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My Sexy Wife

Author: Tina
Publish Date : Jun 25, 2006
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After a few minutes she told me to get on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed. As soon as I did that she slipped a second finger in my hole she got down on the floor.

* * * * * * *

Here is a tale that was the ultimate turn on for my wife and me. My wife took the kids to visit their friends one day and came back home a demon.

I was kind of tired when she left so I decided to take a shower to relax and lay down for a nap, I thought that she would be gone for a couple of hours visiting friends. A shower always relaxes me. Before I took the shower I thought that I would shave my pubic hair as I always do. My wife loves the look of my big shaved balls and the little strip of pubic hair that I leave, just a thin line and trimmed short. This really turns her on, and I have to say that I love the feeling of it also. I find that my large tool looks even bigger doing that. I had no idea about what was to come.

When I finished my shower I laid down in bed butt naked and before long I was asleep. I heard her go into the bathroom and take a shower and I just figured that she bought something to do to her hair so I just turned over onto my stomach and went back to sleep. I woke up shortly after that with the covers off of me and something rubbing over the crack of my ass, and then I felt her hands touch my ass cheeks and spread them apart. I spread my legs a little and stuck my hips up into the air and felt something poking at my anus, I then realized that she had her strap-on. She told me to hold my cheeks open so she could get a good look at my tight hole. She then coated that rubber cock with flavored lube (we always used the flavored kind), and started to rub that dildo all over my ass and she said "I'm going to fuck your tight asshole and make you gape wide, and I want you to do the same to me." I told her that I would do ANYTHING!!! After she put a little more lube over my butt hole and slid a finger in, that drove me crazy.

After a few minutes she told me to get on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed. As soon as I did that she slipped a second finger in my hole she got down on the floor. She told me how wet she was and to prove it she started fingering her pussy and I could hear her frantically fingering that beautiful sloppy snatch and she told me to keep holding my cheeks open so she could watch my asshole stretching around her fingers. She then told me that she was going to stick her fingers in her mouth to taste her juices and as she did she slipped a third finger in and started moaning with her fingers in her mouth. I could tell that it was delicious. With three fingers in my hole she walked around the bed pumping me furiously, stuck three fingers in her delicious pussy and ordered me to suck her fake cock.

It wasn't long before she took her fingers out of her snatch and told me to taste them. The taste almost made me cum right there. It was so delicious that it sent shock all the way down to the tip of my purple dick head. That is all that I could take. I had to taste more. So I rolled onto my back and she lowered her shaved, smooth pussy onto my face while her fake cock was dangling on my neck and chin. She swallowed my cock and as soon as my tongue touched her clit she came...violently. Her juice was squirting all over my face but I kept licking and tried to catch some in my mouth at the same time. After I cleaned the juice off of her pussy she turned around, straddled me with her cock rubbing against my balls and hard cock and licked her juice off of my face. I screamed that I was going to cum so she grabbed the head of my cock and squeezed it and said "you are not coming now, I want you to save up for big load, and I have plans for it. I also want a turn at fucking your asshole, and you are going to fuck mine, never mind my pussy, go straight for my rosebud." I regained control immediately. I needed some time to calm down so I got down on the floor so that she couldn't touch me. This helps me concentrate on not cumming.

She moved to the edge of the bed and raised her legs to give me access to her butt hole. I cleaned the pussy juice off her ass and probed her sphincter with my tongue. She loves that, and with her fake cock standing straight up in the air she came again. I put my mouth over her vaginal opening and only spilled a couple drops, don't worry I lapped it up off of her asshole. I then started to prepare her anal "O" for my large cock. I spread some lube on her and my fingers and slipped in a finger, she started moaning, then two, her hips started bucking up and down, three she started screaming with pleasure! I then moved up to stick my tongue in her mouth while fingering her hole with three fingers. As I kissed her passionately she grabbed a hold of my cock and started stroking it. I kissed her for a while and then stuck my cock in her mouth, and when I did I slipped a fourth finger in her asshole and she took her mouth away from my cock and she was out of breath but managed to say "stick that big cock in my bum...NOW."

I let her catch her breath first but while I did I turned her over to her hands and knees, spread her pretty ass cheeks and stuck my tongue directly into her open asshole. I made it gape with the four fingers but I knew that I could get it gaping wider than this. I gently circled my hot tongue around her gaping hole and tongue fucked her asshole again before giving her a gentle kiss to her hole. Then, it was time to go to heaven. I slowly stuck my hard Dick into her butt. Her asshole was so gorgeous stretching around my cock, her ass felt so good when it was devouring my large tool. She told me to stay still, at first I thought that I was hurting her but she spread her own cheeks apart and she told me not to take my eyes off of my cock while she rocked back and forth over my tool. She was moaning louder than I had ever heard her. After a few minutes, how I lasted that long in her ass without cumming still is a mystery, she pulled off my cock to show me how wide her rectum was stretched. The sight of her ass opened up and that dildo hanging off her body made my ass ache, and I told her so. I had to stick my tongue in her ass again; she was gaping so wide that I open her hole more with my lips so that I could get my tongue deeper.

To my surprise she told me to get on my hands and knees. She got behind me and thought that she was about to penetrate me when she pulled my cock back and sucked me from behind, she saves that for special occasions, and sucked and licked me all over my cock and balls. She moaned with passion and licked up to that sweet spot between my balls and anus while gently tickling my asshole with her finger. After I thought that I could not take anymore she lowered that lubed cock to the opening of my asshole and slipped it in. First the head, then another inch, and before I new it her 8 inch dildo was engulfed by my butt hole. She rode me like a true cowgirl. She pumped my hole so good that I was thinking so hard about keeping from cumming that my Dick was starting to get soft as it flopped back and forth and every now and then it would slap into my belly. Every few pumps though she would pull the cock out and tell me to spread my cheeks and she would describe how my hole looked gaping open and how she liked fucking me. Then she got out our double headed dildo and stuck that in my ass and told me to grab it and keep fucking myself. She left the room for a minute and came back and stuck her rubber Dick in my mouth while I fucked myself with that dildo.

I didn't know where she went but after fucking me again with her strap-on she pulled it out and took a Polaroid of my open sphincter and showed me the picture. I have to say she was giving me a good going over. I didn't realize that my hole could open up that wide. She made me suck her cock again and we took turns fucking each other's ass and sucking each other's cock until I confessed that I couldn't hold back much longer. When she heard that she made me lay with my shoulders on the floor and ass up in the air against the side of the bed and tongue fucked me for a few seconds before sticking two fingers into my ass and massaged my prostate. This was way too much! She then stuck her tongue in my mouth and kissed me hungrily while still trying to milk my prostate. It did not take long before I screamed that I was cumming with her tongue in my mouth. I felt as though my Dick was going to split in two! My hot, gooey cum shot out like a cannon, all over our mouths and faces. It was so hot. She quickly threw off her strap-on and lowered her pussy over my face, it seemed like I was cumming forever when to top it off she squirted her fluid all over my face. I could hardly move. I was so drained. When she was finished she kneeled down and licked both of our cum off my face and even made me suck some of my cum off her tongue. What a way to wake up!

She can be such a demon when she wants to be. She surprises and shocks me like this every now and then. I had to share this, she is reading this as I am typing and has a devilish grin on her face, so I don't know what she is thinking, but I will soon find out.

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