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Hot and Spicy

Author: Carol D. J.
Publish Date : Jun 1, 2006
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We'd engaged in alot of flirting and teasing, with enough innuendo to start a couple of small loin fires. We had kissed hotly in the car, and I was dying to devour this woman.

* * * * * * *

She was the dangerous type, the kind that always unnerve me. From her makeup to her clothes, this woman exuded an agressive, bull-by-the-horns attitude. And oh, she was hot. Her self-assured demeanor coupled with her mildly slutty looks set my hormones to racing. I purposely looked away so as not to stare, then looked back again. Yup- she was still hot. I began to check out her body, blatantly ogling her. I didn't expect her to notice me. She did.

"Let me buy you a drink," she said by way of introduction, pointing to my nearly empty beer. "Sure," I replied nervously. "You were checking me out," she stated, matter of factly. "Of course!" I countered, "you can't place red meat in front of a carnivore and expect him to ignore it." She laughed- deep throaty, delicious. Music to my ears.

Hours later, we were back at my apartment. Her name was Jenna, and she was a professional woman out for fun following what was apparently a tedious divorce. Her husband was nearly lifeless, and she had gone through a series of affairs before realizing how little she cared for the man. He'd tried to hang on, but that just annoyed her. This was a woman that knew what she wanted, and went for it. I was really surprised she was attracted to me in the first place.

We'd engaged in alot of flirting and teasing, with enough innuendo to start a couple of small loin fires. We had kissed hotly in the car, and I was dying to devour this woman. She was going to be difficult to please, I expected, and I wanted to add a little spice of my own to the stew. My mind raced with possibilities. She'd basically issued me a challenge- she could take anything I could give her. I resolved to find out if she were bluffing.

I turned on some music to set the mood. She was busy checking out my apartment. I approached her and she relaxed to my presence. We embraced and began a hot, sweet soul kiss. I held her body close to mine, enjoying her firm breasts pushing into my chest. I know she could feel my growing member against her leg, and I fondled her ass, pulling her closer just to make sure. Delightful feminine noises greeted my ears, and her scent was heavenly. Her full lips and practiced tongue were a joy. My heart was pounding in my ears as we broke off the kiss I nuzzled her neck and kissed my way to her ear where I began to nibble on her lobe.

We moved into the bedroom, and fell onto the bed. She had my shirt open and was running her hands over my chest, tweaking my nipples and feeling my firm pectorals. Her head bent over, and she began to lick and suck my nipples. I began to remover her dress, binding her arms down to her sides with it before opening her bra (thank God for front opening bras!) She enjoyed the feeling of helplessness as I ravaged her pouting nipples. Her breathing began to change, and she huskily encouraged me to continue. I pushed both nipples together and pulled into my mouth at the same time. Sucking and licking her like this, she began to come.

She was incredibly beautiful when she came. I let her lie there for a second to regain her breath. "Wow- that was wonderful!" she exclaimed. I gently caressed her chest, careful not to touch her swollen and sensitive nipples. She abruptly sat up and wriggled out of her dress. Her panties were stained wet, and I could plainly see her ginger pubic hair through them.

She undressed me, and began to fondle my straining cock. She meant business- an initial strafing run of incisors down my shaft gave way to her taking a nut into her mouth. "She's got me now," I thought. I reached over and began to rub her hot and horny crotch through her panties. She jumped in surprise and pleasure. I pushed her panties aside and ran a finger along her crack. She trembled and attacked my penis with renewed vigor. I fancied she might enjoy an eager tongue on her clit while her throat was being splashed with jism, so moved over and began to tongue her hungry hole. The surf was really coming up now.

Her body began tensing about the same time I began to feel a tightness in my balls. I gently bit her cunt lips to the sounds of her excitement, then took her swollen, angry clit into my mouth and sucked hard. She began thrashing and I held on for dear life, then began my own release. Gobs of steaming cum exploded into her mouth, exciting her further. For better than a minute our mutual spasms went on. We were on cloud 9.

"I told you I could take anything you had to offer," she sputtered, breathlessly. "Hah!" I mocked. "I have only begun to please you." She rolled her eyes skyward, and cuddled up next to me. It was extremely comfortable. And I enjoyed it for a few minutes as I caught my breath. "How adventurous do you feel tonight" I whispered. "Honey," she began, "I already told you there's nothing you could try with me that ain't been tied before, I mean ain't be tried before." "Freudian slip" I demanded. "No," she blushed. "Let me tie you up," I whispered sweetly into her ear. Her gaze showed that she was assessing whether she could trust me.

Evidently I passed the test.

Minutes later she was trussed spread eagled to the bed. I checked her bonds, and blindfolded her before turning up the music a little for some background noise. My mind was racing. What could I do to her that hadn't been done I took out a vibrator, and began to run it along her body. Her nipples stiffened immediately she was excited. When she was all good and hot, I laid the device against her crotch. This was most frustrating for her as she couldn't get cirect contact with it and if she moved too much it would fall and she wouldn't be able to feel anything. I went into the kitchen to prepare myself a snack.

I emptied some nachos into a bowl, and sliced three or four jalapeqos. I returned to the bedroom, where she was trying to hump the vibrator. I put the bowl down and ran my hard cock across her lips. Her sexual hunger was apparent, as she tried to take it into her mouth. I pulled it away. "You fucking tease!" she cried. I had a nacho with a couple of slices of jalapeqo on it. It stung my mouth delightfully. As I teased her body with my hands and the vibrator, I gobbled up my snack. My mouth was absolutely on fire. Then I calmly slipped the vibrator into her cunt, ever so slowly. She was humping hard against it, begging for release. I bent over and began to lick and suck her throbbing cunt. It took about 20 seconds for the effects of the peppers to reach her private parts. She went absolutely ballistic. Her spasms were stronger than anyone else's that I'd ever seen. I removed the vibrator and replaced it with my cock (that took some doing given her thrashing about.) Her cunt gripped my cock like a vise with each spasm. I didn't think she was ever going to stop coming.

Her skin shone with a sheen of sweat, her ecstasy was so demanding of her body. I exploded in her, splashing her insides with hot, sticky cum. Finally, her spasms subsided.

I awoke a short while later, and loosened her bonds. I brought a warm, wet cloth and cleaned her up. She was spent. "What was that stuff" she asked, dreamily. "Jeez- I dunno what you're talking about- I just had a little snack of jalapeqos, that's all," I answered with mock innocence. "Well my cunt's still on fire." We both giggled. She washed her private parts with the cloth, and I hopped back into bed with her. The night was still young.

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