupped his balls, I ran my fingers up and down the shaft. Hank slid his hand down to my thigh and reached up under my skirt. His fingers quickly found my love hole. I spread my legs wider. Soon I felt Melinda's lips join my hand in pleasing Hank's throbbing cock. Her tongue circled his cock, licking it like a tasty lolipop. His fingers made me tingle as they found my love button. The feeling was mounting so great that I wanted more.

Pretty soon, we all found ourselves completely naked on the shag rug. I laid on my back with my knees bent. Hank spread my legs wider and leaned over and kissed my breasts, working his way down to my cunt. He eased his throbbing cock into me ever so gently, teasing with every stroke. Melinda straddled my face and lowered herself to meet my waiting tongue. As I began to lick her, I discovered her smooth, hairless pussy.

Melinda's satiny smooth pussy reminded me of when I was about 12 and my sister, then 11, explored each other's bodies in the privacy of our garage. My tongue slowly licked Melinda's pussy, tasting its sweetness.

Hank's cock was beginning to work a little faster now, pushing a little harder into my eager cunt. My juices were really flowing now, as his cock pushed deeper and deeper into my love tunnel. I could taste more and more of Melinda's juices too. Hank's cock and Melinda's slippery pussy were driving me wild with pleasure. Furiously, I licked her sweet pussy as we both began to moan in delight. I could hear Hank's breath quickening. He was ramming his rod harder and harder into my anxious cunt. The spasms of my own pleasure tightened around his throbbing cock. Melinda's orgasm was flooding my face. As my own orgasm grasped Hank's cock ever so tightly, I screamed in ecstacy! Then I felt Hank's hot cum shooting inside of me!

But my pleasure wasn't completely over yet. As Hank rolled over in exhaustion, Melinda repositioned herself and ate Hank's cum from my pussy, bringing me to another enormous climax! What a way to spend an otherwise dull evening!

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